Rumours of iPhone 5 release brought forward as pressure mounts

The Apple iPhone has just celebrated its fifth birthday and was originally launched at a time where smartphone competition was pretty weak and has since gone from strength to strength. Times have changed though and the pressure is mounting from the competition, but today we also have rumours that the iPhone 5 release has been brought forward.

Samsung recently launched its Galaxy S3 smartphone that has seen demand outstrip supply as fans of the platform clamber to get hold of the device, but there are other worthy Android handsets either already available or in the pipeline. The platform is seeing a large number of handsets being released that feature stunning displays, which are also larger and better equipped for the things that are now thrown at smartphones.

While there has been plenty of speculation that Apple will finally increase the size of the display with the iPhone 5, it’s only thought to come in at 4-inches where many Android smartphones are 4.3-inches or above. The release of the iPhone 5 is believed to be coming during the fall and be around a year after the iPhone 4S made its debut, but according to an article over at CENS component suppliers are saying that Apple may bring the release of the iPhone 5 forward to August.

It is being claimed that Apple is doing this to take advantage of the return to school business in the US around that time, and that the company may start getting delivery of the components for the handset from Taiwanese suppliers. Industry sources are suggesting that the supply chain for the iPhone 5 will kick into gear during July before shipment in August, and Apple is supposed to be pushing suppliers to speed up shipments with a focus on delivery.

Changes to the handset are also thought to lead to the supply chain in Taiwan getting a makeover, as the handset is tipped to have a slim form factor that will use in-cell touch panel technology. It does make you wonder about the validity of these claims though as the back to school program normally focuses on Apple’s Mac computers, but Apple do have a history of surprising everyone and arguably need it this year more than most.

Do you think we will see the iPhone 5 in August?


9 thoughts on “Rumours of iPhone 5 release brought forward as pressure mounts”

  1. Alvinrieske says:

    It wont be August, I wish. Whenever they release it, it will sell just fine.

  2. Sa Rehman2007 says:

    I am very eagerly waiting for the release of i phone 5 before my birthday ie in sep2012

  3. Guest says:

    Another rush-released iPhone would hurt them in the market. This’s been done with the 4S.