Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X the superior argument

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S3 there are some that would say another smartphone is better, and today the latest news covers a document that compares this handset with the HTC One X. Looks like HTC really wants to grab the attention and point out that its phone is best, but would you agree.

We visited The Next Web and they show a few documents obtained by PriceBaba (A shopping site who we have never heard of), the documents clearly show that the HTC is better than the SGS3 and they want staff to know this. The pamphlet shows specs comparisons of the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 side-by-side, and even though they do compare fairly with some biased thinking you can see that they think the One X is more superior to the Galaxy S3.

The specs sheet shows the following: HTC One X has quad-core 1.5Ghz, Camera is 70% better quality with f2.0/faster 4fps/99 shot and faster startup 0.7s, Beats Audio sound, Brighter and clearer high density screen, polycarbonate for better durability and world acclaimed design.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 on the sheet says: Quad-core 1.4Ghz processor, camera with poor light with f2.6/slower 3fps/20 shots and slower startup at 0.99secs. The sound column has “None” in it, the screen sections for the SGS3 on the sheet says dull bluish and lower density; design is plastic and disappointing design.

On another sheet it says the GS3 is slimmer, has a removable battery, has a SD card slot and comes with a bigger display, but then on the HTC One X side it says that the One X is lighter, feels slimmer and looks way better. The One X battery can last a full day, the HTC one X has a 32GB internal storage plus 25GB of dropbox, also says that it has a total 57GB storage = 30,000 8MP photos or 20,000 songs, which is equal to 41 days of continuous music playback.

After looking at what the pamphlet mentions we have to laugh a little, a removable battery is bad because it needs an external charger to charge with it, we have to point out that what the sheets (shown below) says is a little mad really because having a removable battery means you can change and swap spare ones when it suits you, or buy an extended battery for more battery life, which you cannot use on a fixed battery.

They talk about the SD card slot and that the HTC One X has 32GB of internal storage, which comes with 25GB Dropbox storage, we here at Phones Review are not taking sides here but do come on, the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with 32GB internal storage, support for 64GB cards thanks to its card slot, and Samsung offers 50GB of Dropbox storage.

We got to admit that the HTC One X looks stunning, and of course HTC will do everything in their power to sell its smartphone to the masses, always good to give the handset the big hey ho to bring the money and followers in.

So! What will your decision be and why, will you choose the Samsung galaxy S3, or will you pick the HTC One X? Let the superior argument begin in the commenting area below.


159 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X the superior argument”

  1. Sishehzad says:

    I will prefer HTC One X as I do think it is faster, brighter and of course better looking then Samsung GS3 

    1. john says:

       sorry to say, but i have both and the gs3 is way faster and i do mean that, also it does look better, when you look at the phone on the next you think htc one x it better looking like i did to i got the gs3 and it just looks way better

      1. john says:

         (that need to say)
        sorry to say, but i have both and the gs3 is way faster and i do mean
        that, also it does look better, when you look at the phone on the net
        you think htc one x is better looking like i did to i got the gs3 at home and put them next tothe htc and it
        just looks way better, also th esceen is beter if you turn it up, gs3 auto screen is somewhat low

        1. Jaker says:

          Got the s3 unfortunately so far has just been regret after regret the phone size is completly impractical when trying to ring someone the home button doesn’t work anymore and touch wiz is doing my head in need the removable battery as I get 6 hours out of it on average the camera isn’t that great neither is the sound quality of the speaker the power button works when it feels like it and it gets worryingly hot when charging I can’t comment on the one X because I don’t have one but if its anyway as bad as the s3 I don’t want it and I will never buy a shitty iPhone so much for this being the year of super phones………

          1. Jose Mendoza says:

            My Galaxy S 3 rocks super fast,beautiful screen, nice pebble blue color, removable battery more is better why would i want a battery I cant take out like in the OneX and the excuse is why would I want to charge 2 batteries? duh so I can have the phone on for 18-20 hours some of us work and have a place to go after while your phone dies on tou after 8 hours of work + hanging out afterwards and ur phone dies then ull know y.Htc one c looks the same like the htc evo and htc evo 3d i had.Only thing i see screen improved somewhat but cant beat the sgs3 amoled hd screen.Theres a reason whu samsung galaxy s3 sold more phones most of the htc people here sound like theu work for htc i read htc saying same shity would i want 2 batteries like its abad thing whu sexpandable memory duh i get more for my money while u give less to your customers htc one x not even close to sgs3 so you want a top notch phone trust me samsung galaxy s 3 and by thee way the 25 gb dropbox expires in 2 years bye bye 25gb loland sprint gs3 has 50 gb dropbox if you want to use that

  2. Guest says:

    htc one x is best because its not worth the extra money for features already either seen elsewhere like pop up play or already shown to be unpractical like when siri came out and everybody came to terms that no one would ever use it in real life. plus, the s3 is much more expensive.

    1. lolhtc says:

      lol no, they are both the same cost with a 2 year contract and without one.

    2. cool aish says:

      hey friend there is an application on android market named SUPER VIDEO which allows pop up play just like SGS3

  3. Alex says:

    lol that is pretty pathetic on HTC’s part I bought the samsung s3 a few days ago after comparing it to the x one. know ive made the right decision as the S3 is the better phone. This is my first samsung phone so im not a fan boy either. putting ‘beats’ on the x one is also pointless – its one way for HTC to latch onto the mass commercilised sheep that follow such rubbish!

    1. lolhtc says:

      I also love how they say the HTC has polycarbonite and the S3 has plastic…it’s the same thing…rofl

      1. Themooncat says:

        The s3 is also polycarbonite Samsung just don’t go on about it like it’s a magic material from space as it’s just a high quality plastic and if thats all HTC has then they have not got much lol

    2. onyx_64 says:

      ima big fan of htc too.. but im considering buying the s3.. what made you choose the s3? can you share a few reasons?

      1. Themooncat says:

        I got the Samsung s3 after eleven faulty one x handsets and I’m glad I made the switch to my first ever Samsung. The s3 is put together much better than the one x and does not have the build issues of the HTC. Also the phone is generally much faster and does not have all the software bugs the one x does. The battery performance are world’s apart I was getting 9-10 hours from the HTC tops and wwith the s3 I’m getting 17 hours with some power left at 11pm. And there are many other reasons to choose Samsung gps performance and wifi loads better and it doesn’t take 3.5 hours to charge.

      2. ONE X VS S3 says:

        I bought the Samsung Galaxy S3 and I can tell you the reasons are simple:
        – Battery life: The achilies heel of every HTC phone
        – Speed (Sure the HTC has 1.5 ghz processor compared to the S3 1.4ghz but the purpose built Samsung exynos processor utilises its power much better than the HTC more generic Nvidia)
        – Screen (I am a big fan of the most vibrant colours that SUPER AMOLED that you just dont see on other screen types i.e. LCD, Retina)
        – Design: Lets put it simple in a way all men would understand. The Iphone 4/4s is a flat chest supermodel (beautiful face but it is all cosmetics and take it off and what you have are bits and pieces from Samsung, LG and Sony). The HTC One X is your average girl next door (perfectly fine but then again not stunning). Now the Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand is curvacious and beautiful a Kim Kardashian or Christina Hendricks. But then again design is always a case of whatever floats your boat.
        – Finally features: Smart Stay, Pop Up Play, S-Voice, A wide range of motion controls, S Beam, Buddy Photo Share these are all class leading innovation bar S-Voice (which is not a copy of Siri as Voice controllers have been around for ages)

        Put these all together and you have the only choice an S3. But the only reason you would regret buying the One X is the battery which is atrocious (my friend is regretting their purchase of the One X for that very reason).

    3. Wickedruchir_14 says:

       htc one x is better than s3 for gaming ……….nvidia tegra 3 is faar better n optimised for gaming than dat of samsung xynos processor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    1. lolhtc says:

      LOL go enjoy your POS iCrap with the worlds most boring, uncustomizable UI. 

  4. trob6969 says:

    Although I prefer the screen on the One X over the S3’s amoled, the S3 matches or beats the One X in every other catagory. Including design: the S3 is more sleek, curvaseous and elegent looking.

    1. Themooncat says:

      I have the s3 but if I had to own a HTC I would have the s over the x anyday

    2. Cilbup101 says:

       Me too.  Much better size.  Would have preferred an SD card, but the smaller size won out.

  5. Oliver M says:

    All of these comparisons are irrelevant. Faster? Nobody will notice the difference. Storage? I have 61gb of storage with the 11gb left on my internal + 50gb drop box. Dull bluish screen? I haven’t noticed any bluish tint on my screen at all. Negligible difference in camera load times + many more you can notice.

    HTC is just grabbing at straws, they could have at least been honourable and made a proper comparison instead of being like children and making silly comparisons.

  6. Wood2stone says:

    I have both the One X & the SG3.There really isn’t a lot of difference between them.The one X is slightly faster than the s3 but its hardly noticeable.The s3 has better better software except for sense 4.0.There’s pro’s & cons for each phone so in my opinion they are as good as each other so its down to individual preference.

    1. Dave says:

      My work colleagues bought the two between them last week.  The things that struck me were the size of the S3 – almost to large.  But the One X wasn’t far behind.  Feel wise the One X won hands down for me.  The S3 felt plasticy and slippery and reminded me of the Iphone 3 – where I dropped it all the time.  The One X on the other hand felt well built.  That’s not to say one is better than the other – just my first impressions.  The One X was on a fast network and browsing speed was incredible.  I think the S3 was on a fast 3g network and was fine but nothing like th One X.  That’s all I noticed….oh other than neither played flash properly – but maybe that would have required tinkering??

  7. Sameer says:

    it is hard to differentiate which is best but down to prefrence, it is dependent on who prefers a removable microsd card, or a removable battery. otherwise, quite identical. 

  8. AranBeesla says:

    Sorry but i have tested both of these phones at great lengths, and what was the results? I actually brought the Samsung to use as a personal phone. The HTC is a good phone, but if you want to be amazed then its got to be the Samsung. The features are endless, and when it coems to the camera theres barely anything between them, with sometimes the HTC snapping the better pic, or sometimes the Samsung. In terms of sheer speed, none can match the Samsung, as other tests have revealed that its actually faster than the new Ipad. Both are great phones, and will be great rivals to even the iphone 5, yet the Samsung IS the best smartphone on the market right now.

  9. RussRoo42 says:

    I have the htc one x and my wife has the galaxy s3, they are both clearly good phones but i found that the samsungs build quality is nowhere like that of the htc one x. The screen is better on the htc one x , beats audio far outways the sound of the samsung. Both have ice cream sandwich but I like the added interface of sense 4.0 on the htc one x rather than samsungs touchwiz. I like the idea of the G3 that it knows when your looking at it but other functions like texting a friend and putting the phone to your ear and it will ring them .REALLY !!!!!!  If I wanted to ring them I would not be texting them DOH.

  10. openmindedguy says:

    I checked out both. Wanted sd card and removable battery so looked at S3. Ended up with One X! I’m surprised too. Build is way better, screen nicer, like sense 4. Purely subjective and understand why people would go for S3. 50g is more than enough storage for me tho. I’d go for any good Android phone so am in both camps I guess. Definitely NOT an apple fan.

    1. Themooncat says:

      It defiantly does not have better build quality than the s3 what it has is thicker polycarbonite shell than the s3’s battery cover (which is also made of the same material) but other than that it’s built like a bag of spanners. I had 11 faulty one x phones with hardware/build issues and the software is so bugged its a joke. I switched to the s3 1st and only phone no problems hardware or software issues and the build is great one the back cover is in place feels as solid as any phone and very durable.

  11. Kckk says:

    this is a crap review. you didnt even get either phone for a hands on review.

  12. Farazhassansyed123 says:

    has anybody ever run benchmarks on their gs3 or xone cause i have and gs3 far superseeds xone

  13. Daniel says:

    If you want a great looking Smart “Phone” which fits beautifully in the palm of your hand, get the HTC One. If you want a Smart “T.V.”, then get the bulky and ugly Samsung S3, which has a much bigger screen to watch your tv shows on. Everything else is pretty much the same or not really “noticeable”. Case closed!

    1. Ben says:

      Are you retarded? The Galaxy S3 screen is 0.1 inches bigger but the phone is thinner. You newd to refresh your memory for the term ‘bulky’

  14. ONE X VS S3 says:

    *HANG ON NOW!!!!! Did i just read that the HTC ONE X has better battery life. AHAHAHA!!! U lost me there mate HTC don’t even know the meaning of battery.
    (If u ask the HTC engineers why battery life is so s*** on their phones they will look back at u and say why would u ever take it off the charger)
    *Another thing every test has shown that although on paper the 1.5ghz HTC One X beats S3 1.4ghz benchmarks show that it destroys HTC in respect to speed
    *Gaming should be better on HTC (nividia chips built for gaming) but the S3 frame rate is actually as good as the IPAD 3 (sorry new ipad) aqt 59 fps compared to 1X 51 fps
    *PLUS they are both Polycarbonate the S3 not plastic as claimed in this article.
    *Higher Density please its only by 3PPI nobody would realise they are both HD screens (plus S3 screen is slightly larger) and it is lighter again 3 grams and I am pretty sure its because S3 has 2100mah battery compare to 1X 1800.
    *Beats audio did next to nothing on Sensation what is to change in the One series just because One X audio system has a name backed up by a celebrity doesn’t mean its any good.

    One thing i could give the OneX here is definitely Camera(best camera on any smartphone I’ve seen) and maybe design although that is purely subjective.
    Conclusion: Throw in some really nifty features of the S3 and 50gb dropbox you find out the S3 is superior device and the only reason u would pick the One X is if u love taking pics (but then again the photo tagging on S3 is really helpful and works very well if u are one to share your photos on social networking sites)

    1. Abid_haider says:

      i agree with the battery part but so far my one x hasn’t shown any problems of so called speed…n i did check out the s3 n plzzzz it was too attractive….n hell yea gaming i way better on the one x…i’ve played quite a few heavy duty games lol….n u can tag pics on the one x as well so dnt even talk about that coz i got that feature working gr8 on my one x lol….n oh yea the beats system does infact boost the sound quality as checked not only by me but all my frends too so seriously dude the one x is better…but not by alot…

      1. ONE X VS S3 says:

        – Yeah maybe i was abit over dramatic in the speed part (both are incredibly speedy with most people never going to see the difference in the real world) and much better than the Iphone 4S. 1.5ghz to 1.4ghz ratio in every human beings mind says that it the One X is faster but it just isn’t. Its about utilising this power and in my opinion the and in speed tests the S3 comes out trumps.
        – You say gaming is better on One X yet the frame rate on the S3 is much better
        – The tagging bit you may have misinterpreted as the S3 recognises a persons face after you tag them and so every photo after that the S3 would automatically tag them. (sounds like some coders gone wild and that it doesnt work but honestly it does actually work)
        – So far as audio is concerned I have quite a wireless system set up with my Beats by Dre Pro & wireless headphones and my Samsung DA-E750 Wireless dock so i probably wont be noticing the loss of beats audio system (sorry to say it does little, not nothing but a little)
        – You say out of sarcasm obviously that it was too attractive but if you are buying a phone to make a fashion statement than the only phone you are any one else for that matter should be buying an Iphone.

        -This brings me to my conclusion that if you are looking for a Super Phone (the category reserved for the One X, the S3 and the fabled Iphone 5) and have money to burn than the obvious choice is the S3.

        1. ONE X VS S3 says:

          And another thing the S3 is more beautiful in my opinion as nothing competes to the feel of it in your hand the curves of the phone compliment your hand quite nicely. And i dont quite like the chrome circle trim around the HTC’s camera.

  15. George says:

    HTC vs S3: HTC wins as a multimedia pack while the S3 as features pack…
    This is the whole difference.

    Have both S3 and HTC and I must say that they are the best phones out there.
    They are both great and if you choose one, you wont be sorry for not choosing the other.
    I made a small comparison table of the strongest features each has (and why):

    UI: It is more of a personal level preferences. Both HTC and Samsung adopt different approach in terms of user accessibility and animations. I loved the Sense in terms of generic use while in terms of smoothness, the TouchWiz is excellent and holds many features.

    Display: Also refers to a personal favor. If you look for warmer colors, the HTC should be your choice. If you are tending towards cooler colors, take the S3. In direct sunlight, there is a little edge of the HTC rather than the S3.

    Camera: HTC wins here. The S3 camera is great but when it comes to closeups, low light… the HTC takes the lead. HTC also has a better application for managing burst mode where it lets you pick the best pic your-self rather than picks it for you such as the S3 does.

    Video: The S3 takes the lead with smoother vids BUT… if you wish to add better sound quality to your videos, take the HTC, adjust the recording to 720p and you have smooth video along with better sound quality (stereo recordings).

    CPU/GPU: HTC wins here. I dont know about the tests made by any of the reviewers I saw in the past. Browsing the WEB is faster on the S3 but HTC manages the content to fit the screen on pinch to zoom vs the S3 that does not do that by default.
    Games are… well… there is no comparison between the two devices… much, much better on the One X. The nVidia Tegra does the job right BUT…. if the game is adjusted to Tegra GPU. You can run games made for Tegra on the S3 but the experience is way behind.

    Sound: HTC.

    Storage: S3.

    Battery: S3.

    Built quality: HTC.

    Design quality: S3.

    If you want a multimedia device, HTC wins that pack.
    If you are features lover, S3 is your choice.

    Personally, I prefer the useful multimedia pack rather than just features… Going to return my S3 in a few days…

      1. George says:

         Design means that the power (and lock) button is very easy to access, USB charger is on the bottom, very versatile in the possibilities for docking (in my opinion).

    1. Helpful helper that helps says:

      Summed up everything quickly and efficiently thank you!

      I am highly considering getting the HTC…… next topic the iPhone 5 😛

    2. Ro says:

      My answer; the One X Plus. Wins on design quality (S3 is plastic, Plus is black, mat carbon) and battery (2100mAH)

  16. Kingxkok says:

    If you don’t really need that much space, and like a longer-lasting battery w/o having to switch batteries, 1 point for One X.

    If you don’t mind pentile and love crazy AMOLED contrasts and saturation, 1 point for GS3.
    Super LCD 2 HD display (full RGB-matrix)? 1 for One X

    Nature UX or Sense 4? NUX => 1 for SGS3; Sense4 => 1X

    Which design? 1 point for winner
    Note: Round S3 (ugly?); OneX has awkward menu button taking up space in some apps.

    Don’t mind only decent Cam app/cam? GS3 gets 0
    Good cam & great cam app? 1X => 1 point more

    One X is cheaper => 1 for 1X
    Don’t mind price? 0 for 1X

    Which is it?

    Tie breaker… flip a coin. Heads for One X, tails for SGS3.


    I’m takin’ the One X

  17. Ckwftw4 says:

    So people would prefer non-removable battery? Cuz they don’t want dusts in there? Lol what a joke… and how does 52gb with dropbox beats internal 62gb with empty micro sd slot? Htc.still losses! And. 3 lighter? Who’s gana notice THAT

  18. Ste_sims says:

    I moved from iPhone to a one x, the only problem I have isn’t battery life it’s the length of time it takes to charge it, this may be the same on the gs3 i dont know other than that the phone is brilliant. There is so little between the phones I would go for the one x simply because it is better looking and it feels like a better quality phone.

    1. One X vs S3 says:

      The length of time taken to charge S3s batteryfrom 0% is just a tad over 2hours and a half which for a 2100mah battery is fantastic really approaching witchcraft
      Much better than the S2 which took too long for my liking.

  19. THE WAY IT IS says:

    I can honestly say this review had me in tears laughing to the point of which it got ridiculous. For a start this review is entirely sided with HTC. If you read the print screens on the review it says ‘HTC one X, the best phone’. I do a lot of reviews on phones and tend to analyse them very deeply when doing comparisons and in most cases the HTC can make a very good competitor to any phone on the market. After laying hands on the Galaxy S3 i realized there is no other phone which even get’s close to it. We can all sit here and say that they are very close so lets flip a coin but that is really not the case. Look at any PROFESSIONAL and FAIR review and you will see that the galaxy s3 dominates the HTC one X. Unfortunately for HTC,APPLE,NOKIA,LG AND SONY ERICSSON it appears that the galaxy s3 is “light years ahead” ( i quote from a trusted reviewer). This is not intended to cause a mobile phone argument/contest. It is merely stating facts, feel free to check out any other review website on the web for these two phones and you will see.

    1. Mainz2kc says:

      Any review that claims the S3 is light years a head is obviously biased, I’ve read many reviews and the main reason reviewers are saying the s3 edges out is because of the removable battery and being able to have 128gb of storage through micro sd and maybe smart stay & s-beam, would a removable battery and anything more than 32gb matter to general consumers or even s-beam which you need 2 s3s for it to work. How can the S3 be light years ahead with similar specs to the one x, yes S3 has a better GPU but does it have a equivalent to Tegra zone + One x is becoming PlayStation certified(S3 Lacks Dev support so that extra gpu power is mostly useless on android), your obviously a little biased yourself if you back up those claims from just reading so called proffesional reviews, I do agree that the review is obviously biased but they are some real points & sorry but opinions ain’t facts.

      1. Rawr says:

        You mean S3 lacks dev support from Samsung.. anyone who really wants to take advantage of their phone’s full potential isn’t going to rely simply on the company devs. I’m sure we’ll see the gents from XDA do something amazing with BOTH phones. That being said, is the playstation network really that out of reach?

      2. ONE X VS S3 says:

        i believe Developers would look at sales of phones and decide which phone is best to support and going by preorders, sales of the S2 and the fact the S3 is already the most popular phone in the U.K. Developers will jump on board as they have a broader market to aim at

  20. Julian says:

    hi i am wanting to get a smart phone on my plan and i can get any phone so i was thinking the samsung galaxy s3 or the htc one x i am 14 so i would like gaming and texting and calling anyone help me choose phones

    1. ONE X VS S3 says:

      Please do some research before spending the money and not use the info above which is quite obviously BS. 
      -The S3 is faster, better battery life, great features, an awesome screen and best of all a removable battery.
      – Only thing S3 is beaten in is taking photos in low light but then again the features of the S3 more than make up for it.
      For more info read my comment below on why you should make the right choice and go with the S3 although don’t fret if you get the One X it is a fantastic phone just not the best.

      1. Creyni says:

        Kid said he liked gaming the first reply is correct, not BS. The one x has more optimized games then the s3(s3 has some but more developer support for tegra). HTC are the only brand apart from Sony to get phones which will not be PlayStation certified, the one x is one of the phones going to/got this status so they will now get PlayStation games. This was announced a E3 by Sony…rather reliable source wouldn’t you say?

        If he does research as you suggested, he will find both of these to be true. 

        If gaming was not a concern either phone would be fine, but currently it looks like the one x will have more support in this sector. Not a fan boy of the one x just don’t like fan boys of any phone saying there phone is best and not asking who ever will be using the phones requirements.  He said gaming – one x is better then s3. If he said multimedia s3 is better then one x. 

        1. ONE X VS S3 says:

          Clearly I was referring to the article and not comments above as the article is quite obviously bias (and full of illegitemate arguments) i owned both phones for 2 weeks but now have decided to hand over the HTC One X to my wife so that she can get rid of her Iphone 4 and we can get the stranglehold of Apple out of our lives. In my opinion the S3 utilises its quad core much better than the One X as it is optimised and built by Samsung whilst the Nvidia Tegra is not as optimised. Battery life is also important (which was horrid on my One X, The S3 lasted twice as long) and whilst the HTC One X will get Playstation Certified games I believe you need some battery to utilise these games

    2. What I Think says:

      I’m personally taking the One X, even though people are saying the GPU is not as good and the hard drive is not as big, who really cares that much? The One X is still extremely fast and the hard drive at 32gb is still huge for a phone, besides the picture is definitely better looking than that of the S3. Besides i’m sure HTC will release a better battery and hard drive for it later on…  My mate has one and he loves it, he goes on and on about it. And if you like gaming the HTC will be Playstation certified soon, thats something i’m looking forward to!

      Hope that helped you somehow… 🙂

      1. Doktoreble says:

        If it’s built in memory/battery, then there is no way to upgrade – within reason. Just saying..

    3. Mainz2kc says:

      For gaming One X, Simple Reason developer support. One X has Android Market, Tegra Zone + Will be getting PlayStation Store. The S3s extra GPU power is near useless when all Samsung has is android market which does not take advantage of hardware like tegra zone. (don’t listen to all these sheep’s following a company like there being paid) Camera = HTC, UI= personal preference, Features = S3 has more, Design= HTC, SCREEN = Draw, Performance = S3 might have a edge on UI speed but not tried the s3 so can’t say. All other things like removable batteries and micro SD will come to your personal preference, maybe even the features as well (s-voice ects). The phone you choose will be the one that meets your needs so don’t listen to biased people like the one that wrote one x vs s3. Their both great phones!

  21. I was all hyped about buying myself S3 after my Galaxy Nexus was stolen as everybody was talking about it. And than came the delay in deliver of non-white S3s, and while I was checking all new cool features of S3 on the internet, I discovered there is lovely “little” thing called One X (I’m not following mobile phones much, had iPhone 3GS, fell in love with Nexus after its review on The Verge and bought it as iPhone was getting “old”).

    And so I went to check it out in real life and was quite amazed. Lower battery life as S3s doesn’t concern me (I lived on Galaxy Nexus just fine), and 32GB of internal storage fits me just nice. As I would anyway only get a 16GB model of S3 right now in our country and would had to buy 16/32GB SDHC. Having 16GB on iPhone 3GS and Galaxy Nexus was just a bit to small for my requrenment of about 6GB of music, 4GB of Sygic navigation. Leaving 6GB which wasn’t enough for having a few fresh TV series to watch on the bus and all other apps and pictures/movies. So I had to pick out my music library to about 3GB and always finding myself in missing some of my albums. So 32GB will be just fine. 6GB of music, 4GB of navigation leaving 20GB for fresh TV series, pics and videos (i shoot in 720p as I have that resolution on my laptop and don’t see a reason why would I have to shoot videos in 1080p as it is still a bit of an overkill for a mobile camers (even though One X has much better one than S3)) and all the rest what is by my opininon enough.

    Also I liked the feel of Galaxy Nexus rubbery plastic on the back but absolutely hated iPhone 3GSs glossy finish. Also I didn’t like the feel of my friends S2 and even if I havent hold it in hand, S3 will be more or less the same. And as I also tend not to wear my phones in protective suits, One Xs aluminium body will do much better for me as S3 polycarbonate one.

    Sorry for this wall of text but this is why I bought One X rather than S3. So please if there is anyone who still isn’t decided, read it and you just might end up with a better phone 🙂

    1. David says:

      The One X is Poly also. Both the One X and S3 are Poly. However the One X is molded out of one piece. 

    2. Paul Grocock says:

      looks like you got the ONE s aluminium unibody with the S4 chip, good phone.

  22. john styring says:

    Well here i go,  I own a i phone 4s, htc one x ,galaxy s3 a samsung note and a lumia 900. Yes i have a mobile phone illness. I carry at all times my iphone for personel use which is a fantastic all round phone and does everything great apart from being a little restricted( flash,bluetooth sharing) very much like the lumia 900.

    My work phone for the last 6mths has been the awesome samsung note which i have loved for many reasons ( screen, battery,camera) all top notch . I waited for ics on the note and was really dissapointed with the experiance when it arrived and so decided to invest in the htc one x and galaxy s3 try them both out for a couple of weeks and then sell the one i least prefered.

    The main difference i can honestly say in my user experiance is the user interface, Htc sense is head and shoulders above samsung touch wiz, the integration with the friend stream , agenda, notifications, sense display and contact info on display provides a far better user experiance than my s3 and note.Having been really disappointed with samsung kies and the frequency of software updates it has been a breath of fresh air to already have updates from htc over the air and the easy to use htc sync.
    The cameras are very similar on all my phones apart from the lumia which is a bit dissapointing.
    The battery is best in order of, Note,4s,s3,one x,lumia.
    I charge all phones every night as they get used heavily and all get me through to the end of the day.
    The s3 is a lovely looking phone but if you own a samsung note then i dont think it is any better and would stick to gingerbread and not ics.

    For me my new work phone is the htc one x, It is simply superb,I would say that it is the best all round android phone out there but  you wont go wrong with either.   I have purchased the one x car dock which is amazing  and also the media hub for streaming to my tv.


    1. dj sam says:

      thanks a lot for all your fair points. i ve the one x as well it is a beatiful phone.

    2. Paul Grocock says:

      wow, excellent unbiased view from a guy that has hands on experience of all the major phones.

    3. stevedion says:

      Thanks, you just saved me 650$, i currently own the OneX (which i love) and I also have the smartphone illness.  Was looking at the newegg international version of the S3 but was hesitant due to the TouchWiz UI which i hated in the SGS2.  

    4. ted says:

      why are u using samsung kies??
      There’s a wireless transfer, no need for CABLES! Use Kies AIR, if you haven’t heard.

      1. ikokkinos says:

        Don’t you get out of the house or travel abroad, sometimes you just need a cable. The Kies restriction is so unecessary as you need it on all computers you connect to if it’s mass data transfer you want to do.

  23. HTC ONE X says:

    I’m thinking of buying a new phone and I’m a bb 9780 user right now. I used an Ä°phone 3GS and it was jet perfect, but I decided to try an android device. SO,

    I can say that I read more than 25 comparisons between htc one x and samsung galaxy 3 and this is why I think HTC ONE X IS BETTER !

    – Perfect Design + better quality and feel

    – htc one x has 32 gb storage + 25 gb dropbox : so come on 57 gb is enough for everyone !

    – Super camera, especially in low light

    – Beats Audio

    – Warmer colors

    OK  you’ll say gs 3 has many features, BUT s voice or smart stay or s beam etc. are not that perfect. If you really care about these ten buy an IPHONE and download apps like bump etc. 

    OVERALL, trust me everybody would prefer a better looking phone, so go with htc one x 
    however if you still think about that unnecessary features and unnecessary storage go with sgs 3

    1. Rvales says:

      Really “Beats Audio” if that cheesy software app on a bad phone is one of your selling points someone smack you now please. its a dumb EQ app and a marketing scam. There is nothing real on that phone or innovated should I say that can compare to the G S3. Not mention the One X is probably the ugliest phone HTC ever made

      1. Jid says:

        I watched it on youtube where they open up the one x for repair to change the screen or something, the repair guy did point out the beats audio hardware in the phone, so its just not an app it does have the hardware to go too!! 

      2. Steve09 says:

        Hey if One X is ugly then do u find the S3 decent in looks. It is a piece of shit.That curved design ‘designed for humans’ seems to be designed for aliens. And if beats is a gimmmick then what the hell is Smarttray and svoice. Samsung has decided to throw garbage in itz flagship smartphone. And do you find these features to be the best ?? lolz !! HTC has given its product premium feel ,classy design and an amazing UI . Samsung has the crappy touchwiz copied from iphone, burst mode is also copied form htc. Only thing samsung can do best is copy…………….. !!!!!!!!!

  24. SG3_IS_A_WINNER says:




    1. Baryton76 says:

      Did you ever changed battery in your phone during the day ? How many space you need 32 Gb is not enough ? Screen are almost the same, altough htc has better resolutiona and camera in htc one x beats samsung’ clearly…Galaxy s3 is a great phone but I think One x is even better.

      1. stevedion says:

        I agree, with Google Music, there is no longer any need for more than 32Gb.  How many pictures do you need on a phone anyways?  I always keep the last 30 or 60 days worth of pictures and sync the rest to Picassa which i can see from the phone just fine.  Movies, seems like 10Gb of movies is more than enough for a weekly commute.  Battery?  Who swaps batteries anyways, less than 1% of people who owns smartphones???

        1. Axsey says:

          i agree…. HTC its better….

          My first smart phone HTC Desire S my second hand set HTC Flyer….
          I had 16 GB on My Flyer full with video HD still have a lot space…
          I am supporting HTC to go forward and better

  25. Bobajob says:

    Quite a lot of the comments here are totally nuts, it’s not a review, it’s not a real comparison, it’s just some sales guide.  I would reckon either from HTC themselves, or written by the store because the HTC is perhaps more profitable for them to sell than the S3.  This is just information they can use in order to counter any reasons potential customers might come up with as to why they want the S3 more than the One X.

    What’s more, it’s all perfectly valid.  One thing that annoys me is this whole thing about removable batteries.  How many people actually do buy a separate battery charger (as in a charger that charges batteries that are NOT in the phone) plus an additional battery (that probably costs 15% of the price of the phone itself) and actually does swap them over?  I’m betting very few people indeed.  Most people just come home, plug phone in overnight, grab phone in the morning and head out.

    1. Loopetim says:

      I have an S2 and it’s an absolute deal breaker for me if the phone has a removable battery or not. My charger charges both a spare battery and my phone (with other battery) at the same time. My spare battery cost £8 and is a high quality Anker extended life version that scored 4.5/5 average out of 151 customer reviews on Amazon. Now with this extended battery plus the original i can travel to the otherside of the world on a plane or go backpacking/cycling for a weekend and never have to worry about battery life. All the more when travelling i am listening to music, browsing the web, watching videos more than ever! The new One X’s is a smart phone indeed but with its sealed, small battery (compared to the S3) it wouldn’t even get an audition by me. x

      1. Hey ho says:

        But then when you switch phones your battery is…dead? I prefer the external rechargeable battery with a USB port – works with all phones. 

        How often do you make use of your spare battery? I have never had the need to swap my battery, even though they’ve all been removable.

  26. Svennnn says:

    I bought HTC ONE X and i used to play with it for a month. The camera is bad, the browser is too bad nad there is alot of bugs in the soft. Then i sold it and buy SGS3 this is gret phone i ve ever used And i can say this is clearly the best phone in the market.

    1. sam says:

      lies i have had the one x since  April and trust is really good in all areas.

    2. guest says:

      i have a htc one x, and i dont have any problem…..for me, the only problem is the battery…great phone…

    3. Kevin Mai says:

      Your comment confuses me. They are both ics, and if the browser is bad on the one X, it’s also bad on the s3 because THEY HAVE THE SAME BROWSER. Sence has little to no lag, and how can you say it sucks. The cameras are very competitive and similar.

      1. Pratiik Atrii says:

        The browsers are different and are based upon UI. When you zoom in and out, the page takes a bit of time to readjust itself in HTC while the things are pretty smooth in S3. You wont like it if u r spending that much money.

    4. Anthony Croshaw says:

      umm..camera is bloody amazing, I’m a professional photographer so i do know a thing or two about cameras!!! haven’t found any bugs, sense is awesome. I come from IOS, tried the galaxy and the one x, htc is clear winner, tho galaxy is also a lovely phone:) not missing iOS (and particularly iTunes) one little bit:)

    5. Bizen says:

      please dont say this nonsense that samsung has better camera and htc 1 x bad,so stupid comment

    6. Rahul says:

      Another biased and stupid opinion. The one x camera blows the S3 apart in low light. I have compared both phones side by side and didnt find much of a difference. Sense UI f**ks the hell out of Touchwiz. ONE X ALL THW WAY…………..!!!!!

  27. Mohit Shokeen says:

    using the phone on ur own is d best way to find out which one is better n which one suits u  better….everyone has thr choice f usage…but seriously speaking ppl….i used both handsets today n i really loved htc one x…it shows no problem no bugs nothing at all…sgs3 is also nice but its features like smartstay have no use actually sensor vil drink all battery n tat feature f calling by just taking it near ur ear…ths features uses lots f sensors gulping all battery plus its camera n sound n display quality can’t match htc one x specially its looks….its worth for wat u pay….else i would suggest tat best way is to go to ur nearest store n test thm by urself rather thn going for reviews…everyone has different opinion….i loved htc one x plus i hate brand name samsung

    1. Rowdy rathore says:

      Both of us have mutual feelings towards htc and samsung, i am myself using htc one x and i prefer it over and above any android ph available in market!!!!!

  28. jdamon says:

    have been trying to decide which to buy, coming out of a Blackberry
    either one is going to require a learning curve for me. The One X looks
    totally new and fresh, the S3 looks like the S2 with softer contours.
    The specs are pretty much even and while an SD card is convenient, I am
    used to using 8 GB, so since both have 16 GB (the ATT S3 will NOT have
    32 GB), that is more than enough for my needs. Plus, the One X has 23
    GB  Dropbox storage free for two years, the S3 on ATT and Verizon won’t.
    The One X has a sealed battery..so what? So does every iPhone and that
    hasn’t stopped Apple from selling a gazillion of them.

    That brings it down to UI, and from everything I have read (a LOT) it
    seems Sense 4 is much better than Touch Wiz, in fact, from my
    perspective, the only people who seem to prefer Touch Wiz over Sense are
    Samsung owners / fans. Also, I find it funny that when discussing the specs, where it is close but they favor one phone, it gets the win, but when the other phone is a bit
    better, it is a tie. Also, there are some specs that are not measured in
    the same fashion, yet the the preferred phone wins again.

    From the view point of someone with smartphone experience, but not
    with Android, I really don’t care about little differences in the specs.
    No one I know is going to care about numbers, we care about performance
    and results: ICS; dual core 1.5GHz with LTE / HSPA+ for fast browsing;
    battery power to get through 8+ hour work day; music and video access
    for down-time; computer sync; multiple live email accounts; reliability
    and durability; ease of use; a decent camera with useable cutting edge
    goodies. What we don’t want is a lot of clutter; gimmicks (I work daily
    with seven people with iPhone 4S and not one of them have used Siri
    after the first two weeks of owning the phones) or having to put up with
    unnecessary crap to make the phone function as we want it to. ICS works
    the way it is, don’t mess with it.

    I have decided on the One X. I tried Sense 4 in the store and
    compared it to touch Wiz on the S2 models… I know the new version is
    “lighter” but not by that much based on what I have read. Also, as I am
    learning the use of the phone from square one, and never having used an
    Android before, the HTC seemed much more natural, intuitive (simpler?)
    than the Samsung. Not having any preconceived notions about which was
    better, to me HTC was the clear winner. I also think the look of the One
    X is very different from other phones out there, whereas any Samsung
    looks pretty much like every other Samsung built in the last two years –
    squared vs round corners not withstanding. And just so there is no
    doubt about my motives, initially, it was my intention to replace my BB
    with the Galaxy Note; then I read about the One X being developed,
    followed by the S3. I decided to wait for both devices and compare each
    to the other and against my needs.

    One last thing about build quality / durability; take a look at some
    of the drop tests on You Tube for both of these phones (and any other
    you may be considering) from waist height, shoulder height, from the
    roof of an accelerating car, even thrown into the air down a street! The
    Gorilla glass does eventually shatter, but the One X keeps on working
    as designed: the touch screen works, so does the browser and the phone
    function. The S3 was completely dead! The reason is that Samsung fused
    the screen to the glass, so when the glass breaks, so does the screen,
    not to mention having to pick up all of the pieces of the S3 to put it
    back together again. The One X, you know, has a solid polycarbonate
    shell that is very strong in its own right. This was one of the last
    deciding factors for me.

    The bottom line is a smartphone is a tool to be used in the real
    world, and it needs to be tough enough to survive, even if it is only
    used in a business or social environment. How many times have you seen
    someone’s phone get knocked off a desk / counter top / bar / dining
    table and crash to the floor? The S3 is a great phone, absolutely, and
    on paper it may be the best thing out there… until the next best thing
    arrives next year, next month, next week. People with too much money
    wanting the latest and greatest will snap it up, as they will whatever
    comes out next to replace it. I want a phone that will function for as
    long as I want to use it, does what I need it to do, looks good and is
    dependable; and if I drop it, it will not only survive the fall, but
    will also keep working. The One X is the right answer for me, look over
    your needs and options carefully; it will likely be the correct answer
    for you, too.

    1. stevedion says:

      I’m an iOS fan, always have been, though i like to switch phones every couple months as my job allows it.  I currently have the One X (International version) and am completely in love with it.  In fact my 4S is sitting in my desk.  I have had the S2 and the HTC Sensation and HTC Desire, Galaxy Nexus.  My personal opinion is I love the Sense UI. I really hated the TouchWiz on the S2.  Didn’t try the S3 TouchWiz but i had such issues (bugs and unnatural behaviour) from the S2 that i am unsure to even try the S3.  What i like most of the Sense UI is that it is easier to use, manages Emails better (Exchange).  I also like the Phone interface better.  Call quality (in the car on noisy highway) is great.  Speakerphone is great.  I hate the backwards facing speaker as it sometimes seem that it isn’t loud enough.  The screen is also really really nice.  Better than the iPhone 4S in my opinion.  Text really pops and it is also much bigger.  I am 38 and my eye site  thanks me for this phone.

    2. OneFnWiseguy says:

      I dont want to flame, as it is not my intention, however I started off with the One-x  Initially I really liked it, but the form factor dazzled me for a day, and then the phone started to show its warts.  IDK what it is about the keyboard of the One x but it just feels too cramped.  yes you can change that, I understand, but it seemed like it was not as responsive as it couldve been.  I just figured with all of that muscle, and the reputation of sense, that I couldnt go wrong.  Well, thank god for the 30 day return policy.  I returned my One X and payed ATnT the restocking fee of 35 bucks…..Well worth it!!! I picked up my S3 in blue, and I gotta tell you, I was blown away.  I am not in any way shape or form a fanboy, or biased.  The S3 is smoother than exlax chocolate flavor.  everything you do, menu transition, typing, response time, all THAT much better on the S3.  The camera?  I thought the HTC to be a little bit better but not leaps and bounds.  Call quality is even, and I will even give the HTC an edge there too.  But everything else in the S3 is light years ahead.  I implore everyone to just go to the store and try it out for yourself, and you will see exactly what I mean by the above mentioned opinions.   One last thing that I wanted to say in closing is that the screen is seriously not even close.  The S3 is so much easier to look at.  colors are bright, and not overly saturated, and very vivid.  The HTC’s screen may be on par, but its obvious once you go from the HOX to the S3 that the screen makes you gasp….its that colorful on the S3! 
      Anyway, you cant go wrong with either phone, as they are remarkably similar, and is probably going to be up to the person using it, and their preference, but for me its the S3!  Happy HAPPY happy with the Sung.  

      1. ikokkinos says:

        I’m going the other way, I guess it is personal choice, 3 months of touch wiz has done me in. Give me back some Sense.

  29. Afree12 says:

    Most of the htc taker here are just giving biased review.
    Capacity not important to u? Un-removable battery better than the one with backup battery? All nonsense, just ur own preference ok.

    The only pro of htc against s3 are the camera, sound, more user friendly ui (probably to some user only but definitely not all) and dev support and nothing else. Storage and battery s3 edge out in the comparison no matter how much u don’t need them, but to most of the smart user, these two could be the essential to consider when choosing between one. I’ve seen alot of review on YouTube, the one x UI showing some obvious lagness/slow response occasionally, haven’t see that on s3 so far. As for the design, I don’t see s3 that worst like what all the review claimed it is, maybe the durability isn’t that good if compare with one x but who knows? Since they are just launched. From the online pic, the one x with white color look just terrible than s3 no matter how, it’s just look weird with the outer frame white while inner frame black.

  30. bulldog29 says:

     i firsthand agree that the onex is a amazing phone but i plan on getting the SG3. how can anyone say anything about the SG3 when its not released until july 9th???

  31. HTC_best says:

    Yeah HTC nice, you all better go buy HTC, else I couldn’t get my s3 at all… Its already out of stock for the whole week…. Dam

  32. Branseanjus says:

    I have the HTC one x and the iPhone. 4s and played with the new Samsung gs3 international version. and I honestly preferred the HTC one x, than the Samsung & than the iPhone 4s. they are all excellent phones, but I love the HTC one x built quality and screen and beats software is nice feature. I think Samsung gs3 got better battery and more features.

  33. Sant41 says:

    SGS3 is better better than one x, display is bigger better, processor is faster, removable battery, ext memory, camera is verry very good as comp to X, very good battery life as compared to X, music quality is very good not required beats audio, brower speed is great,X is never come close with SGS3, SGS3 is super smartphone to date.

    1. Steven09 says:

      SGS3 is a great phone but how can you underrate the ONE X to such an extent . Both phones fare well in certain areas . First thing ,the build quality of ONE X is solid and premium, far far better than the CHEAP PLASTIKY SGS3, the processor of one x is faster (1.5 ghz), the camera of the one x fares much better in low light and can capture 99 photos at a go while that feature has been copied by the s3, beats audio is better than music on SGS3,sense UI is much better than the same old IPHONISH Touchwiz UI. SAMSUNG is great at copying things from others and if u feel that 32 gb is not enough space slong with 25 gb of dropbox then better get carry a laptop to store your gigantic stuff. 32 gb is good enough for atleast 20000 songs, and tonnes of apps, many movies and more. The display on one x is better and more natural with a higher pixel density and blows the S3 apart . You cant criticize a phone taking into consideration only few aspects. Its all a matter of taste

      1. Ufuktard says:

        holy crap you are dum. beats audio is just a marketing ploy by HTC. sgs3’s wolfson audio is superior in almost every way. also, sense UI isn’t any better than touchwiz. also, higher pixel density? LMAO fuk u r DUM

        1. D.J.Nadar says:

          All the world knows the sound and touch quality of HTC is the best.

  34. Vipul Verma93 says:

    we cant do video calling even haveing front camera in one x and it also does’t have 4g connectivity but both the feature is available in gs3

  35. gmanlondon says:

    We are a really spoiled bunch and in a new age of choice especially when it comes to premium quality phones, I have a HTC one X, used a Galaxy S3 and Iphone 4s. Iphone 4s cannot compete with the larger screen size of the newer phones along with IOS starting to date badly compared to Jelly Bean and Windows Phone 8.

    Between the GS3 and HOX there is little difference due to the limitations of the software. Its like buying a top of the range BMW or a top of the range Mercedes. Both a top quality and neither is superior than the other, only superior in the persons eyes. Screen quality vs Screen real estate, build quality vs build functionality, touchwiz vs sense, its all a matter of taste.

    For me the HOX is better built, sharper and better quality screen (if a little smaller), sense is just a better skin, the camera has better low light capability and for me it keeps everything more ‘Android’. It doesnt try and be like an Iphone. Samsung in their quest to be better than apple have made everything more ‘Apple like’. S-Voice is just Siri, Samsung Kies is just Itunes, Touchwiz is just Samsungs take on IOS. The beauty of Android is android and for me the best Samsung phone still remains a close call between the GS2 or Nexus. But thats just my opinion

    Too many people caught up with numbers……Iphone 5 will have greater this and that than HOX and GS3. HOX had greater numbers than GS2 and Nexus….blah blah…whats important is you are happy. Imagine having a 1000watt hifi and most of the time you turn it up to 100 watts. Its irrelevant. You’re better off with a better quality 500 watts unit.

    GS3 or HOX, you are getting a top phone. Be happy!

    1. Miguel says:

       The one X “doesn’t try to be like an iphone???” 1) sealed battery 2) no micro sd card slot 3) s-off and root doesn’t come easy just like with  jailbreak 4) No REAL MULTITASKING 5) Black & White only color LOL!…sure its doesn’t

      ***get what you like for the reason’s you like…Best is relative to person***

      I bought the sgs3 because the s2 and isyncr fully freed me from my iphone4.  Im a person who loves to root/ jailbreak, runs through onboard memory like toilet tissue (well past 64gb), and isn’t afraid to slap on an external battery. Htc has let me down a few times in my past HD2 (1yr before the good mods) and the Sensation (terrible “antennagate” ssues inside and out of a case). Samsung is doing a slightly better job by their customers in my book.  

      1. Zombie197 says:

         i would never say the hd2 has ever let me down…..heck its the only phone capable of running more os’s then the fingers on my hand!

        1. D.J.Nadar says:

          Well said HD2 is the one and only best phone which supports around six OS.

    2. ikokkinos says:

      Yes well said, but you said it better skin and Samsung are trying to be like apple which is why I am leaving the S3 to go back to HTC

  36. kash says:

    SGs3 sucks… HTC quietly brilliant has superb fast user interface compared to s3 and the designe of HTC is truely good has got nvedia tegra 3 and beats audio etc… HTC one x rox!!!!!

    1. Arnearne1 says:

      No, you suck! Biased fanboi..

      Both these phones are super nice in real world applications though and to pick a winner is very hard, biased tests all over the place for one or the other, bloody hate it and makes it so hard for people to trust anyone and make a good purchase!  But some say X has better quality? I agree it has better quality feel to it but in real life mine is already broken and yet I have dropped the S3 way more but that one just refuse to die when dropped. But with that being said it´s up to you to decide, cannot go wrong with any of these lovely phones..

  37. Mianaetzaz says:

    i am a frequent phone changer. i have tried both. for me ONE X is the king this time.

  38. hivemind says:

    I spent a long time trying to figure out which phone out of the One X and GS3 to buy and I have to say the GS3 won hands down for me. I did not have any previous experience with Samsung products so this is not just fanboyism talking here. Here are my reasons:

    – Aesthetics: Looking at pictures on the internet I thought the GS3 was ugly – it’s rounded design looked a bit weird. But once I had it in my hand I realized how nice it actually is. The tiny bezel and minimalistic design of the phone means that the screen is really accentuated, giving it a very nice look (the screen is the best part of the phone anyway, so why not make use of it as much as possible) and the brushed look plastic/ceramic casing is very nice looking too. 

    – Display: The display on the GS3 is beautiful and the best I have EVER seen on a phone. Technically people say that the One X’s display is better but frankly I saw the opposite. After looking at the GS3’s screen the One X was disappointing – the GS3 is just very striking especially combined with the thin bezel and look of the phone. I don’t understand all the comments about how PenTile is worse because of jageddies – the resolution is so high it doesn’t matter at all. I have no idea how the comparison thing above can say the GS3 is dull – in my opinion it is more vibrant than the One X’s screen which looked a bit more dull in comparison. I really can’t overstate how nice the GS3’s screen is, you really have to see it to believe it. 

    – Build quality: OK, so the GS3 doesn’t win here, but it certainty does not lose. Before I tried out the GS3 I thought it would feel horrible and cheap due to the plastic and lightweight materials used to make it – happily though I was very wrong – it is a very nice phone to hold and does not feel cheap at all. The One X feels heavier but not better quality, just… chunkier – not a bad nor good thing. I wouldn’t say that either looks better or worse than each other since that is completely subjective, but they do have very different looks which will probably appeal to different types of people. Just to point out here to all those who call the GS3 plasticy: the One X is also made from plastic.

    Personally I think the idea that the One X is tougher than the GS3 is pretty superficial – it may feel a bit tougher but that does not mean anything

    – Removable battery and SD card: The booklet thing in the article above is ridiculous in defending the removable battery of the One X… Having a removable battery is very useful, especially with the poor battery life of top end smartphones (One X is just as bad as the GS3 here), but a removable battery makes this bearable. Likewise for the SD card – it is a clear plus and ridiculous that it has not been included in the One X.

    Another area where that comparison sheet is an absolute joke: you don’t need a removable charger to charge the battery in the GS3… you just have the option of using one if you wish. How can that possibly be a con?

    The one area where the GS3 does fall down is the camera – it is not great in low light, with shots turning out grainy and blurry. However it does have an incredibly bright flash/led light to make up for that (seriously that flash is VERY bright – it is impossible to look at for more than a second or so). I don’t know how the One X compares here but I’d imagine it is not much better – low light is always something smartphones are going to struggle with due to tiny lenses and sensors. 

    As for Sense vs TouchWiz – it may have been true in the past that Sense was better than TouchWiz – but now I think we must throw away our previous assumptions and actually look at the new versions of these pieces of software. The new TouchWiz in the GS3 is very nice, with lots of helpful features and a very nice design and look. Features like smart stay (screen stays on while you are looking at the screen) are genuinely useful and something Sense does not have. As for looks… well it is all about opinion – personally Sense looks a bit chunky and I prefer the simpler TouchWiz UI.

  39. hivemind says:

    But I also want to say that as far as I can tell both phones are absolutely fantastic (except for battery life… sort that out guys!) so we are very lucky to be able to choose between two excellent phones.

  40. Cgenovese83 says:

    I have both phones and. Must say they are amazing. Either one is a good pick and at times I like one more than the other depending on what I am doing. My Htc x has a more realistic looking screen when playing back recorded video, and While my s3 tends to look saturated at times in it’s video playback especially when recording in low light settings. You will find pros and cons with each phone, and I suggest you pick one of them based if your particular needs not off the reviews. I have found many reviews that were / are biased that I now realize were of no useful help in my decision making. This is the main reason I bought both of them the only thing I can say that is a definite win for the s3 is it having better battery life 90 % of the time. The only thimes they are close to one another is souring phone calls and music playback

    1. Adair G says:

      This will be my first smartphone. They are phones but no one ever seems to mention how good the reception is. I live in the countryside so phone reception is the number one priority for me. Is there any difference in the quality of the phone reception?

      1. graney says:

        I’ve found that service provider matters so much more for cell phone reception than the device itself (these days).  Check out various companies coverage maps. T-mo does pretty well w/ major metropolitan areas but its horrible ‘in the country’ (I grew up in a town of 1k).  The S3 is going to be my second smart phone and I’m sure it won’t work any better at my parents house than my other phone does. I’ve swapped my sim into various phones and it generally hasn’t had much impact on if I have service in various places

  41. Johny says:

    Htc has better quality… But guys come onnnn! Gs3 accepts a microSD and that can win the race alone. Htc guys we’ll talk when you are out of memory…

    1. 57GB, how the hell can you get out of memory?? it’s still a smartphone, not a computer.. i am using a HTC Desire right now and thats got 140MB Internal Storage,
      so 57GB is pretty impressive, even 32GB is impressive on both phones.. people are never satisfied..

  42. HTC One X user says:

    No point regretting now, its not like having Samsung Galaxy S3 meant that you are king of the world, I felt kinda sad to see HTC one X lose its crown so quickly, but getting a quad core phone with Nvdia game processor support doesn’t get any better than this, still both platform games are crap compared to even a second hand PSP-3000 :P 

    S3 looks all mighty now, just wait until Iphone 5 come crashing down and eventually that phone will sit the side-line, sharing tears with the HTC One X, or will it??????

  43. Zyoung1236 says:

    Is The Galaxy S3 better than the One X? Yes. However, both of them are miraculously powerful phones, and pretty damn impressive. I wouldn’t complain about having either.

  44. Danc180673 says:

    The .SD card use on the Galaxy S3 is restricted. HTC wins hands down in memory.

      1. Maaaki says:

        Don’t listen to Danc. I don’t think he him self understands what he just said.

  45. Amir says:

    i would like 2 buy new phone… wich best S3 or htc 1x..? and y..? plz anybody ans me…

  46. danna says:

    have to say .. been using one x for 2 weeks and immediately change it to s3 .. personally one x is better in almost every aspects .. but just 1 flaw, a BIG FAT FLAW .. battery life .. seriously it puts me on mental distress to have everytime my concerns are to make sure whether my phone will survive for a day, please htc.. fix this for us .. personally i love your products .. just if u fix this problem i will happily buy your product once again ..

  47. Nikhil P S says:

    It totally depends on you.. ..
    if you are taking for show off then take the one x. ..

    If you want memory take the s 3
    But I think HTC is much better. …

  48. Dr Sosua says:

    i wanted the s3 because of greater storage but could not do it s3 looks and feels like a toy

  49. Dr Sosua says:

    to the idiot who just said the iphone5 will be better than 1x or s3  please never post here again for only real phone lovers not brain washed sheep who follow the blind masses

  50. Akhilkumar3009 says:









  51. Akhilkumar3009 says:



  52. zaimorpheus says:

    well what can i say i chose one x over to s3, and i thought of it for over two weeks i like how s3 works but i fell in love with the looks and media capability of one x this phone really rocks me now^^

  53. George says:

    I can sum up the HTC One X is one simple word…CRAP

    I have had two of these useless door-stoppers from 3 Mobile (UK) during the last week and both of which failed to work. The first one would not charge the battery; the second one overheated and discharged from a full battery charge within 4 hours. Useless!

    Three Mobile told me they knew about the problem with the One X. However, that did not stop them from selling it!

  54. ATHUL says:

    well… I bought HOX coz Samsung doesn’t have build quality, ooh and HOX IS GONA BE SONY PLAYSATATION CERTIFIED PRODDUCT..

  55. lololol says:

    Lol, SG3 casing is made of polycarbonate, haha! Btw, plastic is actually made of polycarbons.