Verizon & AT&T Galaxy S3 customers at disadvantage

We’ve got some news today that may trouble plenty of U.S. customers planning to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) on AT&T or Verizon as it seems that those users will be at a disadvantage compared to those on other carriers. A touted extra from Samsung regarding the Galaxy S3 was a free 50GB of Dropbox cloud storage but we have now learned that this offer will not be extended to Galaxy S3 owners on Verizon or AT&T.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Android smartphone has already been released in the UK and Europe and some other regions and plenty of people will be taking advantage of the free 50GB storage (48GB plus 2GB free to all new users) available through Dropbox for the first two years. The Galaxy S3 is available in 16GB and 32GB of in-built storage variants and is still not released in the US but is due shortly. it will be available on all four major carriers, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile USA and Sprint, as well as U.S. Cellular. However news that the Dropbox free storage won’t be extended to AT&T and Verizon subscribers will disappoint many people.

The news comes to us from Droid-Life and was confirmed on the official Dropbox support page via a message from a moderator saying, “AT&T and Verizon have opted out of this promotion.” There’s no mention of the other US carriers though so hopefully this means the promotion will still be available for Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular customers but nothing has been confirmed yet. There is a certain amount of speculation that AT&T and Verizon may both be planning their own cloud storage service and don’t want its customers to get too used to Dropbox but we do think this development may upset some potential Galaxy S3 purchasers and is not exactly consumer-friendly.

As far as US release dates go we’ll give you a reminder of the info we have so far. Sprint and T-Mobile appear to be set to release the Galaxy S3 on June 21 while a release date for Verizon has variously been rumored as June 28 or July 9 and AT&T should be ready to launch it first on June 18, according to Pop Herald. The US Cellular release is not coming until some time in July. We’ll also remind you that for now only the 16GB variant of the Galaxy S3 is up for pre-order with AT&T but that the carrier will be offering an exclusive red edition at some point.

We’d really like to know what you think about AT&T and Verizon both not taking part in the free Dropbox promotion for the Galaxy S3. If you’re an AT&T or Verizon customer and were intending to purchase the Galaxy S3, is this enough to make you jump ship to another carrier? Maybe not getting the free storage with Dropbox isn’t enough to make you shift your carrier but you feel let down nevertheless? Let us have your comments on this.


24 thoughts on “Verizon & AT&T Galaxy S3 customers at disadvantage”

  1. Steveofhearts says:

    I dont care about dropbox. I will check the HTC nexus one x side by side with the galaxy s3 to see real differences between the 2 phones.

    1. Kellic says:

      You’ve never used dropbox’s auto camera upload feature have you?  The ability to just snap a picture and forget about it and it auto uploads to your dropbox is insanely nice.

      1. Fuckyourself says:

        Have you ever heard of Google+?  Obviously not… try it and turn your auto upload feature on.  Screw dropbox and move on with your life.

  2. Tempnospam says:

    Couldn’t care less.  With a 2GB data cap on the cheapest mandatory data plan on Verizon, a 64GB MicroSDXC card makes more practical sense.  Stream, shmeam.

  3. C. Maginnis says:

    I’m getting mine from Verizon, but they always do seem to disappoint in some form over every release of a great phone, don’t they? I it wasn’t a simple fact in my area they have the best coverage by far, I’d kick their asses to the curb in a heartbeat!
    Can’t wait to get mine though…   :*)

  4. Tom A says:

    Pre order mine on June 6 from Verizon and the DropBox thing for me was not a concern.  With all the internal memory and the microsd card up to 64 gb who would need more. 

  5. Taylor says:

    It’s not an issue at all with the app called google they offer 5 free gb of storage and offer 100 gb for only 5 dollars a month the drop box price will be 10 after the two year promo is up not very good at all plus with an sd card support of up to 64 gb who really needs that any ways

  6. ringsgeek says:

    I don’t really care too much about the lack of quad-core, nor the red version, nor about Dropbox shortchanging AT&T & Verizon users…what I REALLY want is the 64GB internal memory model on AT&T…not some lousy 16GB model. I want to combine 64GB plus ANOTHER 64GB from an SDXC card for a total of 128GB mobile…I’ll never need more space! Can’t believe AT&T is doing such a slow roll-out. ***sigh***

  7. Kellic says:

    and is not exactly consumer-friendly.”

    Ummm newsflash:  Verizon and ATT aren’t consumer friendly.  That is what you get when the top two carriers are a wide distance away from #3 and #4 and don’t give a crap.

  8. Kellic says:

    What people seem to be missing is that this is a $199 value.  Verizon and ATT are pretty much screwing you out of $200.  God knows they are with me since I already pay the $200 a year for 50GB with dropbox.  If I had this offer I could save a couple bills that could go somewhere else.

  9. Andrew Ratz says:

    I was wondering, how exactly does dropbox authenticate whether or not you can get the promotion? Like lets say there is a rom for the at&t s3 that comes with dropbox. Is there a chance a dev could get it working? Thanks

  10. Sajidpm3 says:

    I am canged s3 bcoz speach complaints too much…i am replaced s3 more than 4 times but now also same complaint.otherwise good features

  11. Trag says:

    Who cares… Honestly, if you need to use that much space over a cloud type network… you should already be hosting from your own server and not paying for something you can do for free. Unlimited space (as many HDDs as you want). Speeds are the same unless you’re on some really bad isp.. so that isn’t an issue either.

    I currently have:

    Access to over 15TB of data whenever and wherever I want.
    Cost? What I already pay for via my ISP subscription. So, $0.00.
    Public access via IP and/or static url, setup easily so anyone with a password can access the data as well. Also a “share box”, no password needed for friends and family.
    Also the fact that everything is automatically synced onto whatever devices I has linked at home.

    All that can be setup within 10 minutes or less. Why would anyone give 2 sh*ts about dropbox? Why pay for something you can do for free, and do Better?

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