Microsoft Surface pricing above $599 and assembled by Pegatron

No doubt by now most have heard that Microsoft has unveiled their first Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets in the form of the Microsoft Surface Tablets, and apparently the word is these slates will be assembled by the company that also makes the Apple iPad, Pegatron.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena by way of DigiTimes, who quote unnamed sources from the notebook supply chain, although there is no firm estimate on order volumes, Microsoft has given assembly orders for the Microsoft Surface Tablet to Pegatron.

When it comes to pricing of both 10.6-inch slates, apparently the Windows RT model with its NVIDI Tegra 3 processor may possibly have a price tag above the $599 US mark, whilst the Windows 8 model with its Ivy Bridge processor could command a price tag above $799 US.

Apparently the Windows 8 Microsoft Surface Tablet is due release later in the year, possibly in time for the holiday buying season, and it isn’t clear whether those speculated prices include the trackpad, keyboard and cover, or just for the tablet itself.

The unnamed sources also say that the Microsoft Surface Tablets have attracted the attention of consumers, but their strategy is rather risky when you consider there are other slates out there that cost less such as the full HD screen packing Acer Iconia Tab A700 which goes for 450-bucks, so Microsoft might have to cut those introductory prices in order to make the Surface a success.

We’d like to hear from our readers if they are attracted by the Microsoft Surface Tablet, and whether those prices slightly put you off or not.


9 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface pricing above $599 and assembled by Pegatron”

  1. fuyao says:

    Yeah right, if you buy iPad and you need the following accessories as opposed to Surface already included:

    IPad dock = 30
    Wireless keyboard = 70
    Smart Case = 50
    Camera connection kit = 30
    Digital AV adapter = 40

    Wonder why people are not smart enough to see this. And all you get is just a toy.

    1. HookedOnTabs says:

      Apple averages 50% profit margin on $499 Ipad. Meaning they pay $250 for a 16.GB wifi model.However Apple loves its loyal customers so much that they add 3G which costs Apple $16 so they charge $629. So ya Apple pays $16 and customers pay an extra $130, and people are pitching about prices. If the loyal customer needs 32GB, them loyal customer pays $100 more and Apple pays $16 more And if customer needs 64 .GB they pay for$100 more.So let’s add that up.Apple pays$250+16+16+16=$304 Loyal customer pays $829. Apple profit on 64.GB 3G Ipad $525. You are saying $599 is too much to pay for a tablet that is also a PC? I don’t see your point.

  2. emil vinberg says:

    there should be some sort of a pricing table.people get tierd of big names and only to find out that the unlisted companys have a much better device,matbe things will hit the fan soon and will see who’s robbing the public and also helping people in the usa’s work force NOT OVERSEAS

  3. Herpderp says:

    Microsoft should not look at this as a money making device.  Sell it at cost, get Windows 8 out there to the consumer, gain marketplace share!

  4. Stevethe8tab says:

    Hardware looks good. Don’t know whether the price might put people off though, Especially corporates looking to roll out mobile devices.

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