Firefox for Android app makes new big improvements

There’s good news today for Android device owners as the Mozilla Firefox app for Android has had an overhaul and the new version is now available. This could offer big improvements to your browser experience and one of the main messages from Mozilla about the app is that it’s “screaming fast.” We have details and a download link so read on for more.

Some of the changes to Firefox on Android include a personalized start page, HTML 5 capabilities, tabbed-browsing mobile optimum support, Firefox Add-ons, and what Mozilla has dubbed the new Awesome Screen, powered by Firefox Sync. Awesome Screen is the new home page and a way of getting all your browsing history, bookmarks etc. to your Android phone. The app also offers Flash support and of course there are notable privacy and security features.

As far as those screaming fast speeds are concerned, Mozilla say that the new Firefox for Android is “significantly faster” than any other stock browser shipped on an Android phone. News of the new-look Firefox for Android app came to us from BGR where you can also see Mozilla’s press release. The Firefox Android app can be downloaded from Google Play here. It’s a free app and compatible with devices running Android 2.2 or later and will offer a desktop browsing experience to your Android device. You can see a full list of compatible Android devices for use with this app here.

So that you can see what Firefox for Android offers we’ve embedded a video below this story with an overview look for your viewing pleasure. News of a hands-on experience with the app comes to us from Engadget who seem pretty impressed with the increased speed and also the smoothness of navigating, zooming and tab switching. Ultimately they describe the new Firefox for Android as “a welcome addition to the Android ecosystem.”

We’d like to hear what you think of the revamped Firefox for Android. Are you itching to start using it? Maybe you’ve already downloaded the new app and could let us know your opinions on it so far? Send us your comments about Firefox for Android.


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