Windows Phone Tango upgrade details revealed ahead of release

While both the Android and iPhone platforms currently battle it out to reign supreme in the smartphone market, the Microsoft Windows Phone platform continues to grow and add new users, and today we have news that the Windows Phone Tango update has been detailed ahead of its release.

According to an article over at IntoMobile the company has added the Windows Phone Tango software update to its online page that lists the platforms update history. The release notes were provided on the page for a short time before being pulled by the company, and detailed the minor improvements to the operating system, but they didn’t pull them quickly enough not to get noticed though.

This latest release has the build number 8773.98, and the main additions to the software update come under three different categories, which are SIM card contacts, messaging, and other. Tango will bring new features to messaging where multiple audio clips, photos, videos, or ringtones to text messages can be attached.

New functionality for SIM card contacts includes the ability to export contacts stored on your handset to a SIM card, and import select contacts to the device. The rest of the details for the update remain unknown, but the company describes it as having “many other improvements to Windows Phone”.

It seems that the company posted the information accidently and quickly took it down once it realized the leak, but the fact the notes have been typed up and ready to go suggests the release of the update is not too far away. The software is already available with the Nokia Lumia 900 in Europe, but currently other Windows Phone hardware has been kept waiting. It has already been announced by the company that the Tango update won’t be reaching all users around the world though.

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  1. Cwcnpa says:

    So much for release in early June as was previously reported…  and so much for AT&T being first in line with rolling this update out since they had bypassed the disappearing keyboard fix issue also as previously reported/promised

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