Droid RAZR Maxx beats iPhone as number one on Verizon

Although the iPhone 4S might be the top smartphone over in the good old US of A, when it comes to the USA’s largest carrier Verizon, it appears that the iPhone 4S doesn’t claim the top slot on the BIG Red network, as apparently the word is the top selling smartphone on Verizon is actually the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx.

According to the guys over at Phandroid, by way of Barrons, an analyst has said that although the iPhone is overall the best selling device across North American carriers, their checks have highlighted initial signs that Apple’s momentum is under pressure especially with Verizon, due to the carrier aggressively marketing their competing 4G devices.

Obviously the iPhone 4S doesn’t sport 4G LTE capability, and as such it appears that with Verizon anyway, the iPhone looks to be falling behind somewhat. Having said that, of course the iPhone 5 might possibly offer 4G LTE connectivity one the new iPhone hits, which could rapidly change things around.

Apparently the analyst said that since the iPhone launch in North America they believe that this is the first quarter where the iOS smartphone was not the top seller at a North American mobile operator. The iPhone continues to be the top handset on AT&T and Sprint, but the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx was the top selling handset on Verizon.

So according to checks, the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx was the top selling smartphone on Version, followed by the iPhone and in third place was the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.


2 thoughts on “Droid RAZR Maxx beats iPhone as number one on Verizon”

  1. Geralweber says:

    It is not surprising… I have a Droid and now I want to try an iphone. I went to Verizon twice and they try to sell the Droid so aggresively that I ended up getting nothing. They had absolutely nothing positive to say about the iphone ( it’s small, it’s 3G not 4G, it breaks easily…) but so many people are very pleased with the iphone…I might have to do more research…

  2. Doug Kupersmith says:

    Not surprising at all.  This will all change with the pending release of the 4G capable iPhone in September