HTC One X Wi-Fi problem with Tegra 3s & advice to customers

Although the HTC One X has been one of the smash-hit smartphones of the year so far this HTC flagship device has not been without its problems. We recently told readers about an apparent design flaw and now we hear that HTC has acknowledged there is a Wi-Fi problem with the HTC One X. Furthermore it seems as though it is only the HTC One X with NVIDIA Tegra 3 processors that are affected and we have news on advice for HTC customers.

At the end of May we told about some customers having issues with the phone and then a few days ago we told how Wi-Fi problems that some users had noted were apparently due to a design flaw. It appears that users can check out whether their device is affected by the alleged defect by simply squeezing gently on the reverse of the handset between the volume and camera buttons and if the Wi-Fi signal drops on releasing the grip, after first going up, then your device has the connectivity issue.

Now we hear that HTC has acknowledged this problem and HTC Europe has issued a statement. Speaking of “isolated reports” it tells how the area around the WiFi antenna connection points can be strengthened with a fix. Changes have been made to the production process to stop this problem happening and HTC say it is committed to customer experience and that it is conducting a comprehensive investigation and apologizes for the inconvenience. While this is all well and good it still leaves questions to be answered about the HTC One X and how many customers and regions are affected.

You may be interested to know then that a further report on the HTC One X has now cropped up saying that it seems to be only NVIDIA Tegra3 quad-core models of the One X that have been affected by this Wi-Fi problem according to an HTC spokesperson. That means the Snapdragon S4 processor with LTE variant sold on AT&T in the US should not be affected along with any other LTE model.

The latest advice from HTC if your HTC One X seems to be affected by this issue is to call your regional HTC customer support service (phone numbers for regions here) and they will talk you through what to do next. While you may be able to change your affected HTC One X where you purchased it, it’s best to try customer support first as advice will vary by country.

While people will be understandably frustrated if their phone is affected it’s good that HTC is taking action to remedy this situation. We’d like to hear from readers if they have an HTC One X affected with this issue. If you have already contacted HTC, how has this been handled? Was the company able to resolve your problem and how? Were you satisfied with the response? Let us know with your comments.

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  1. Rojas Francisco 23 says:

    I bought the One X this last sunday and I have a hard time with Wifi. I call HTC Spain, which is where am from, and they didnt come up with a solution. The people from customer service just told me I should go to advanced and mark “best wifi performance”, but still nothing. My phone keeps having problems connecting to wifi. I have no other option but to return the phone and get the samsung s3. I’ve always had HTC phones and it’s not the first time I have problem with these phones. Plus, this quadcore phone’s not as fast as they say it is. I spent 529 euros for nothing!

  2. Rhorner1990 says:

    I have been having this problem for about 3 weeks now. I cannot get any signal whatsoever! But if I put pressure on the case the WiFi signal shoots right up. I have been in touch with HTC UK and they tried blaming my router at first until I said that I knew it was a hardware problem, then they tell me to get in touch with o2 And see what they say! oh and for HTC to repair it could take up to a month!!

  3. Dalewarren says:

    I noticed this problem a couple of days ago.  Rang Orange and they are going to swap the phone tomorrow with a brand new one, impressed with the service!

  4. Shobhitagarwal99 says:

    I have given the phone to the service center. They say that the phone will either be changed or repaired but will take at least 2 weeks.

  5. Christopher Beamish says:

    I returned mine about 3 weeks ago and am getting a new replacement in the next few days. I hope my new one doesn’t have the same problems.

  6. Leon says:

    Got my phone while moving house so only really noticed the poor wi-fi reception since the router’s come back on. Shame as apart from the Wi-Fi issue it’s a brilliant hand set. Have taken it into O2 who have sent it off for exchange. Fingers crossed. 

  7. sohibutt says:

    I have my HTC one x from my insurance company and the day I got this phone I left for my holidays to Dubai so never notice but when I came back I have problem with WiFi signals and by pressing between camera and volume button I got signals . going to send back to my insurance company now.

  8. wrighty says:

    October 2012 UK unbranded One x. a phone call to HTC customer services and they picked it up for repair three days later (two were weekend days). full facotory reset required before returning. stated repair would take up to seven days.

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