What new iOS 6 could look like with cool concept

All eyes and ears are well and truly open at the moment ahead of Apple’s WWDC which begins tomorrow, Monday June 11, and the keynote speech. We are expecting the focus of the event to be about software rather than hardware and one thing that seems pretty evident is that details of iOS 6 will be revealed. While we wait though, a concept video of how Apple’s iOS could look has come to our attention that we’d like to share with you.

Plenty of us are excited about Apple’s next major mobile operating system and we’ve been keeping readers informed with all the developments and leaks regarding what we expect to see for iOS 6. Just in recent days we’ve told of WWDC banners going up showing iOS 6 (to remove any further doubt that it will be featuring), a beta look and also rounded up our ultimate iOS 6 features wish list. Hopefully we’ll be able to tell you much more tomorrow but until then this concept iOS is certainly worth a look.

It came to our attention from Mac Stories and the concept itself comes from designer Joost van der Ree whose blog you can see here. He has obviously thought in-depth about possible features and come up with some great ideas to give us all a glimpse of what the iOS 6 interface could look like. Just a few of the imaginings include a Notification Center hidden behind the home screen and Dynamic Icon Badges to pull down and see notifications. There’s also Mission Control, shown by swiping up from the bottom of the display to browse through app history and Flipcons.

Although we don’t expect all of these ideas to come to the genuine iOS 6 it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that they may appear further down the line. As a reminder if you want to follow the WWDC keynote tomorrow we have details of live blogs and also world times at the links and do remember that we shall be following the event and bringing all the news. Take a look at the video of the iOS concept below this story and tell us what you think about any of the features included in it. Is there an idea there you’d particularly like to see on iOS 6? What are your hopes for the true iOS 6 that we hope to see unveiled within the next few days? Let us know with your comments.


8 thoughts on “What new iOS 6 could look like with cool concept”

  1. anonymous says:

    Ive got the ios 6 update but cannot release in private…as apple have said, my dad works at apple and he has ported it for me…it is available for iphone 3gs ios 6…if you dont believe me wait for it to be released and youll be shocked

    1. Bck2binam says:

      suck a fa*****t stopp telling people lie!! there aren’t any blonde girl to make fool…we are normal human and we do understand the lie 😛

  2. Alex says:

    It seems unlikely that Apple would allow any leakage from the next IOS and to have the features supported by 3GS , which is a very old model now , is also unlikely.

  3. Alex says:

    wow that would be amazing, shame though im sure ios 6 will be alot more boring 

  4. Leebee095 says:

    will ios 6 be released exactly at 12.00 am in san fransisco?????? and if so does that mean people in another country like NZ will get it when it’s 12.00 am in san fransisco still or do we gotta wait even lloonnggeerrr????????????????????

  5. The only thing that would attention me is if they permitted
    multi-accounts on iPads so I can share it with family members instead of having
    every one member have to contain their own.

  6. Tomhiscox says:

    If the rumour is true then Apple will only announce that it is in development or beta testing.

    I have the OSX Mountain Lion Beta Preview (OSX 10.8) on my iMac and sources say that Apple will be discussing / unveiling OSX M Lion and iOS 6 at WWDC 2012. I am on the iOS beta program as well and so far there has been no update and We are all still running iOS 5.1. 

    iOS 6 will most likely be released in October / November 2012 when they release the iPhone 5. I think it would be highly unlikely to see the iPhone 5 at WWDC 12 as the iPhone 4S is less than a year old !