Spotify for Android free from beta as update lands

There are a growing number of people that now use the music streaming service Spotify, which has been released in more countries and now features on social networking site Facebook, and today we have the news that Spotify for Android is now free from beta testing as the update finally lands.

The service was recently launched for the iPad and with it brought a new user interface, but Android users had to make do with a beta version of the application. Now though as SlashGear are reporting the company has decided that the app is ready to be released for all users to enjoy.

Users will be greeted with a completely redesigned interface that is the main new feature, but there is also a range of other functionality for users to make use of. The new application now features an all new slide out navigation, and new cross fade or gapless playback settings that is like the desktop application.

There is also a new Spotify widget that allows users to control music via the home screen, and playlists can easily be put into the application from folders. With the recent move to more high resolution screens on smartphones the app is now optimized for this. Spotify for Android will provide high resolution artist and album artwork, and to provide the best possible sound there is a 320Kbit/s ‘Extreme’ listen mode to choose from.

This could make you use your data limit pretty quickly though, and the company has also announced that Last.fm scrobbling is now available. The new app is also being promised to be much quicker than before compared to the old version. Spotify for Android is said to be available now over on Google Play, but at the time of writing it seems that it is not yet available for European users, though is should land at some point today.

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