Do all new iOS 6 goodness on Android devices

No doubt everyone knows Apple dished the dirt of their latest iOS at WWDC 2012, namely iOS 6, something the iOS faithful will be saying is the best thing since sliced bread, but when you get to looking at the new features of iOS 6, as usual, most of what Apple’s new iOS offers can already be done on the Android platform.

The guys over at Droid-life have taken a bit of time to check out the ‘new’ features of iOS 6, and do say that Apple didn’t use such terms as ‘reinvented’ all that much during the presentation, but rather gave the impression they knew they weren’t changing the game but rather adding features that iOS should have had a long time ago.

So Apple has now given Google Maps the order of the boot from iOS, and have gone with their own version called simply ‘Maps’, which the guys say is a standard maps and navigation app with turn-by-turn navigation, 3D city images, route and traffic recommendations and voice, so nothing really new, and Android users have enjoyed all this for ages.

IOS 6 now has deep integration with Facebook, enabling the iOS faithful to share to Facebook in an instant, quickly post URLs, and sync with your contacts and calendar, again something Android users can do and not only with Facebook and Twitter.

Apple also introduced Safari tab syncing in iOS 6, but the guys say as no one really uses Safari they are not too sure what use the feature will be, as Chrome is the most popular browser out there and has had tab syncing across devices for about two-months, so this could be Apple’s way of getting users to use Safari on a desktop if you wish to use syncing.

With iOS 6 FaceTime can now be used over a cellular network rather than over WiFi, but although this is new to the iOS platform it isn’t really new, as this has been achieved via numerous video chatting apps on Android, and of course natively via Google Talk for ages.

Quick replies during incoming calls now on iOS 6 isn’t new to the game either, as with Android is you hang up on someone, more often that not you are presented with a menu that offers the ability to text or be reminded to call them later.

IOS 6 now has a ‘VIP’ mail category, which basically acts the same as the Gmail Priority inbox, where the user can assign certain people’s mail to hit the VIP inbox while other stuff goes to the regular inbox, so again maybe new to iOS but not to the mobile space.

There’s also a new app called Passbook that stores such stuff as flight info, movie tickets, loyalty cards and coupons, and is location based, which looks to be quite neat. There are of course Android apps available that do similar, but not as an all-in-one app, so you have to give it to Apple with this one.

The guys so say that the coolest thing their saw on iOS 6 was Siri reporting scores and stats, but do say that every iPhone 4S user they know says they don’t use Siri. However although Android doesn’t have its own Siri style app it is expected that the Google guys will show off something that could close this space during Google I/O 2012.

Apple has said that there are about 200 new features in iOS 6, but the guys say the above are the big ones they showed off on stage, but the latest iOS release includes quite a few features that have been available on Android for quite some time, and thus if you are one of the iOS faithful that was expecting a game changer then you will be a tad disappointed.