Quitting – New Verizon shared data plans displease customers

As we suspected, the recently announced Verizon shared data plans have met with a lot of disappointment from Big Red customers. Plenty of people are not too happy at the new pricing for data bucket plans and now we can see the evidence of that in some poll statistics that so far show that over a third of participants say they will jump ship to another carrier.

With the demise of Verizon unlimited data plans we always expected that the new Share Everything Plans were going to cause a certain amount of consternation. We recently gave readers the details of the new share plans along with how to try to keep hold of your unlimited data plan, so check out our article on that here for more information. However the results of the ongoing poll so far suggest that Verizon could lose a good amount of customers because of the new pricing.

The poll is being conducted over on Android Central and we’ll point out a few things before we start. Firstly the poll is still ongoing, and secondly it’s an informal poll for Droid-Life readers. We realize then that the poll results do not necessarily reflect the views of all Verizon customers, only those that participated through Droid-Life and who are likely to be a bit more clued up about this kind of thing to start with. Of course we also realize that plenty of people say they will leave their carrier when frustrated and don’t actually get round to it. Therefore we’re not claiming this is a completely accurate representation of how many customers Verizon may lose, nevertheless it does give at least an idea of what many people feel about the new plans.

The poll is pretty definite and simply asks if readers will leave Verizon over the new shared data bucket plans. Respondents can answer “Yes,” ‘No” or “Not a Verizon customer but I like voting on things!” The results at this moment are that 38.24% say they WILL leave Verizon, 34.86% say they won’t leave while another 26.91% answered they are not Verizon customers! Therefore over a third of participants say they will jump ship from Big Red. However if we look more closely at the figures and take away the amount of those who said they were not Verizon customers then more than half of those who are Verizon customers in the poll are saying they will leave.

Although we’ve already pointed out the informality of this poll we think the results should certainly worry Verizon although whether customer dissatisfaction will be enough for them to change the pricing is questionable. It’s certainly an intriguing look at how people feel about the changes and we’d like to know what you feel. Have you thought about leaving Verizon and heading to another carrier? Maybe you think Verizon should take more notice of the level of displeasure over its new plans? Send your comments to let us know.


12 thoughts on “Quitting – New Verizon shared data plans displease customers”

    1. Arod says:

      I agree with you bart if this happens im also out,and i have been happy with there service but this is ridiculous. Been with vw since 1999

  1. V_dinatale64 says:

    I will end up leaving, they maybe one of the better carriers but it’s getting to the point that it’s now worth the money anymore!

  2. tmoos48 says:

    I am very unhappy about this price plan change and will definitely consider leaving Verizon after many many years with them.   Years ago we were able to make calls after 7pm and not use your allowed minutes. Now it’s after 9pm what’s next???  Data plan change ??  NO WAY

  3. Trejo495 says:

    When it comes to the service, verizon is great, however, that doesn’t mean I won’t switch to another carrier. What needs to happend is that people should make up their mine and leave Verizon and go to a different carrier, I’m sure they’ll get the message.

  4. The data service has gone down hill in my opinion.. Once I lose my unlimited plan We will leave too another carrier.. Not worth having data for that kind of money , and I love my smartphone..

  5. M9Powell says:

    I’ll probrably preorder the s3 too keep my unlimted plan for another 2 years. I really wanted too hold on to my droid x until fall & get the razr hd or note 2. If they take unlimted data away I’m done. I really think they may just have saved Spring from bankruptcy ))))).

  6. madflix says:

    So Verizon is basically cutting a Family Plan’s allotment of data down from 4Gb to 1Gb while keeping the same price and the trying to justify the move by explaining “yeah, but your whole family gets to share that 1Gb!” And AT&T is set to follow?

    LOL, good luck with that one! This might be a good time to invest in Sprint or T-Mobile.

  7. Drumgoddess says:

    Verizon should take notice but in my opinion Verizon does not treat people like people anyway. I am a ten year customer who has had 5 lines the entire time. When my under warranty phone malfunctioned, I was sent 5, yes 5, refurbs before they sent one that worked. I am now with ATT and I have an iphone with apple care to break the refurb cycle. I spent hours trying to get the pos refurbs to work and was told different things by each techie. Sometimes they outright lied. I will be glad when my last line contract ends and I’m completely out of Verizon.

  8. Baileyt says:

    Verizon will loose a lot of customers due to only one plan. All other carriers still have options for custumers to pick and Verizon acted like they r the only one in town.

  9. Peppersgirl2010 says:

    I’ve been with Verizon for 15 years. I went to upgrade my phone and they won’t let me keep my unlimited data plan so I’m switching carriers in November as soon as my contracts up. I’ve always been happy with Verizon’s service but I can’t afford the new data plans.

  10. I also went into switch and according to there new plan, my service will go up from $290.00 to $330.00 with 4 smart phones and 1 regular. I have also found out that when i go to switch the regular phone it will cost my $30.00 rather than the $10.00 i pay now. I have checked into actually buying my account out, i am just so irritated about the new plan.

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