Apple partners with TomTom for iOS 6 maps app

I’m sure that the iOS faithful out there know that with iOS 6 comes Apple’s new Maps app, and the company behind powering that Maps app will be none other than TomTom, who have released possibly the shortest press release ever to hit the mobile space confirming they are partnering Apple.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena by way of Slash Gear, TomTom has put out an extremely short press release that states that the firm ‘has signed a global agreement with Apple for maps and related information. No further details of the agreement will be provided.’

Apple is obviously supplying most of the tech behind their new Maps app, and TomTom will be delivering the map data, but judging from the press release they are not prepared to issue any other details on the matter.

I’m sure the iOS faithful already knows that Apple has ditched Google Maps with iOS 6, and the new Apple Maps app will finally offer the iOS faithful turn-by-turn navigation and traffic info in real time, and that the user will be able to use Siri to speak their destination into the Maps app.

The Maps app also has a 3D mode known as Flyover that offers a bird’s eye view of cities just like Google Maps, and no doubt the iOS faithful will be very pleased that they can finally get that long awaited turn-by-turn navigation that Android users have enjoyed for ages once iOS 6 becomes available.


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    1. henryhanse says:

      Have you seen iOS 6 beta 1? With all its bugs and problems, I find it to be more powerful than Android. Android is far too slow and laggy as a phone OS. 

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