Samsung Galaxy S3 suffers meltdown as US release sees delays

Customers of the various carriers in the US that have already pre-ordered the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung should be receiving their shinny new handsets now, but today we have the worrying news of a Samsung Galaxy S3 suffering a meltdown as the US release sees delays.

The new handset is certainly the hottest smartphone to have at the moment at least until the iPhone 5 is released, but apparently the device can become too hot while in use as according to the Android Authority a UK owner of the Galaxy S3 saw his smartphone burst into flames while placed in a car holder. The owner reported that the device “sparked into white flames, followed by a bang”.

This caused extensive damage to the handset that melted the case and left the smartphone pretty much useless, although the screen surprisingly still worked. The unit was sent back to high street retailer the Carphone Warehouse, and Samsung is already looking into the issue. The company stated that they are taking the issue seriously but the owner wasn’t hurt in the incident, and once the investigation is complete Samsung has promised to provide further details on the situation.

Meanwhile it seems that the high demand for the handset in the US has caused the shipping date to slip for a number of the country’s carriers. The Android Community are reporting that US carriers are selling the Samsung Galaxy S3 quicker than Samsung can make them. AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and the Now Network have delayed the launch of the device. AT&T has delayed the launch from today until June 28th, while Verizon has only pushed it back one day.

Customers that have already pre-ordered the handset should be ok but those looking to pick one up now will likely have to wait a few extra days to get their hands on the Galaxy S3. The handset is likely to become the best selling Android smartphone to date and the device is getting many plaudits from those that have tried it out or already purchased it. If you have already pre-ordered the handset let us know if your handset has arrived yet, and are you concerned about the overheating incident? Update: AT&T has released a statement stating that customers that pre-ordered the device and where given a date for today can now expect the handset to arrive by Monday, June 25th, and new pre-orders should arrive within ten business days.


15 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 suffers meltdown as US release sees delays”

  1. Nokia_238 says:

    That’s what happens when you are too tight to buy genuine chargers and get tat from 3rd party Chinese sweat shops lmao. Hammered my S3 every day since the day it came out and doesn’t even get hot 🙂

  2. Mslioness874 says:

    I’m awaiting my preordered 32g phone and no…I’m not too concerned about the overheating incident.  This phone has already been released overseas for a few weeks now and this is the first incident of this type I’m hearing about.  I guess if it appeared to be a more widespread problem, I’d be a more concerned.  I’m also curious to know what type of charger the person was using.  Was it a cheapy, non Samsung charger?

  3. Cheryl says:

    It sounds to me like it is a possible battery overheating and this phone is not the first to have this problem. Remember people make phones and like people all things made by people can and will have the possibility to be flawed. 

  4. DM says:

    The Euro version has an Exynos quad-core processor, while the North American version uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor that uses far less power and has integrated 4G.  I doubt the NA version is going to overheat like this.  Could also just have been a faulty battery, you never know.

  5. Marcus Freudemann says:

    Can’t this company plan anything? Delays with the Nexus in the UK, delays with the S3 in the him, now delays in the US. I sometimes wish I’d stayed with HTC.

  6. wildcat1935 says:

    When your in the boondocks and no signal you can use the phone to cook your hotdogs.

  7. inthemix says:

    I have used mine non stop and charged every day since I got it (it’s my first smart phone so using it more than i probably will in the long term) and it doesnt get overheated in the slightest. I am in the UK. I guess it could be a faulty batch! I am not worried

  8. Ronf57 says:

    I am waiting for my pre-order on verizon and hey my droid original has been too hot to touch many days. Placing one of these in a car cradle in the sun worsens the issue of heat.
    I think someone should make a snap on fan cooler for putting these phones in car docks. 

  9. Hamza says:

    I got mine from tmobile and it does overheat alot. Just by simple texting can cause the phone to start getting hot.

  10. 1234hi says:

    I’m I’m US , got the SG 3 to day and after 20 min in hand phone I’d hot as oven. I’m calling company tomorrow to exchange the phone, this might be hot and miss with these ones. On top of that I don’t like the look of interface it looks like ripped from kids hands toy, the original Galaxy was much clearer. Email is horrible to read it’s all messed up. I need to download some app until they update it with more elegant outlook. Then bottonews middle is supposed to be Home Screen button it’s too hard to operate in my opinion because you use it all the time. From old Galaxy I could go to any pon the web and share it on FB, email, messaging. Guess what …no such option! How in the hell someone was smart enough to block this option in the era of social networking. You need to go and save it with hassle and then make separate effort to open FB for ex and post it.The volume in call is lower then in old Galaxy. There are some things which are not enough comfy, anyway burning issue is on top of that, lol

  11. Kade_mae says:

    Just got mine and after just 5 minutes of it being in my hand, it’s quite hot. Kind of concerned I am going to have to give it back and switch to a different phone.