How to keep your Verizon unlimited data as new plans unveiled

With more of us now owning smartphones and tablet PCs the use of mobile data has grown and has put a strain on networks, and some companies are trying to get us to use less data. Today Verizon Wireless is unveiling their new service plans and we are looking at how you can still keep hold of your unlimited data.

Last month we told you that users that were ‘grandfathered’ into the service using the 3G network would have take up a new plan when switching to the company’s 4G LTE service. Today it is being reported by USA Today that the carrier has revealed it’s new ‘Share Everything Plans’, which will be available starting on June 28th.

These include unlimited minutes and texts including video and picture messaging, as well as a single capped data allowance for up to ten devices. These plans will replace the carrier’s current tiered pricing plans for new customers, which charge an amount based on the amount of minutes and data used.

Using the new pricing scheme a smartphone customer choosing the cheapest option will have to pay $90 before taxes and fees, which is broken down to $40 for a phone access fee and $50 for 1GB. There will also be the option of adding a basic call only phone, laptop, and a tablet to share their data allowance for an extra $30, $20, and $10 respectively.

Data allowances will come in six brackets ranging from $50 for 1GB through to $100 for 10GB, and the carrier are also adding the Mobile Hotspot service for no extra charge. For customers that don’t need much data the carrier are adding two packages that concentrate on voice calls, with $40 getting you 700 minutes, pay-as-you-go text but no data. The $80 package will get you 300MB of data with unlimited voice and text.

Meanwhile an article over on Cnet is looking at how customers can keep their unlimited data plan with Verizon. If any customers decide to upgrade their handset with another subsidized device will have to give up their unlimited plan in favour of a capped plan. If you decide to do nothing there isn’t anything to stop you using your unlimited plan, but you may eventually get tired of your handset or it could eventually die on you.

If you decide to upgrade to a new phone now before June 28th you will be able to continue with your plan, but if you can’t upgrade now your options are reduced somewhat. You could always purchase a new smartphone without the subsidy, but this can be rather costly considering the iPhone 4S starts at $649.99.

This could be one of the reasons that the carrier hasn’t released any high profile smartphones recently, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is being released on Sprint and T-Mobile on June 21st, but it isn’t reaching Verizon until July.

Are you disappointed with Verizon’s new price plans?


13 thoughts on “How to keep your Verizon unlimited data as new plans unveiled”

    1. PreOrderGalaxyS3Customer says:

      FYI:  If you are a Verizon customer and you pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy S3, you can keep your existing grandfather unlimted data plan.

  1. eestubbs104 says:

    Yes, I am very dissappointed with Verizon’s new price plan and my contract is not up until 11/2012, just a couple more months. Hopefully, there will be still some life left in my ‘old’ HTC Thunderbolt where I won’t need an upgrade… or better yet, may be Sprint will still have their unlimited plan available.

    But the amount of money I am paying now ($70/month) for unlimited data and text with 450 phone minutes, it would than cost me close to $100/ month with limited data (1 GB) and unlimited text and phone minutes that I don’t need.

  2. Trejo495 says:

    Very dissappointed with Verizon! Everything is about money. I do believe that they are going to lose a lot of customers. It’s like this, the more devices you have attached to your plan, the more data that’s gonna be used. Like I said, it’s about money!

  3. ccgabe says:

    I am not disappointed, I am pissed. I am really beginning to hate greedy corporations like Verizon that are constantly looking for new ways to extract a few more $$$ out of their customers just because they can get by with it.

  4. Cassady1022 says:

    Mines available for an upgrade, I have Unlimited and want to upgrade bad so I can keep the Unlimited data! I don’t have the money to get the new phone I want till next month! May have to switch carriers =(

  5. Erik says:

    I have the thunderbolt on the grandfathered unlimited plan and a discounted upgrade available on another phone under my plan. I’ve been eyeballing the incredible 4g since I heard about it. Should it be released sometime between now and the 27th, I’ll get it and keep my unlimited data for another 2 years. if it comes after the 27th, then I’ll just keep my tbolt and unlimited until later 2013 when the contract expires and switch to sprint in hopes their 4g service is up and running in my area. Bullshit move big red!

  6. Verizon apparently wants to lose it’s entire customer base.  Trust us, Verizon – no one is that loyal to you that we won’t jump ship and go to another carrier.  And no one is loyal enough to you to actually pay all the extra money it would cost to keep using the amount of data we use. Why don’t you improve your technology so that you can handle the amount of data being used. Step up to what is being demanded by the technology you provide and it’s users… or move over for some other company who will!

  7. Laubin says:

    I’ve been a Verizon Wireless customer for over 20 years I think possibly longer but I am now thinking of moving to another company. As has been said here they are getting greedy and want to wring the last dollar out of us. I’m not at all happy with their decision and am seriously considering the move.

    VZW, you are getting out of control and forgetting those who made you what you are. Your customers!!

    This is possibly the end of our very long relationship due to your greed.

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