Samsung Galaxy owners rumoured to get own Facebook rival: Update

Now that many of us own smartphones we use these devices for a variety of different things besides making calls, and one of these is to connect with social networking sites and it is being rumoured that Samsung Galaxy owners are to get their own Facebook rival.

It is being claimed that the smartphone manufacturer is planning its own social network to rival Facebook, and according to Cnet the company is looking to sign up everyone that has purchased a Galaxy smartphone in the last couple of years, and could even include consumers that have purchased any of its tech products.

Reports are suggesting that the network will be based on the existing Samsung social service Family Story, and it is being claimed the company is calling it the new plan ‘Samsung Facebook’ internally. Samsung’s social service works across TVs, cameras, and Blu-ray players, and considering the amount of Galaxy branded smartphones already in pockets and bags around the world the move could prove successful.

Taking on the likes of Facebook is no easy task though with even big names such as Google not guaranteed success, with Google+ not setting the world on fire so far even though it has many better features compared to Facebook. There will be the cool factor of the service, but being an own brand social network will restrict it to owners of Samsung hardware, and the likes of Facebook and Twitter are successful partly due to the fact they have been free on any device.

Samsung has already made its free messaging service ChatOn available to any device, so if the rumours are true it remains to be seen how successful it will be. Do you think a Samsung Facebook rival can work? Update: Samsung has denied these rumours.

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