iPhone 5 goes see through in video

Obviously as we get closer and closer to the next iPhone becoming a reality the mobile space gets hit hard with mock ups of what the iPhone 5 might look like, and we’ve seen a few in the past. But the iPhone 5 mock up we have for your consideration today is something quite special, and one that most of the iOS faithful would probably like to see as the real deal iPhone 5.

So what we have for our iOS faithful readers out there today is an iPhone 5 commercial touting a see through iPhone 5 concept, designed by an Apple fan called Dakota Adney, and comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Cnet, and this particular iPhone 5 concept video has already garnered over 1 million hits.

This next iPhone concept apparently sports an ‘iClear Retina Display’ so basically is transparent, layering such things as apps, games and texts onto a clear screen, along with augmented reality and is apparently handy for taking photos, and according to the Cnet guys placing this see through iPhone 5 on a flat surface will enable dual projectors to beam a keyboard onto the surface whilst sensors recognise the taps and transform them into typing.

Of course, as this particular iPhone 5 is a concept the possibilities of it ever becoming a reality is probably pure fantasy, but one does have to say that if Apple did ever deliver an iPhone such as this then it would obviously take the mobile space by storm.

Anyway enough from me, head on down and hit that play button to check out the transparent iPhone 5 commercial in action, and feel free to let us know if you would love to see a transparent iPhone at some point in the future…enjoy.


27 thoughts on “iPhone 5 goes see through in video”

  1. I don’t get the concept of “see through” iPhone, nor the hype around this idea.
    Why would you see through an iPhone? This is pointless, it would render reading difficult with certain backgrounds. Using it as a viewfinder is useless as you see a much better faithful depiction of why the camera is going to shoot through a display.
    And where would the battery be?

      1. Winterallthings says:

        Dude! Nothing is pointless when it comes to tech! The El’s wrong with you people? Why do you even own smartphones? You innovation HATERS!

    1. Winterallthings says:

      Stanford university has invented clear batteries, half as powerful as lithium. But for the record most conceptual tech gets produced eventually, ask jim kirk about his cell phone

  2. Ininja_10 says:

    i like the idea, not only does it look amazing its what apple needs to be different from the other phones which are out at the moment. When you think of apple you have this vision in your head that everything they produce is amazing, this phone is the vision i have in my head when i think of apple so live up to our expectations.

    1. sexy but true baby says:

      they have control over you because you jump at shiny objects you are asimpleton who would rather something shiny then something that is actually useful and not restrictive btw they log information on all you apple users: 0 omg youd have never had known!

  3. Wesleyhodgson says:

    Sounds cool but do I really want to stare at my hand all the time cool concept but not for me but the thickness and projector works for me

      1. Winterallthings says:

        I dont know, how dumb can you get? Stantford university just recently invented clear cellular batteries so i wonder what they intend to use them on… hmmmm? You sir also lack vision! An

    1. Winterallthings says:

      Then just keep your old phone, cause if this ever turns real, android will make a cooler version anyway. You lack vision dude! Go in to a white room and chill with kenny g you homo.

    1. Winterallthings says:

      Duh! Big stupid Homer DUUUNGH! YEAH you go out buy a clear phone and then cover it with a black case moron, and while your at it buy a big screen t.v. and face it at the wall!

  4. Mine says:

    This would be an incredible innovation, although having a device like this and calling it a phone would be ridiculous. It’s uses go far beyond that. It would certainly extremely useful in the engineering industry especially when combined with CAD software.

  5. adam says:

    what iPhone really need is a uncapped internet service, like BIS for blackberry. If this was available I’d change to iPhone tomorrow.

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