iOS 6 Shared Photo Streams and Google bypassing App Maps

The keynote at WWDC took place yesterday and as we half-expected there was no iPhone 5 news but there were plenty of details about iOS 6. We want to give you some information now about iOS 6 and in particular shared photo streams and the fact that the Maps app will now bypass Google.

Firstly we learned that iOS 6, Apple’s next mobile operating system for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad will be released in the fall, just as we anticipated. This of course will tie in nicely with the expected iPhone 5 release, which has long been rumored for the fall. Regular readers may remember that yesterday we detailed how iOS 6 was not likely to support the original iPad and that has now been confirmed. It will however, support the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 (when available), iPad 2, New iPad and iPod touch fourth generation.

One of the new features of iOS 6 will be Shared Photo Streams, which as its name suggests will finally enable iOS users to share Streams with other iOS device users. Simply choose which of your photos you want to share and who with and press Share and photo streams does the rest. Those using iCloud on iOS 6 or a Mac with Mountain Lion will be able to view the photos either in the Photos app or iPhoto. Recipients of your pictures are also able to comment and like your photos. If the people you want to share with do not have an Apple device they can still access the photos on the web.

Meanwhile we already told how Apple would be leaving Google Maps behind and now we have further details of the new Apple Maps we think there will be an awful lot of satisfied iOS users out there. The new Maps app is hugely impressive from what we’ve seen so far and has been designed to offer the user absolutely everything they need. One thing that was sorely needed for Maps was turn-by-turn navigation and this will be coming to the new Apple Maps.

It has voice commands, spoken directions, traffic layer details, integrated Yelp with more than 100 million business listings and also a highly-anticipated feature, interactive 3D views known as Flyover. Apple has been building 3D models of many of the world’s major cities and when using the Flyover feature users can switch between 2D and 3D, rotate to view the sides of buildings and also view satellite imagery. New Maps will also feature traffic incident reports with real-time crowd-sourced data being used to assess traffic conditions and alerts to faster routes even showing on the lock screen. As well as all this Siri can be used to ask questions of the new Maps app such as the nearest place to buy gas.

If you’re wondering whether the new Maps app will be available for regions outside the US for directions or local search, the good news is that it will be. There are many new features of iOS 6 coming our way but we think that these two in particular are very promising and will please many iOS device users.

Let us know what you think about what you’ve heard so far on iOS 6? Would you find the photo share facility useful? Maybe you can’t wait to try out Apple Maps with all of its new features? Send your comments on iOS 6.

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