Design flaw possibly causing HTC One X Wi-Fi issues & video fix

Besides the Samsung Galaxy S3 the Android handset on a lot of people’s wish lists at the moment may be the HTC One X, which is the latest flagship smartphone from the company but a design flaw is possibly causing the HTC One X to have issues with its Wi-Fi.

According to an article over at Electronista a design flaw is causing issues for owners of the HTC One X when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi source. It seems the smartphone has a number of Wi-Fi related problems that can either drain the battery quickly or make it completely unable to hook up to a Wi-Fi network.

The company is apparently aware of the problem and is requesting feedback to aid the engineering team in resolving the problem. Owners of the handset can test the device by gently squeezing the rear of the phone between the camera and volume buttons, and if the Wi-Fi signal strength goes up only to drop when releasing the grip the handset is affected by the connectivity bug.

It is being suggested that the primary fix is returning the smartphone back to the supplier as a “dead on arrival” device, but trouble is laws and policies will vary from country to country and retailer. It seems the problem lies with a poorly connected common antenna that serves the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and a difficult and dangerous user fix is possible with a device teardown for the fault, but it is not recommended for users to attempt.

Once the handset has been dissembled the antenna can be re-soldered, but a developer decided not to perform the repair himself as he thought it was too difficult and a danger to the phone itself, and would violate the terms of service and the warranty as well. Below you can see a video of the repair being done, but it is not advised to do this yourself.

Have you had issues with your HTC One X?


3 thoughts on “Design flaw possibly causing HTC One X Wi-Fi issues & video fix”

  1. Saw this post earlier and was able to replicate the same issue… still within 14 day return policy and was able to return as exchange on a Samsung Galaxy Note…
    I had the Rogers LTE version.. and the H24 serial number…

  2. Ramraj kori says:

    i am from delhi, india. got my device last month and caught this issue within 2 days. given the phone to htc care and after 12 days they agreed the hardware flaw and now replacing the phone. 

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