Draw Something mobile game moves to TV

I’m sure everyone knows all about the mobile game Draw Something, a mobile app that has becomes quite popular with both Android and iOS users in the mobile space, and now it appears that Draw Something is moving from the smartphone and tablets screens to the bigger screens of TV.

According to an article over on the Daily Mail, a TV show has been produced based on the popular Draw Something game. A pilot show has been purchased by CBS that features celebrities and home players competing for prizes, and will be a joint production between Sony Pictures Television, Embassy Row and Ryan Seacrest Production.

Back in March, only 7-weeks after the launch of Draw Something, the mobile game was purchased for $180 million by Zynga, whilst on the day of launch there was an average of three drawings every second, and by the time Zynga purchase the game it had been downloaded 350 million times.

Of course this isn’t the first time a mobile app had been made into a TV show, as the hugely popular mobile game Angry Birds is being made into a cartoon for TV release later this year, whilst an Angry Birds movie is due in 2015, and there is also an amusement park in Finland based on Angry Birds.

No other details about the new TV shows have been revealed other than a host for the show has not yet been finalised. So there you have it, yet another popular mobile game making the leap from mobile to television at some point in the future, the big question is though will the show becomes as popular as the Draw Something app?


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