Droid RAZR ICS update still near for Verizon US, sorry Australia: UPDATED

We’ve been closely following the Verizon Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX Android 4.0 ICS update saga for the U.S with all its various twists and turns. A short time ago some news came to light about problems with the ICS update for these devices in Australia, causing concern that there would be further delays in the US. However it seems there’s no need to worry as the Droid RAZR ICS update is still close stateside.

The RAZR ICS update for Verizon has been anything but smooth, with rumored dates coming and going, mystery texts and more. However a few days ago we finally had the news that the update had been released to beta users followed by a tip off that it may appear on June 27, although of course that is not yet confirmed. We now have news that Motorola has officially announced that the ICS update for the Droid RAZR has now been delayed for Australia and will no longer roll out in Q2 as originally stated.

Even though leaked builds had come out, issues have seemingly arisen causing Motorola to push back the ICS update for Australia and the news doesn’t look great for some other countries too. Droid-Life brings the news that a Motorola support forums “MotoXpert” says that the problem will affect the ICS update in further regions. This of course led to concerns that those waiting for the Verizon ICS update in the US could also be affected with conflicting news coming in but thankfully we have further news that seems to support the Verizon Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX update is still close.

While Australia will have to wait a while longer, an update to Droid-Life’s story tells how Verizon has just posted ICS support documents for the update and this is usually a very good indicator that a release is only days away. ICS build 6.16.211 has now been approved by Big Red and it sounds as though the update will be worth the long wait with global roaming support, Smart Actions app update, a new video dubbed ‘feature,’ stability and performance improvements and much more. Gotta Be Mobile also reports on the fact that the ICS update release notes have now been posted by Verizon and that there will be an official announcement that the update is ready very soon.

All the news today for US Motorola Droid RAZR owners then is extremely promising but sorry Australia, it seems as though owners there still have a while to wait. If you are one of the many waiting for the US Verizon ICS update for the Droid RAZR or RAZR MAXX are you heartened by the latest news? Maybe you’re still annoyed it’s taking so long? Perhaps you’re one of the unfortunately RAZR users in Australia that won’t be getting the update just yet? Let us know with your comments.

UPDATE: We are pleased to tell you that the latest news on this is that the ICS update for Verizon Motorold Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX will be rolling out from today, June 22, as reported by Engadget and officially announced by Motorola. Although it starts today it could take some time to rollout to everyone but it may be worth manually checking your device under system updates from time to time. If you hit the Motorola link above you can see more on the update and also view some videos.


12 thoughts on “Droid RAZR ICS update still near for Verizon US, sorry Australia: UPDATED”

  1. Angel Raines says:

    I wish it would hurry up been waiting what seems like forever. The phone is awesome in its self but I would really really love to have ICS asap! Hopefully it will help with the dreadful battery drain. And secretly I wanna prove my bf that RAZR is way better than iPhone 4s lol. 🙂
    Witch at the moment he is positively certain iPhone is the best. I can’t wait to get the ICS update. 🙂

    1. Gambrej says:

      Why does your battery drain my razr gets great battery life. I can get at least 22 hours on mine with pretty extreme use. Do you use the smart actions?

      1. Angry_Of_Mayfair says:

        My battery life is appalling! Even with Smart Actions, I’m lucky to get 8 hours with moderate use. Juice Defender has helped, but I’m having issues with the capacitive touch as well. Motorola have been helpful, but Optus here in Australia  have been dicking around for the last couple of weeks. Love the RAZR’s abilities, but I’m getting a bit pissed off with the quality issues. Hmmmmm

    2. Jmat2122 says:

      Our RAZR is already better than the iphone 4s. The ICS will just make even better. I am anxious to get it. Hope its soon, but I don’t mind waiting as long as there are not bugs, then it’s worth the wait 🙂

    3. Rnsbld says:

      I couldn’t afford the RAZR MAXX at the time, and I use smart actions also. So now when I’m at work I just put it on sleep while I’m not on break…I work 12hr shifts. And if i don’t put it to “sleep” it will be dead by the time I get off work

  2. Drummerman_69 says:

    After speaking to a higher level at Motorola yesterday evening I was able to find out today they have released it to at least 20,000 devices today and will release more tomorrow. The hole soak process will take 5 days and then will be available for you to manually pull if you didn’t get the ota update!

  3. Diordna11 says:

    Keep it up Moto/Verizon and you’ll lose thousands of customers to the IPhone 5. Had I not bought my Maxx just 3 weeks ago I would really be angry. It’s only getting worse and I can’t imagine what it will be like in another year. If you are listening Verizon, get you s*#@ together and start taking care of your customers.

  4. Vin King says:

    I’m with Diordna11 on this one. I really hate Motorola and Verizon for sticking to their published release dates of Q2, and for ignoring the dates that CNET made up that said I should have had this weeks ago, despite the fact that I own an incredible phone anyways. I hate that they refused to follow all the rumors that reporters took from conjecture on forums and reported as news, and didn’t even stop to consider that if they were going to make the decision not to adhere to the rumors as they promised us they would, they didn’t even tell us that they weren’t going to be following the timeline herpaderp_guy_42 posted in broken English. That’s completely unforgivable. Companies as large as Motorola should be looking at the forums and when fungirl86 posts that she thinks it’ll come out in May, they need to make sure it comes out in May. They promised us May the minute they didn’t say that the date ididurmomlol wasn’t the date they were going to be following. I’m switching to iPhone, because they follow the release dates that random people like H8vzw post on forums 100% of the time, and they’re so much better because AT&T doesn’t do this. They need to take care of us so much better than this. We’re getting a free update to a phone that works perfectly fine in a sane timeframe, and that’s intolerable. There’s only 8 or 9 phones on the entire market that run this version of Android, and my phone is getting upgraded only now? Why should my phone be one of the first phones to be upgraded to this new version so soon? I hate Motorola and Verizon for doing this to me. 

    1. Diordna11 says:

      You are such an idiot. ICS has been out since November and the Maxx was released in January and just because there are only a few phones running ICS currently that doesn’t make Androids update timelines acceptable. Let’s see, Jelly Bean will roll out in the next few weeks so we will be down one version right out of the gate. I could care less what the forums are saying or what the bloggers are speculating. All that matters is what Androids biggest competitor is doing with regards to updates and I’m no Apple fan.

  5. Ketpat1 says:

    That too bad!! I’m Asian user. They promised Me to update razr then I have to wait for their promise for 7 months or later. That enough moto..this will be my lastest device for u brand. Byebye!