ICS build 3.14.605.10 for HTC Rezound leaked

Although over in the good old US of A, HTC Rezound user still await an official update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, there have been several ICS builds leaked for the Verizon smartphone, and another leaked build has now become available, ICS build 3.14.605.10.

According to the guys over at Pocket Now by way of Droid Dog, Android Ice Cream Sandwich build 3.14.605.10 has now been leaked for those with the HTC Rezound that don’t mind tinkering with their handset, and are brave enough to give it a whirl.

Apparently there is no changelog available; however, those that have managed to take a closer look at ICS build 3.14.605.10 have apparently noted that the changes are minor, which the guys say indicates the update is maturing and nearing the final version.

Several things are included with the build though including fixes for data widget and an SMS thread issue, and the removed Caller ID app.

Thus for those that would like to give the leaked Ice Cream Sandwich build 3.14.605.10 a whirl, you can grab all the necessary by hitting up the XDA-developers website, however one must be reminded that if you do download and install the build you could render your HTC Rezound unusable if anything happens to go wrong. But if you do give the leaked build a whirl feel free to let us know how it all goes by dropping us a line to our comments area below.