New iOS device dock connector could be magnetic & 19-pin

It has long been rumored that Apple might introduce a smaller dock connector for iOS devices including the upcoming iPhone 5 and we are beginning to hear more details filter through about a replacement for the current 30-pin connector. There appears to be more evidence of a smaller 19-pin connector along with the possibility that it could be magnetic, although of course none of this is yet official.

We recently told of rumors regarding the iPhone 5 screen size and connector and this latest news seems to back up the change in connector coming up for iOS devices. A smaller dock connector would certainly make sense, giving room for other components and reducing the size of iOS devices further. Now rear shells from a purported next-generation iPhone have come to light that show a smaller aperture for the dock connector and if accurate then this looks as though it will feature on the next iPhone.

News of this comes from MacRumors, sourced from TechCrunch, and says a 19-pin connector has been “independently verified” although there were no further details of size or form factor. However it was stated that it was likely to come to the new iPhone. Accessory manufacturers will have to come up with new designs so have a chance to make more money, however they run the risk of being left with outdated stock. Of course those already using accessories for iOS devices with a larger dock connector will have incompatible accessories for the next iOS devices, if indeed the smaller connector does appear, which may perturb some owners.

In further news on this it seems that amid comments on the Tech Crunch post are some from Robert Scoble, famed tech blogger, who claims knowledge from an industry expert. Scoble says that the new dock connector will have chips to verify licensing for iOS products and also that it will be magnetic, similar to how the MagSafe connector for Mac notebooks works. He also states that the new smaller connector would make water damage less likely.

We’d like to know how you feel about a smaller 19-pin connector for iOS devices. Do you think it’s a good move for the reasons we’ve given such as reducing device size or adding more components? Maybe you’re aggrieved at the news because of the many accessories that will become obsolete? Send us your comments and let us know where you stand on this issue.


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