T-Mobile get closer to some iPhone & 4G LTE love

There were some concerns surrounding the future of the T-Mobile network after the proposed takeover by AT&T fell through, but the carrier is busy getting ready to offer its customers more, and today we can tell you that T-Mobile are closer to some iPhone and 4G LTE love.

It is being reported by All ThingsD that by the end of next month the carrier will have around 2,500 cell sites that will be capable to operate in the 1900MHz spectrum, which is used by AT&T’s iPhones, and the aim is to have a service in all its major markets by the end of 2012. CTO Neville Ray said that T-Mobile wants to offer a worthy alternative to unlocked iPhone owners, and the carrier already has over one million iPhones on its network, but data speeds are limited to 2G speeds.

Besides unlocked iPhones it will also allow many T-Mobile customers to get better reception and performance with their smartphones, and it will allow the carrier to gain extra traffic from overseas visitors to the country via roaming. T-Mobile has been left out in the cold with regards to the iPhone with all the other major carriers offering it, and smaller regional carriers and prepaid plans such as Leap’s Cricket are available to consumers.

The carrier is looking to a major marketing campaign and rebranding effort later in the year, and Ray said that he wishes that more consumers would realize the speed and performance of T-Mobile’s existing networks, along with the value it offers.

We first told you about T-Mobiles iPhone friendly network last month and are testing the new network in various regions including San Francisco’s Moscone Center, which raised a lot of eyebrows as it was noticed by iPhone owners at this week’s WWDC event, but T-Mobile said this was just pure coincidence.

Meanwhile T-Mobile is also busy installing equipment for its 4G LTE network, which it hopes to have up and running next year, and according to the company it hopes to cover 200 million people with the new network by the end of 2013. Do you have an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile?


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