Tasty Sony Xperia active Android 4.0 ICS updates begin

Way back in March we gave various dates that Sony’s Xperia smartphone range could expect to receive Android 4.0 ICS updates. One of those was the Sony Xperia active and today we finally have the good news that the Ice Cream Sandwich has now begun rolling out.

The timeframe we were originally informed of for the Xperia active 4.0 ICS update was in May or early June so Sony is not too far behind the time expected and many Xperia active users will be pleased to hear that ICS is coming. You may need to be a little patient though as the ICS rollout is coming in batches and will reach different regions at different times. News of the update becoming available was made on the official Sony blog so we do at least know it’s coming soon, wherever you are.

A GSM Arena report passed on this news and when the update is available for your Xperia active you should receive notification to your device. You can also check manually to see if the download is available. If you head to the Sony blog linked to above, you’ll find useful ICS update information for the Xperia active. Sony explains, “Since there are minor differences in the software depending on product, country and operator we have a unique identifier that we call Sales Item (SI).” These have an 8-digit number and if yours is one of those in the list then the update should be available.

Sony advises that your device SI number can be found by taking by taking off the back of your phone and removing the battery which should reveal the SI. If the ICS update for your device is available then the software is available through PC Companion and Bridge for Mac. Good news then for Sony Xperia active owners and happy downloading!

Are you an Xperia active owner and have already received your ICS update? If so, we’d like to hear your region to get an idea of where it is becoming available as it’s rolled out so send your comments to let us and other readers know. Also let us know what you think of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.


3 thoughts on “Tasty Sony Xperia active Android 4.0 ICS updates begin”

  1. Yannickjg says:

    HI’ i just connected my phone to the pc and the pc companion program starts atomatically, all recomend to back up whatever file you have on your phone before make the update

    1. Lxpratama19 says:

       can we back the OS Sandwich ice cream?
      to the Ginger bread?

      I have already upgrade my xperia active to sandwich ice cream….
      what do you think??

  2. 6stringbob says:

    Just uploaded ICS to my Xperia S after using Gingerbread for the first 3 months. Have to say I’m rather disappointed. The phone was ok before and worked well . The old software seemed more intuitive and user friendly. Now with ICS it seems more clinical and a headache to work out what does what and why  ( seems a lot of unecessary functions added ).The displays in messaging,calendar and gmail etc are all quite bland and boring. Also and my big gripe is that  the fantastic 3D camera function has been removed ( along with my stored  panoramic photos – WHY ? ) Overall – it may in theory be a more advanced operating system but ICS to me seems just a sideways if not backward step. Not over impressed and quite disappointed after all the wait.