Max Payne Mobile for Android app, out today & reviewed

There will be plenty of people hitting that Google Play store button today with the news that Max Payne Mobile for Android will be released. The game has previously been available for iOS devices and now Android enthusiasts will be able to get their Max Payne Mobile action. If you’re wondering if the game lives up to the hype the we’ve taken a look at one of the first reviews of the Android game app.

We’ve been giving you plenty of information about Max Payne for Android from Rockstar before its release and as a reminder we can tell you that it will be priced at $2.99 or £2.32. A list of compatible devices can be found here so check it out as not all Android smartphones and tablets are supported, although hopefully more will be added to the list further down the line. Although the Android Max Payne Mobile is out today we cannot give you the link to it at the moment, as it hasn’t yet hit the Google Play store although we’ll add the link later when it arrives in the store. Updated – Google Play store link here.

Meanwhile Android Central has already managed to take a good look at Max Payne Mobile for Android, the enhanced Tegra 3 version so we’ll give you some idea of what was said in the review. We’ll quickly tell you that a big mention was made of the installation of the app as it’s a huge 1.4GB download so the advice is to make sure you’re using WiFi when installing. However it’s worth it for the graphics and general look and feel of the game and it looks as though there’s plenty to keep the cinematic action-shooter fans amongst you happy.

The gameplay using a Tegra 3 processor device is described as “superb” with plenty of storyline to keep you involved. There’s a mention of the complicated controls (particular for small-screen devices), however there’s help in the form of a comprehensive tutorial and also good support for game controllers. The reviewer used the Logitech F710 wireless controller with excellent results. Max Payne Mobile for Android is summed up as “smooth and fluid” and a “realistic representation with excellent game physics.” All in all, fans of this kind of game are in for a treat.

If you want to see a taster of Max Payne for Android then check out the video below this story, courtesy of Android Central, that shows some of the first act. We’d like to know if you will be one of the first to download Max Payne Mobile for Android? If so then let us know what you think about the game and tell us if you’d recommend it or not to our other readers?

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