Nike+ Running speeds to Android for free

It’s seems like an almost daily event now that we see popular iOS applications being ported over to the Android platform, and today we can tell you about the successful Nike+ Running application that has been released for Android and is a free download to boot.

What is being called the most popular running application is now available for Android users, and it lets them to map their runs and track their progress to help them keep the motivation needed to reach their goals.

No matter where you are running even if it’s on a treadmill your handsets accelerometer and GPS will accurately record the distance, pace, and time of your run, and audio feedback is provided that will let users know these measurements at every mile to help keep them focused on their run.

Users are even provided with cheers from their Facebook friends when they announce that they have started a run, and users can tag friends that they have ran with and share a map of the route taken with friends and family.

There is the option of setting up PowerSongs that allows users to pick favourite tracks to help give them a boost while running with a simple tap of a button. A Run Summary makes it easy for users to see the route taken and keep a track on how they felt, the weather, and the terrain tackled during the run.

Up to seven previous runs can be compared that will give new insights based on a users latest activity each time the application is launched. There is the option for users to sync their runs with the Nikeplus.com website so maps can be seen on a larger screen. Already Nike+ Running has been gaining favourable reviews from Android users and to find out more and to download head over to Google Play.