Microsoft Surface tablets may be primed for action this summer

The competition in the tablet PC market is really ramping up now as Microsoft has now announced some new own branded devices, which are thought to be ready for action this summer as another company prepares to do battle with the Apple iPad.

As expected Microsoft has announced it is entering the tablet PC market, and as Cnet are reporting the company is going to offer two Microsoft branded tablets that will come with the Surface branding. Microsoft is not actually going to make the new tablets itself, and instead will follow a similar trend to its Xbox console by putting its name on the devices.

So far the company hasn’t revealed any pricing or availability for the devices, but officials are saying this will become available nearer to the tablet PCs being released to consumers. Pricing is believed to be comparable with an Intel Ultrabook-class PC or an ARM tablet.

The Windows 8 and Windows RT, Microsoft’s Windows on ARM operating system, are thought to be released to manufacturers this summer with the end of July being tipped, and many believe it will be on the shelves around August.

First up is the Surface for Windows RT that is a 10.6-inch device that will feature Student 2013 RT and Office Home, and it will also have support for a magnetically attachable cover that allows users to touch type and a kickstand. This will be configurable either as a 32 GB or 64 GB device.
Meanwhile the Surface Windows 8 Pro unit also has a 10.6-nch display with the same cover option, and is configurable as either a 64 GB or 128 GB tablet PC with pen support.

Currently it is not known who is going to manufacture the devices for Microsoft, but Samsung provided the Surface 2.0 device that is the latest version of the company’s Surface tabletop computer. Some of the other specifications include a full size USB port, 16:9 HD Display, integrated kickstand, Touch Cover that is 3mm pressure sensitive that senses keystrokes as gestures.

The Surface for Windows 8 Pro weighs 903 grams and is 13.5mm thick, and also features a microSDXC, mini DisplayPort, 2×2 MIMO antennae, USB 3.0, and is powered by an Intel i5 chip. While the Surface for Windows RT weighs 676 grams only 9.3mm thick, and is powered by an Nvidia Tegra processor. It seems that the Apple iPad has an even bigger fight on its hands in the coming months. Do you think these tablet PCs can be successful for Microsoft?


One thought on “Microsoft Surface tablets may be primed for action this summer”

  1. emil vinberg says:

    its about time some one with alittle more knowledge than app[e steps in windows 8 and a much better rams ,if this is made for microsoft by samsung i would say apple will lose alot,apple had the market long enough.the bigest problem is there are getting to be to much phones and tablets to choose from and itsalso hard to figure out which one because by the time you select an other one alittle better comes to the market or wishful thinking by not putting the device on the counters.i just hope there can be some sort of a limit.but you cant stop progress,so i guess will just have to becareful when we select.thank you for keeping us informed it sure helps alot thank you.PHONE REVIEW