Microsoft tablet with Xbox LIVE streaming rumoured

Since Apple released the original iPad back in 2010 we have seen the various versions of the device dominate the tablet PC market going up against a number of different devices running Android, but now it seems Microsoft is going to offer more in the sector this year, and a device built in calibration with Barnes & Noble with Xbox Live features is being rumoured.

Later today Microsoft is set to hold a mystery event with a tablet PC thought to be coming from the company and as Redmond Pie are reporting there is talk that Microsoft has joined Barnes & Noble to create an entertainment focused tablet. It is being claimed by sources that the features of the device will go further than just some new eReader, and will add an Xbox 360 flavour to its armour.

It is thought the new tablet PC will offer Xbox Live streaming to its features, and will make it the first device to offer such a feature away from the Xbox 360 while also putting it up against Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The event kicks off at 3.30 PM LA time today and information about the events exact location is set to be announced at around 10:00 AM.

There has also been no real information what the new tablet will be powered by, with some suggesting it will be Windows 8 RT, but you have to wonder how any new device in the market will compete with the iPad though. Apple’s offering continues to sell well and until we know what for sure what Microsoft has to offer, we won’t know how it will compete in the tablet PC market.

Do you think Microsoft has got what it takes to compete with the Apple iPad?

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