iPhone 5 new wireless possibility & another look

The Apple iPhone 5 is a very hot topic at the moment in the tech world with Apple’s WWDC kicking off tomorrow, Monday June 11. Here at Phones Review we continue to bring readers all the latest rumors and leaks about the iPhone 5 while we wait and today we have news of a possible new wireless feature plus another look at what the next iPhone could look like.

Although we don’t expect any announcements at WWDC about the iPhone 5, with the focus being more on iOS 6, it seems that hasn’t stopped many people hoping for news of the iPhone 5 at the keynote speech tomorrow (world times here). We still think an October release is more likely than a June launch though and although nothing about the iPhone 5 will be confirmed before Apple makes it official, it’s interesting nonetheless to keep up-to-date with all the latest conjecture about features, specs and more.

Just some of the most recent rumors for iPhone 5 inclusion are a larger display with a higher resolution than on the iPhone 4S, an HD front-facing camera and a possible front panel spot but we have further news today this time concerning a wireless feature known as AirDrop. A report on Technorati, sourced from Redmond Pie, tells how AirDrop could very well feature on the iPhone 5. Mac OS X users among you may already know that AirDrop is a feature currently available in Mac OS X Lion and that it can be used to wirelessly send files to other people using the feature. No particular set-up or settings are required as AirDrop can automatically find other users nearby.

Users don’t even need to be using the same WiFi network, just be in the vicinity, and so we can imagine that AirDrop could certainly be a welcome addition to iOS users and the next iPhone. Plenty of people would surely appreciate a way to easily share between iOS devices and also Macs so we’ll be waiting with anticipation to see if this snippet comes to fruition.

Along with this, regular readers will also know that we’ve been bringing you some concept looks at the iPhone 5 and we’ve seen some fanciful designs along with some that look rather more realistic. Yet another concept look with high-resolution 3D images has come to our attention from IBTimes and this time the design comes from Bryce Haymond of Blackpool Creative. You can see a video below this story of the new iPhone renderings. The look is based very much on leaks about the iPhone 5 along with leaked purported real looks of the iPhone 5, both in photos and on video. In Haymond’s words, “I thought it would be fun to piece together these fragments to see what the iPhone 5 might look like when Apple makes the big announcement.” Thus Haymond’s design for the iPhone 5 includes a repositioned FaceTime camera, a metal band on the reverse, a 4-inch display and other rumored details.

We’re really interested to hear from our readers about the possible wireless AirDrop feature coming to the iPhone 5 and also what it could look like according to the latest renderings. Take a look at the video below and let us know if you’d like the genuine iPhone 5 to have this design? Do you think AirDrop would be a useful feature for the next iPhone? Send us your comments to let us know.


16 thoughts on “iPhone 5 new wireless possibility & another look”

    1. Pratik Nag says:

      Should be, but in todays world mimo wireless technology is heavily successive in sci-tech movies.

    1. Mjsc_99 says:

      actually, you can see the back cover in the youtube video leaked just like the same in this video

  1. Sardarakhtar says:

    tommorow thousands people break supense i think this phone PROJECTER SYSTEM AND WIRLESS TESHNOLOGY have

    1. [anonymous] says:

      All that may be announced tomorrow is iOS 6 don’t get your hopes up.

  2. 777luckygal77 says:


    nah, not really.

    BUT…. My dad needs a new backup phone, and my birthday is coming up.

    Apple, PLEASE release the iPhone 5 tomorrow! I DON’T WANT A SAMSUNG!

  3. Adam19 says:

    I would be very happy if this is what the new model looks like actually. I think it’s great. Though I’m no particularly excited about the new charge/sync port though, but oh well. 

  4. Kevanhoulihan says:

    Screen is still too small. Apple needs to step it up, I think its all about Galaxy now. I used to love the iPhone brand but have switched to the Nokia Lumia 900 for now.

  5. Limeberg_1929 says:

    wake up apple your loosing it,we want a phone not a overated piece of jhigh cost junk.Samsung note is twice the phone and alot cheaper .and samsung is made mostly in the USA where apple is made in china under cheap labor,people who buy apple and stock holders and really dont have a choice.come on SAMSUNG YOUR THE WINNER.i just bought 2 3’s and 4 notes for my kids,they love them .