Sprint Palm Pre 2 no go so welcome the C40

Considering how fast mobile technology has moved on in recent years it can be easy to forget many devices, but in the case of webOS it has long been forgotten by many, but today we have news of the Sprint Palm Pre 2 no go so welcome the C40.

The team over at webOS Nation has managed to get hold of a Sprint Palm Pre 2, which was the daily handset for a Palm employee for around a year, and on closer inspection it is a Palm built FrankenPre 2 with a warranty sticker that has been breached with the P100EWW model number beneath the battery.

It was found though that when the device is activated, which in itself is strange considering it’s a second hand device, but the network recognizes the handset as a PALM C40. Now we now that the C40 legend was in fact the Sprint Palm Pre, and the fact the device was in the Sprint inventory systems means that Palm were looking to get the Pre 2 onto the carrier.

While it can’t be known where things went wrong but some will be disappointed that a Sprint Palm Pre 2 may have actually happened on the network. The C40 first made an appearance on the carrier’s inventory systems way back in August of 2009, which was only three months after the release of the original Pre, and before the Palm Pixi was revealed.

New smartphones obviously can take a while to develop for both hardware and software, but it seems that a Pre 2 was in development to make its Sprint debut not long after its predecessor. The handset runs webOS 2.2.4 build 145, and while the handset is recognized as a Palm Pre 2 the device info has it as a P102EWW.

It has the full range of Sprint apps that includes the likes of Sprint TV, but none of them actually worked. There are a number of wallpapers that have not been seen on any other webOS handset. Were you a fan of the webOS platform?


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  1. Bob says:

    My company bought me an iPhone, but I still have my Pre for personal use, and I can’t believe Web OS lost out to this Apple thing.  The iPhone is not as intuitive and is comparatively clumsy.  More apps, sure, but that’s not the operating system’s fault, and most of the available apps are of no use to an adult.

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