Beneficial iOS 6 alterations to iPad use

Many of you will have heard the announcement about Apple’s iOS 6 at WWDC on Monday and there’s plenty of excitement about its release in the fall. As a new operating system brings improvements to features that often affect the way we use our devices we thought we’d take a look at how it might alter the way we use our iPads in particular.

A lot of people have been hugely impressed with what iOS 6 will have to offer and we’ve already given plenty of information including a video feature look, improvements to Siri and the fact that the new Maps app will now bypass Google Maps. Now it’s time to concentrate on the iPad and iOS 6 and if you’re a keen Siri user or have an iPad 2 or 4G/3G third-generation iPad (new iPad) then you are likely to particularly notice and benefit from the changes.

Over on Cnet a roundup has gathered together iPad changes with iOS 6 and we’ll highlight some of the basics from the 6 differences noted. The first is that the newest iPad will benefit from the fact that FaceTime will now be available with cellular as well as WiFi. Even though Skype and others already have a service that covers 3G and 4G it’s good to know that the LTE connectivity of the 4G iPad will be put to use with FaceTime.

Another really big advantage for the iPad from iOS 6 is the new Maps app. Combine this with your iPad mounted on the dash and you not only have a full navigation system with turn-by-turn navigation and much more, but you can also use Siri for voice activation use with Maps. Along with this the iPad will benefit more than the iPhone for using the enhanced Siri for information such as asking for sports results or about movies as the larger screen makes the information easier to see at a glance when using hands-free.

Another improvement is that iOS 6 will enable users to upload photos or videos direct from Safari rather than use a middleman app. This brings the use of the iPad as a laptop replacement a step closer although there will always be some who prefer a true laptop. As well as this, iCloud tabs will enable users to share work across multiple screens making the iPad an option for a second or third screen. A lesser benefit maybe is that iOS 6 will improve the iPad as an offline e-reader because of Safari’s integrated offline reading mode.

As you can see then, there are plenty of ways the new iOS may alter the way we use our iPads but remember iOS 6 will not support the original iPad as we have previously mentioned. Are there any other improvements from iOS 6 that will change the way you use yours? Do you think most of the changes are minor or will they have a more lasting impact on your iPad usage? Send your comments to let us know.

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