Sony Smart Watch for Android now on Verizon

Consumers can now purchase a number of different accessories to compliment their smartphones, which have a number of uses that range from protecting the device to playing music from it, but today we have news that the Sony SmartWatch is now available on Verizon.

As an article over at Engadget is reporting the SmartWatch is now available to Verizon customers that own an Android based smartphone for $149.97, which connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. It will let you receive email and SMS messages and manage any voice calls, and it also allows users to keep a check on their social networking accounts as well as control music and take pictures with your handset.

The accessory comes with 15 pre-loaded applications that include the likes of Gmail, Facebook, Calendar Notifications, Twitter, and a Weather widget along with a number of other compatible applications that can be downloaded via Google Play.

Sony’s SmartWatch features a 1.3-inch OLED display with a pixel resolution of 128 x 128, which promises to offer a crisp display with a good number of viewing angles. The device will even vibrate to alert users of key events such as incoming voice calls and appointments.

It can be mounted onto any standard watch strap and the device itself is nice and slim measuring only 0.3-inches thick, and it is also has a dust and splash resistant aluminium body. Sony claim that it can last up to four days of typical use between charges, and the SmartWatch is compatible with Android devices that are running Android 2.1 or later. If you are interested in the Sony SmartWatch from Verizon click here.


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