Still no ICS for Motorola Droid RAZR

If you happen to be a Motorola Droid RAZR owner over in the USA, you were probably hoping to gain the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update as of yesterday, as roughly a week ago a reports claimed that the Droid RAZR could possibly see the ICS update hit the smartphone on the 12th of this month.

However, by now you should know that the arrival of Android 4.0.4 to the Motorola Droid RAZR failed to arrive, and according to the guys over at Phone Arena by way of Droid-life, a Verizon support Twitter account put out a tweet stating that the date for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update has not yet been set.

In response to the question, ‘Ok, when will the Razr get ICS?’ The Big Red replied, ‘We do not have a date for ICS on the Razr yet. Once available, you’ll find info on vzw.com/support.’

Which of course means that Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t going to hit the Motorola Droid RAZR just yet, and basically there is no concrete date as to just when the Droid RAZR will gain the update. Also to note is that Motorola Feedback Network members have not yet been asked to take part in the soak test before the update is ready, so we probably need to see that happening before the ICS update rolls out.

So basically Motorola Droid RAZR owners will have to continue playing along with Android 2.3 Gingerbread for a while, but sooner or later they will see Android Ice Cream Sandwich come to play on their smartphone, so be patient.


68 thoughts on “Still no ICS for Motorola Droid RAZR”

    1. Hammerhead300 says:

      Let’s all spend more for an inferior phone because they kinda-sorta deliver on their software update promises!  Woot!

  1. Keith Hollifield says:

    Moto is a lying bunch of $&-%@. Last 3 phones were moto. Never again. Hello apple. Under promise overproduce. Not motos lying crap to make a buck.

      1. HW says:

        When the phone was released, both VZW and Motorola were saying Q1.  But hey, I’ve waited this long, I can wait another 17 days . . .

      2. Orion Antares says:

        Motorola has likely delivered on that promise. It’s VZW that’s holding up the line just like with EVERY upgrade to EVERY phone they handle.

      3. Keith Campbell says:

        Although generally when a company says “Q2” they mean, say, mid-May. They don’t mean that they’ll start soak testing it at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of June. Clearly there are problems. 

    1. Hammerhead300 says:

      Yeah, because Apple’s a totally honest company who’s in it for the people, not the money.  That’s why their phones and computers are so competitively priced.  Oh wait…

  2. fauxhawk70 says:

    Not the carriers fault but the fake blogs such as this one to drive readers to the site because they pretend to have the inside scoop!

    I’ve been a software test engineer for over a decade and never once have I ever heard of a soak test… When mobile builds come out they are out! The public does not get to test it only the employees of the company that produces it!

    Mobile device software isn’t like computer OS software where a Beta arrives for the public to test. It would be too dangerous for one since a lot of things can happen including people who use mobile devices while driving!

    If you ever hear of a shipping date from a blog or forum it will always be bogus! Keep that in mind!

    1. Buying an iPhone 5, buying a phone based on what it “seems” it will get… I mean, really, you aren’t making the best phone choices to begin with so why stop now, right?

    2. D2tim says:

      Why would you by a phone that you would hope gets better! You by a phone for what it is, if it gets better that’s a plus. The RAZR Maxx in my opinion is by far one of the best phones I have ever had. I bought the phone for how good it is now, not what it could be. “Sometimes I look at people and think, really! That’s the sperm that made it!!”

  3. fauxhawk70 says:

    And another thing… All of those leaked builds are not intentionally leaked… They were stolen or are hacked modified versions of a pre-released product.

    Google doesn’t pre-release mobile software… If it got out somehow it was because a employee took it and gave it out which would probably get them fired!

    Out of the 13 years of software testing I worked two of those years in mobile device development. You readers are getting strung along!

    1.  First of all, this will come from Motorola through Verizon, not through Google. Google makes a single version of Ice Cream Sandwich and it was released December of 2011. it is up to device manufacturers to add in all the hardware drivers and other aspects that are specific to individual devices. This is the part that takes so much time.

      The leaks are acquired directly from the Motorola servers. Although they’re called “leaks”, they are not. There are methods used to directly monitor and access the servers Motorola uses to store test versions of their updates. Like the current 6.16.210 ICS build.

      Maybe you should have worked a little longer in the mobile device field… you got a lot of facts wrong.

  4. Hugh G Rection says:

    We keep hearing “It’s coming, just be patient.”  November to June.  

    That’s 8 months.  

    A phone’s obsolescence life cycle is what?  Maybe 9-12 months before it’s superceded by the latest technology?  18 to 24 months before it’s considered stale and outdated?  Waiting half of your hardware’s lifecycle is not patience.  It’s deception and abuse.  

  5. There was no official promise of ICS on June 12th. It’s all based on one CNet article and one unreliable source. The “official” information from Verizon and Motorola is “Q2, 2012”, meaning by the end of this month. This has been posted for a long time. There have been no delays.

      1. dboy says:

        Funny, cuz I was on the phone with Tier 2 Support with Verizon yesterday and they told me that one of the suspected issues with ICS is that there are 3 soft buttons on the newer ICS compatible phones.  The RAZR and RAZR MAXX have 4 soft buttons.  They are working on trying to program the 4th button.  I know…  sounds dumb…  why wouldnt they think of it earlier…  who knows…  God created the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th.  Why does it take 6 months to modify an OS with drivers to push to customers???  I understand the testing and development but….  COME ON PEOPLE!!!  Im actually having Gingerbread issues and that is why I am NEEDING ICS.

  6. SkyNet says:

    So you all buy a phone that is an Android that works and worked just fine for you, and then “someone”…”somehow” starts talking about ICS update and it’s not here…
    Interesting how quick the World owes you now because you don’t have it….then you will get it and you will be all happy with it and then comes Google and will announce the “Jelly Beans” Android 5 and it starts all over again…the world will owe you again until you get it…
    Why don’t you go and check out a Root or a custom ROM and learn how to flash your Android and then you can have fun….
    ..or better, if you don’t want to or don’t know how, just be like the “average” and “simple” Joe…buy a hideous iPhone that is only for snobs…..and be happy with it… that’s what you really need, yes a controlled device from a control freak  designer…
    In a same and positive token, I like the iPhone design…very well designed, slick, flashy and shiny…
    Diamonds are shiny as well…that’s why they are the girls best friends…so you have a decision to make?…Are you a girl or a girly man?????….

    1. Nherewego says:

      Its funny u think that we bought this phone because it looked cool or for whatever reason U THINK u know why we bought it. The fact is some of us bought it with the idea (implied by Motorola ) that within a month or two from its release date, we would have the most up to date, high tech device on the market. Don’t presume to know what other people think. And if u were to step back n look at the situation from outside of ur own little world and maybe did some investigating u would realize that this is actually a case of false advertising. We were promised an upgrade within a month or two after purchase and that was 7 months ago. Maybe u should do some investigation and put urself in other peoples shoes b4 u presume to understand where theyre coming from.

      1. Hammerhead300 says:

        You (notice those two other letters before the letter U in that word, try adding them if you want people to take you seriously) apparently haven’t been around phone/computer software very long.  Companies promise certain release dates all the time.  Two things happen when these companies get close to deadline and aren’t satisfied with what they have on hand: they either rush it and release unstable, bug-laden software, or they delay it so they can make sure it runs stable.  Which do you prefer, unstable software that the company rushed out so they could meet their originally-set deadline, or stable software that you might have to wait a few more weeks to get?

      2. SkyNet says:

        Well, Dear Nherewego,

        You are typical….or should I type U R typical?….Seriously?…..Did you buy the device because they promised that they will have ICS?….or they said it is ICS upgrade ready?….either way…guess what….you didn’t read my blog fully…you talk to me about investigation???..here is an investigation for you….with android you have freedom…you know what that means??it means if you do some research and INVESTIGATION, then you can find Motorola’s ICS on the net and Root your phone and have your ICS…I have Razor Maxx and Bionic. Got them a month ago..both has ICS on it…I installed ICS on my own…You know why little girly man?..Because I did my investigation, but instead of investigating on issues and facts how i can complain and cry about it, I spent that time ti INVESTIGATE useful information….you just go ahead and keep investigating and be a drama queen…..good luck…and buy the way…ICS is good….really good…

  7. Disgruntled says:

    I can here the CNet reporter right during that phone call with his “source”.

    Source: “Hey Ice Cream Sandwich is getting pushed June 12th.”
    CNet: “Do you work for Verizon?”
    Source: “No…but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night!”

    1. Kfraz43 says:

      Sure… go ahead and make that leap because a new OS that has been rumored to be released on a certain day was’t released on the day it was rumored to be released.  Sounds like you might have been looking for an excuse to get the iphone anyway, so you should be thanking the blog echo chamber for a reason.  Go ahead and get in line with the rest of the sheep…

    2. Puber_pmp says:

       I know a few people that switched from Android to iPhone.  2 of them returned it before the 14 day return.  The other didn’t and after a month he said he should have, but ended up selling it to buy out of his contract.  Apple is completely different.  It shouldn’t be compared to Android or even be called a smart phone.  I don’t mean that in a way that knocks Apple, I mean it has it’s own class.  If you want to pay $300 more to be limited to do only what Apple thinks is best, go ahead.

    3. If my contract was up sooner I would go back. I switched a couple of years ago with the HTC Incredible which was obsolete for updates 6 months after I bought it. Went with the  Razr not knowing about how Motorola does things….sheesh. If I had to do it all over again I would stick just with the official Google phones.

  8. Bobtheflob says:

    I guess Apple fanboys really have nothing better to do than come to sites like this and post in the comments pretending to be fed up Android customers who are switching to the iPhone. 

    1. Kiel says:

       Apple customers are stupid regardless. Who the heck wants to pay inflated prices? Their computers are worse, they’re glorified pc’s running Mac OS. I can build a hackintosh and it will be  the same thing.

  9. Stacey says:

    Ha I think it’s hilarious that many of you are switching to iPhone. How is that any better. I for one love my razr the way it came and how it is now. Though I can’t wait to get the update!!

  10. Liberated says:

    All of you that are saying that you’re going to swtich to an iPhone 5 because of this should shut the hell up. Verizon never gave an official announcment that it was coming this week. It was a RUMOR. Obviously some of you don’t know what a rumor is. Now yeah maybe Motorola and Verizon aren’t doing their best in terms of keeping us up to date on the status of it, but I don’t see it as a reason to say I’m switching to an iPhone 5. As much as I want ICS, and yes it bugs me that it’s taking so long, I can’t complain about my Razr the way it is. ICS will get here even it gets here. I will however take back everything I just said if Motorola and Verizon break their promise of saying that we’ll have it by the end of Q2. But lets hope that doesn’t happen or else Verizon and Moto will really have a lot of angry customers, as if it isn’t bad enough already

  11. Seivleyja says:

    I currently have the razr maxx and have been more than happy with it except for one thing… My data keeps dropping off and it takes a minute or two to come back up. It’s not a signal issue, it’s a problem with the phone. Anyone else having that same issue? And if so, any input on getting it corrected?

    1. Liberated says:

      I have the regular Razr and mine also does this. Sometimes it does what yours does and it takes it a few minutes to come back up. Although the other day it dropped the signal and it didn’t come back up at all. I haven’t heard about it being corrected. Hopefully it will be corrected in the ICS update

    2. I talked with a friend who works for Verizon tech support. Data drop off is the number one reason Razr/Razr Maxx owners call VZW tech support. It is a known issue that Motorola and VZW have not been able to solve and is compounded by the move to ICS. 

      This “bug” is the reason that Motorola originally listed the US Razr as “Planning” while the international version was designated as “Development” on their ICS development plan back in March. The international version doesn’t suffer from this problem, which is why VZW and Moto are attempting a work around by enabling the world phone features already in the hardware.

      Despite the data connectivity problems, I would take my Razr Maxx over my wife’s Thunderbolt any day.

    3.  I have the same issue!  I was shi**in’ kittens wondering, “WTF?!”
      I read on many forums that it’s a known issue.  However, my occurances didn’t start untill a few weeks of operation.  At least that’s when I noticed it anyways.  Either way I still love the device.  The battery life is AMAZING!  It’s still faster than my D-Inc 2 and it looks outstanding!

    4. Dexter Ferrie says:

      I have the droid RAZR MAXX and the only solution I’ve seen for the problem is through Juice Defender. Even though I have an amazing battery life I still use Juice Defender, it’s a great app. If you open the app and go over to the help page and scroll down a little bit, you should see a mobil data auto-fix. If data hasn’t connected withing a reasonable amount if time, it will force a toggle-cycle. This has almost always worked for me. Also if you’ve been having issues with your data running while your wi-fi is Juice Defender has an option just below the previous one that disables data while wi-fi is on. This has worked great for me as well.

    5. dboy says:

      Yes, I have the same issue.  Verizon support says it is one of two things – 1) Bad SIM card (new one to arrive on Friday for me), or 2) Bad hardware/phone.  I thought I was the only one.

  12. NOone says:

    Yeah this has sealed the deal, thanks Verizon and Samsung for selling me a phone on the promise that I’d be able to use ICS just around the corner; instead I’m waiting on an already one year outdated OS that’s nowhere in sight. I’m absolutely decided now, once the iPhone 5 comes in it’s straight to eBay with my Razr MAXX. Can’t wait.  

    1. Puber_pmp says:

       LOL, iphone LOL, by the time the iphone5 comes out the razr will be free and the hardware specs will be very similar.  Apple is generally a year behind any Android and for what you pay $300 for at Apple you can get for free in an Android.

  13. Jays69time says:

    I had the signal drop after .181 update. I flashed .209 ics leak and data is rock solid. Ics will fix this for you guys. Ics is nice on my Maxx.

  14. Guest says:

    I had my iPhone 4S for 6mos, I gave it away and got the Razr Maxx. I liked my 4S but I love my Maxx. And with that Im more than patient for the ICS. 

    Seriously though, if you ought to tell me the 4S or any iphone device is ‘better’ than the Razr or Maxx, you obviously have no clue what your Android phone does. Clearly its features are wayyy more than what the iPhones can offer! I have over a thousand apps on my iPhone before but it wasnt in any way holding me back from letting it go and getting my Maxx. 

    Just saying.

  15. Ketpat1 says:

    It is horribles to think when the update gonna release, all u can just sit and wait. Anyone didnt want to use outdate phone. I have problem and post in their fb no one answer me. It suck!!
    If I have second i will totally not brought this phone, I will pay from some brand that care for customer.

  16. Reelready says:

    I have the razr maxx and wife has razr we both received the ics 4.0.4 upgrade and we now are having service issues such as dropped calls internet freeze low to no signal strenth on 3g which is all we have in our area but before the upgrade we had full service and never a dropped call what is the deal we both like the new features but hate the service now we are with verizon which the only company that has service in our area have contacted them and done everything they know to do can anyone help.

  17. Big Red Guy says:

    My RAZR updated last week, an now the new 4.0 does not have a task manager, I wished they would’ve kept it on the new update without downloading task killer cuz all they do is kill apps, an then come back on 5 minutes later, but yea I like the new 4.0

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