Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Amazon pre-order mystery

Quite often when a new smartphone or tablet is announced, before any official release date is revealed by the manufacturer of the device online retailers put the product up for pre-order, which quite often can also hint at a release timeframe, and today we have news of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and an Amazon pre-order mystery.

Yesterday we you that pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 had begun with online retailer Amazon, but as GottaBe Mobile are reporting the retailer may have jumped the gun. The retailer has since taken down the pre-order page shortly after putting it up in the first place.

Originally the device had been available at the retailer for $549 including shipping, with an expected shipping date of three to five weeks time, but now at the time of writing the device has disappeared completely from Amazon’s website without an explanation.

Amazon hadn’t revealed a specific release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, which will mean the launch of the highly anticipated device, is still unknown. It is also not known why Amazon put the device up for pre-order in the first place, and it could be just an error, but the retailer may have got word of the device’s release date only to be told this had then changed.

Samsung first revealed the Galaxy Note 10.1 at MWC 2012 back in February, and the device comes with a large screen and a stylus for drawing and writing directly on the screen. At first it was announced that the device will be shipping with a dual core processor, but now it is believed to be coming with Samsung’s quad core Exynos processor. The company has also added a nice pen holder for the stylus that will be used for writing and drawing, and there is a chance that these features caused the device to be delayed.

Did you manage to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 before it vanished?


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  1. Dkrishnamraju says:

    I too Pre-Ordered. It is in my list now. There is no word about an error or order removal by Amazon to me, So I beleive I will stay in queue.

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