Droid RAZR ICS disappointment as Verizon update texts spam

Sadly we feel as though there’s going to be a great deal of disappointment today regarding the Android 4.0 ICS update for the Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX. Many people have become frustrated by the wait for the ICS update and texts apparently send out by Verizon last Friday confirmed the update was coming soon. However Verizon has now issued a statement to say that the texts were in fact spam.

The 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX smartphones on Verizon has become somewhat of an issue after the long wait for the upgraded operating system and many felt let down after the rumored June 12 update failed to materialize. After this Verizon issued a tweet to say that no date had yet been set for the update to be rolled out but then everything changed on Friday with widely reported news that Verizon Wireless was sending out texts to Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX owners with confirmation that the update would be coming soon.

This was a certain consolation to some customers who were at least assured that the ICS update was imminent and we told how RAZR and RAZR MAXX customers were reporting receiving these texts from Verizon. It seems that some owners of these devices on Verizon received the text from Big Red while others reported they had received no such text. Sadly we now have news that the purported Verizon texts were no such thing and were in fact spam.

We heard this from GamenGuide and we realize from comments to our previous articles just how many people this is likely to upset. Verizon confirmed the texts did not come from them with a message on its support page Twitter account in response to a customer saying they had not received the ICS text. The Verizon response includes the words, “We are not aware of any texts being sent about ICS update.” You can see the tweet below this story but Verizon didn’t include any further details of the ICS update becoming available.

This news is sure to cause some annoyance and consternation as we still seem no closer to knowing when the Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX will receive a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. We’d like to ask how you feel about this news. Were you one of the many people who received a text about ICS, claiming to be from Verizon? After hoping that the update was about to release how do you feel about still not knowing how much longer it will be? Let us know with your comments.


23 thoughts on “Droid RAZR ICS disappointment as Verizon update texts spam”

  1. Omer Zaitman says:

    I think the way Motorola is handling this is just embarrassing. It’s almost 4 months since the S2 update and it feels like Motorola is doing us a favor by being kind enough to blurt out the ambiguous “Q2” BS chart. 
    Really sucks to check everyday for updates for the past 3 months.
    And they never acknowledge any rumors or leaks to either confirm or deny them.

    Just give us something. 

  2. JBRazr says:

    It is truly becoming an annoyance on the part of both Motorola and Verizon. I can’t believe neither company said anything to dispell the rumors about the update supposedly coming on June 12. At least do your customers the courtesy of not getting their hopes up just to push them down the stairs…

  3. Does anyone really expect either Verizon or Motorola to care? They are both multi-billion dollar corporations who care not a bit about their customers. All that matters to Big Red and Moto are fleecing their customers of as much money as possible – and having so many lawyers in tow that even if they are legally wrong one wold spend so much time and money trying to prove it that you would go bankrupt and be dead long before any legal settlement occurred,

  4. oxcon says:

    btch btch btch. If you’re so hard up for something other than GB, root your phone and move to Eclipse. Once the official ICS update is released, move back to stock and update.

  5. Sthunaha669 says:

    just sold my razr and got htc quad core ics  shud ov waited for htc instead ov wastin mony on razr wich i got because it was suposed to get ics 4 months ago compleate wast off time shame because its a good phone just sold on a promice that aint gona happen

  6. Dbosdell says:

    Did not receive those texts, have been waiting pattiently but getting very tired of waiting. I feel us razr owners are notgetting the full benefits of our smartphones as most others are running on ics

  7. JA says:

    I’m waiting too, but doesn’t anyone here anything more important to do than whine about their phone? 

    Read a book.  Go for a job.  Play a game with your kids.  Kiss your wife.  Put your priorities in perspective.  Geez.

  8. Kevangstewart says:

    I’m frusterated too. Although, my last phone was a Fascinate and after hearing about dates that came and went…When I did finally get Gingerbread, my phone became a smoldering heap of trash. Blame Samsung, blame Motorola, blame Verizon…who knows? The bottom line is this: all of the big carriers and manufacturers make pleanty of dough, do you think they want to offer failed promises? Of course not. A 30 Billion dollar profit margin is nice, but who wouldn’t want more. Do they make failed promises? Of course they do. So what’s the lesson here? Find a good deal on a plan, find a phone that you’re happy with, as is and change carriers if you’re so inclined, but remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the hill and I’m sure there are pleanty of other folks with different phones and different networks that are just as upset as us. Just my $.02

    1.  What specific “lies” are you talking about? The ICS rollout schedule says Q2 2012. Last I checked, there’s still 11 days left.

      Oh wait… PLEASE tell me you’re not talking about that rumor that they were unlocking the bootloader… Some guy on the net says some Motorola employee told him they’d unlock and people actually believed him. Amazing.

  9. Data Control and Hardware rendering optimizations are really the only plus here.  I for one could care less about the visual aspect of things and honestly if the update could had been more incremental and focused on only the actual item that could have been vastly improved I wouldn’t mind staying GB.  Hell from a performance and development standpoint I would be more heated about the locked bootloader because when the update finally does drop it will undoubtedly be littered with crap that nearly no one wants, I say nearly because there’s always one idiot who prefers VZW Navigator much in the same way those same people still pay for AOL.

  10. CK says:

    Why is anyone surprised. VZW did the same thing with the NEXUS push back push back until they started hearing from the customers. I had the Nexus, loved ICS, switched to the MAXX for battery life and with the intent that VZW said that the MAXX would be receiving the update to ICS. SO……Now it looks like VZW is doing the same with Motorola as they did with Samsung a Google conflict. VZW doesn’t want to loose control or full control of the operating system. So they argue until someone gives in JUST GET DONE!!!!!!! Weee areee all tied of waiting… 

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