HTC doesn’t want to destroy image with budget smartphones

Smartphone manufacturer HTC is currently embattled in some patent disputes with Apple and in the past has been criticised for the amount of different handsets it releases, but HTC are saying that it doesn’t want to destroy its image with budget smartphones.

According to an article over at Android Central Chief Executive Peter Chou has pushed the company’s focus on providing high end smartphones during 2012, and said that releasing “cheap, cheap phones” just to increase sales figures would “destroy” its brand image. The HTC boss added that the company wants to use “better materials to make better products that offer premium experience”, which according to the company consumers like more.

In the last few months the company has focused its efforts on what it calls “hero” products at a variety of levels, which includes the HTC One series of high end smartphones, or mid-range devices such as the Droid Incredible 4G LTE. Handsets such as the recently released Desire C and One V may be low end and inexpensive, but there are a huge range of cheaper smartphones that are becoming available in markets such as China and other developing countries.

In China the company has handsets on offer at around the 2000 Yuan mark, but the likes of Motorola are going for even cheaper devices that are priced around 1000 Yuan. Chou believes that at this low price level “we won’t have good products”.

This news seems to mean that the company will not be releasing handsets that are any cheaper than its current budget offerings such as the Desire C, and that build quality and design remain high on the list of priorities for the company, and in an already competitive market HTC will be hoping this stance will put it out in front of its competitors.

This is not to say that there are no deals to be had on HTC smartphones though, as earlier today we told you that the HTC One S could be had for as little as $50. Do you own an HTC handset?


One thought on “HTC doesn’t want to destroy image with budget smartphones”

  1. jeebee says:

    Sorry HTC, I think this is a bad move.

    There is no way on Earth you’ll be able to compete with Samsung and Apple in the premium end of the market because you simply lack the brand cachet – it’s just not about shoehorning fast CPUs and GPUs into the devices, it’s about their emotional appeal…

    Then again, in the lower end the CHinese makers enjoy considerable cost advantages over you so you’ll be struggling there too…
    It’s not looking good in the long-run, squeezed from both sides. Eventually there’ll be nowhere for you to stand. 
    I say: throw in the towel while you can  😉