Droid RAZR ICS update reaches beta users release in days: Update

There are many Android users becoming more frustrated as the months tick by since the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system was released last year, and many handsets are still waiting for the software to arrive. Today we have news that the Motorola Droid RAZR ICS update has reached beta users for final testing, and a release could be only days away.

The ongoing saga with the update for Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX users has been getting increasingly frustrating in the last couple of weeks, as we recently told you about SMS messages that some owners were receiving saying the release was close were not actually from Verizon but spam. All is not lost though as despite this it seems the update is still only days away, as the Android Community are reporting that the Android 4.0 update has begun rolling out to testers on Motorola’s Feedback Network.

If there are no issues with the update it could be available to all users within the next week, and will help ease the frustrations that some users have been experiencing waiting for the new operating system to arrive. The latest Android ICS build from Motorola; version 6.16.211 has landed for Feedback users handsets, and is available here for others to try if you dare.

The Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX have both proven to be popular handsets, and the RAZR HD is also on route with Android ICS already on board, which will further frustrate owners of the two devices. This latest news though does mean that Motorola is finally getting closer to releasing the new software soon, and if all is well with it and Verizon gives the nod it could arrive by the weekend or early next week.

While owners of a number of Android smartphones are still waiting for ICS to arrive, we can’t be that much longer away from hearing about the next version of the operating system. Are you tired of waiting for ICS to arrive on your handset? Update: Droid Life are suggesting the software will be coming on June 27th.


12 thoughts on “Droid RAZR ICS update reaches beta users release in days: Update”

  1. Max_headspace says:

    VZW Support ‏@VZWSupport
    @_JessicaJacobs The text was valid. Android 4.0 will be released soon, however I have no exact date. Thank you for your patience! ^AE
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  2. Clevenger23 says:

    Why so early in the morning because the soak was released late yesterday and he may not of found out the same second. Since those in the soak program are supposed to stay silent about anything motorola send them..I know cause I soak test for there different phones

  3. Jrobers says:

    This garbage is worse than The Jersey Shore. I’m done with all of it. I have been anxiously anticipating ICS’s release but I give up now. Too much disinformation. When it comes it comes. I’m off the roller coaster. I’m not going to go so far as to say I’m never buying Motorola or Verizon again, but I will say my confidence has wained significantly. The wait has just been too long to outweigh the satisfaction.

  4. Mister_ Rash says:

    ass holes both google and motorola I was buying Nexus but instead went for Razr. I cant express my level of frustration screw u google and motorla after you have lost a customer.No wonder why Samsung is the android leader as shits already hit the fan with MOTO

    1. kissmyass says:

      dude Google has nothing to do with updating the droid razr its all verizon so stfu

  5. Mister_ Rash says:

    Plus Iam based in Australia so that means  wait another umteen days after the US get the update

  6. Jon says:

    Hopefully we see the update roll out soon. Im really tired of reading forums saying that the update will arive soon. After a few months of that its pretty clear that no one can give us a straight answer. Very frustrating. Had moto and verizon just said that ics would be here june 20th or 27th or whatever last year i wouldnt mind. At least we would know and not have to get our hopes up over and over again. Oh well.

  7. Jlavelle42 says:

    I know that if Google comes out with the five nexus devices this fall ill be buying one so this is no longer a problem I hate all this pointless waiting

  8. Salvatoresapia says:

    I love motorola bur sometimes i’m tempted to buy samsung devices couse their punctuality with the promises of updates

    1. Jackmycock says:

      I would love if people like you shut the hell up and stop bitching over crap you can’t. Change you sissy punk.