Samsung Galaxy S3 OTA update pushed out

The word is old Samsung has begun pushing out an over the air update to the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone shortly after launch, and for those that own the Samsung Galaxy S3 all you need to do is hit the software update button in settings and the handset will download and install the update in a few minutes.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena though, the Samsung Galaxy S3 update has a very short changelog which only indicated s improved stability, and the update size depends on your configuration, theirs was roughly 9MB; however there are some reports of the update being 31MB plus.

As to what the over the air update improves apparently isn’t all that noticeable, as the guys say they played around with their Samsung Galaxy S3 before and after the OTA update and the device is as smooth as ever.

Still it does go to show that Samsung is dedicated in keeping their flagship Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone in good order pushing out the first update so soon after launch to iron out any teething problems the user might have experienced.

According to the guys, once their downloaded and installed the first update on their Galaxy S3 all they really noticed was the software version changed from I9300XXLEF to I9300XXLF2, and that is it.

So we’d like to ask any of our Android faithful readers out there with a Samsung Galaxy S3 if they have grabbed this first OTA update for their device yet and have you noticed any stability improvements afterwards, feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


33 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 OTA update pushed out”

      1. mvp says:

        I havent recived the update yet, but if i dont manually free up some RAM, my homescreen starts lagging after a few days use. No its not the voice thing. So it dosent really mess up my phone, it fixes it.

  1. Rory says:

    Had a 31mb update. Seemed to consist mainly of Vodafone junk which I can’t delete now (My Web, Music Shop). Vary wary of these updates since one of the ones that Vodafone pushed on on an earlier galaxy put loads of their rubbish on it 

  2. Gary Gotham says:

    Have installed the update and the phone still can’t make 12 hours without freezing.

    Most of that time it’s not being asked to do anything!! Arghh!

  3. Jess says:

    I would love to update but my phone doesnt give me that option in settings, in About device the first option for me is “Status”. Tried through Kies and it says “GT-I9300 does not support initialising. Any ideas anyone? I have alaso hard reset the phone and that didnt change anything.

    1. Daigriffith says:

       i have the same problem, doesn’t give me the option to update in settings.
      also tried kies and says no update. i’m aving a problem with my txt message icon keeps saying i have one message even though ive looked at my messages. i’m on orange.

      1. Jess says:

         I am on orange too so I wonder if it is an orange thing where they restrict your updates?? If there is anyone else on orange can you please check if you have the option in your menu??

        1. Paul says:

          Hi, I’m on Orange in the UK, no software update option and tried Kies and doesn’t support initialising so i’m stuck..  I really could do with this update as this slowness loading widgets back up on the home screen on my QUAD CORE phone is driving me bananas !!

          Any ideas Pleeeease ?

          1. Paul says:

            I called Orange, they block the update option on the phone to prevent conflicts with their software.  But, they are aware of this issue and are working on the update which should be rolled out to us soon (usually 2 weeks max !!)

          2. Scorpionelle1987 says:

            i plugged my phone into the laptop today and it worked fine, my issue is with the my words list option. Tired of forever re-entering the words to my dictionary. I was hoping they had fixed the no save error for it. 🙁

          3. Faruq_patel says:

            I just came off the phone with orange I did manage to update my phone using klies but didn’t notice Anything at all apart fromvmy keyboard being a bit different. I still don’t have a software update button but orange said I’m using a unbbranded phone even though it is from the orange shop. Does anyone with orange have a orAnge logo on their phone and does anyone have issues with bbc iplayer picture freezing but voice still working. I get that problem even if I’m streaming videos

      2. Tir says:

        I have the exact same problem with the messages/email icon, and its annoying me, even though i have the latest software update, any solutions for that matter ?

    2. Ahmed Ahmadi says:

      download kies for windows or mac , install the app , then launch it , then connect the cable from your pc to your mobile , and you will see an update notice ,,,,,

      hope this will help you

  4. Jonny W says:

    Received update. 31mb.

    It feels quicker when you press the on button.  There used to be a slight delay before the ripple screen came on but now it’s on instantly.

    Other thing is that the browser doesn’t automatically dim when I launch it.  Even though I had pressed the ‘default’ button in browser settings it used to go to power saving level 3 which really annoyed me.  Update has sorted this. 

    Anyone else noticed this since the update?

    1. Scottishman81 says:

      the exact same thing happened to me but now it stays at default. however still have to constantly keep putting my phone on to desktop view as its prefered

  5. Emma B says:

    I have just received the S3. Once home I started to download music from my pc to the phone, which then started to sync with earch other. i stopped this, but now have many unwanted pictures and music on my mobile. Some of the albums wouldnt play, which I deleted, but I now have many unknown albums in my phone which I cannot delete. Does anyone out there know of a way I can clear the phone memory or if I can use the factory reset button to clear everything and start again? (i DONT have an SD card in my phone)

  6. If your orange branded s3 has no software update option do as i am doing send it back to Orange and complain loudly. It is only Orange that are doing this. I am moving suppkiers. If they want to lose customers let them….

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