Apple Store App for iOS gets updated with new features

Apple has been busy this week with all the announcements during its keynote speech last Monday, and today we have news that the Apple Store app for iOS has just been updated and added some new features.

As the team over at AppleInsider are reporting the updated application now has the feature of an express checkout and location based features, which are aimed at streamlining the process for users of picking up orders made in store and online. The update brings the app to version 2.2 and users now have access to the Express Checkout feature that was first introduced to Apple’s online store, and allows the purchase of items without the need of going through the normal shopping cart process.

Once users have enabled the Express Checkout option via the Account Settings they will be presented with a new Buy Now button, which is displayed instead of the Add to Cart option. Purchases are then completed by simply entering an Apple ID password, and during the set up process the app will request the user’s credit card security code for verification along with a preferred mode of pickup or shipping.

Before now users of the application would need to add an item to a virtual cart and go through a number of authentication checks to complete the order. The update also brings a pickup alert feature that allows users even quicker access to their purchased items by having the products ready at a nearby Apple Store.

This iPhone 4S only feature uses iOS geofencing that according to Apple will allow “Specialists know when you’re approaching the Apple Store, and your products can be ready by the time you arrive”. This feature also lets other in store services to be activated as you get nearer an Apple Store. Apple Store 2.2 is available free from the App Store.


One thought on “Apple Store App for iOS gets updated with new features”

  1.  These updates are only for iPhone means still no updates for the app on iPad? What about Apple’s policy about constancy between updates? I am seeing less constancy this time.