June or October for iPhone 5 killing the mind

In the UK we only have today, Sunday and up to 6PM Monday June 11 for WWDC 2012 to kick off, Apple have as usual been very silent as what is to be announced at this conference. One major announcement everyone is pondering on is the iPhone 5 being talked about, and no one is sure if June or October will get the announcement, this is killing the mind for those waiting.

There is no evidence at all if June or October will be when Apple brings the next generation iPhone 5 to its customers, if the iPhone 4S announcement has anything to go on then we can expect October to be the month of choice, but you know as well as we know that Apple love the hype and most definitely like to keep us in the dark, the pressure is on.

What is most definite is that iOS 6 will be one of the subjects at WWDC on Monday, along with iCloud and OS X. We know that this is going to happen because banners are starting to go up in San Francisco where the event is being held, one banner says “iOS 6 The world’s most advanced mobile operating system”. Earlier on today we reported that iOS 6 banners are going up and the OS X banner is on show without the word ‘Mac’, other mentions include AirPlay amongst a few others.

Everything at the moment covering the iPhone 5 or whatever the name will be is all speculated rumours, but we always report what we find being it real or rumour just to keep you in the loop. So what do we know so far then? Well the iPhone 5 will “apparently” and we will use this word strongly here, will include HD resolution on a 4-inch display, but then this gets a little confusing because many other sizes such as 4.7-inch and even 4.8-inch has popped up online, so the real size is not known.

The front-facing camera will not be VGA but instead a HD front-facing shooter, if you look at our previous article we reported via sources the iPhone 5 may have a 4.8-inch in-cell IPS panel with a display resolution of 1136 x 640 and 500-nit brightness, but then in another case we mentioned via 9to5Mac that the new upcoming smartphone will feature a 4.07-inch display opening at 10.33 centimetres.

Going back to iOS 6 for a moment we can let you know that Apple will be bringing its very own mapping setup that will support 3D imagery. Even if they do mention iOS 6 and its own Maps, it does not mean that they will say anything about the iPhone 5 on Monday; they could mention it but release at a later date or simply it could be an update for the iPhone 4S.

Please be here on Phones Review Monday at 6PM UK time where we will be covering all said at WWDC 2012, for the full times and dates of this conference please visit here. Do you think Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on Monday June 11th or do you think October is more likely?


16 thoughts on “June or October for iPhone 5 killing the mind”

      1. Willcrame says:

        It COULD be different but I doubt a major company like Apple would throw off it’s fan base by breaking pattern like that. I would think it would make for bad business.

    1. Joeblow says:

      You have no clue what ur talking about. If iPhone 5 was going to be announced at wwdc, we would have already seen a special iOS event in April. And developers would already have been seeded with beta versions. In fact, they would most likely be getting the GM on Monday after the keynote. iPhone 5 is not being announced at wwdc.

      1. Jackie Stait says:

        In 2010 they spoke about the IOS4 in the June event but didn’t release it until September, however they did release the iPhone 4 on June 24th that year I know I have the photo of the queue that I was in.

  1. rnd says:

    Apple is not stupid and there is no way they will let Samsung get a jump on them with the S3.  It definitely will be released in June or early July!

  2. Justdoit Uppal56 says:

    it is surely going to release on monday…some good news is surely waiting in the minds of i phone lovers..so don”t get disappointed..

  3. Guest says:

    I think the IPhone 5 (or whatever it will be called) will be realeased in October, although i hope it is going to be realeased in June or early July.

  4. nope most likely october. theyre trying to get rid of competition any way possible and will prolong the release until then. (aka their ban on SGS3 for “copying them”)

  5. Drdave says:

    October is my bet, but it was puzzling to get a text offer yesterday from AT&T to upgrade my phtexts here months early. Why would they need to hang on right now if something wasn’t about to happen?

  6. guest says:

    i think it should be june, there’s a lot of disgruntled blackberry users, going to jump the boat to iphone and if they don’t release it june then SG3 will take the business, they should recognize that, and they’ll release something like a 5S later in the year like iphone4 and 4s

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