Sony acknowledges Xperia S Android ICS update problems

Now that Google have announced the next version of the Android operating system it will further heighten the frustration that many users feel while waiting for their device to receive an update. There is still a huge number of pretty recent hardware waiting to get updated to Ice Cream Sandwich, and today we can tell you that Sony acknowledges the Xperia S Android ICS update problems.

Just a week ago now we told you that the Sony Xperia S Android Ice Cream Sandwich update had begun rolling out to users handsets, which came after there was some surprise that the device originally shipped running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Things have not been running smoothly though since the update began its push out to owners and as an article on Recombu is reporting there have been some snags.

For some reason the handsets that had an SI number that Sony had listed as ready for the upgrade have had difficulty upgrading to the new software. Sony has stated that it is now aware and stated “We have located some issues and we’re working on fixing them as soon as possible. So if your SI number is listed for the ICS update but you still get the message saying that your phone is up-to-date stay calm we’re working on it. We will come back with more info soon”.

When the update procedure was begun users were met with the message that their handset was already running the latest version of the Android operating system, which was listed as Gingerbread 2.3.7. Sony has promised to re-release the Ice Cream update for the Sony Xperia S, and once installed it will offer users native app and notification dismissal.

There will also be improved battery life with a number of user interface enhancements and tweaks such as the Walkman equaliser. Owners are advised to keep checking their device to see if things change. Did your Sony Xperia S get updated to Android ICS?


40 thoughts on “Sony acknowledges Xperia S Android ICS update problems”

  1. Jitendra Kalarav says:

    Yes. Its rolled out in India. I updated my Xperia s today morning,,,

    1. Tushar dhawan says:

      hey as u hav updated to ics are u having any problems wid the phone ?? like slowing down and battery issues ? 

      1. Haroon says:

         I also updated it to the swiss ics version. no problems from it at all and for me it seems battery life is a lot better.

        1. Tanishaq_patel says:

           hey i have sony xperia U.can i upgrade my os?can xperia u rolling out ics os?

          1. Priit Erika says:

             Download Sony Update Centre, even though I was told I can’t get update for my phone atm that progam still worked fine. No issues on my phone, remember to disable animations and effects for longer battery life. Gallery needs to be re-added as an shortcut and Surround Sound is hidden but works also.

  2. Mine says:

    yes, i found my SI number last night and updated it right away. so far, no problems with the update. let’s see what happens next…

  3. Manu Chandla says:

    they also stated that they will update xperia u also to ICS ……. is there any decision taken over it…. or some other issue is there

  4. Sonysimon says:

    No it’s a terrible phone anyway trying to return it to orange total junk

  5. MotorolaBurnedMe says:

    This is why you should only ever buy a phone that is already as you want it, and never as a phone not quite as you want it, but the manufacturer has promised to upgrade it some time in the future…

  6. If you phone is getting hang and lag then please factory reset it and rest the setting this will wipe out all you setting bugs error and apps from phone it will be as new phone, then connect it to comp and repair it via Sony PC Companion 2.1 and repair your phone this will help you out to solve many problems and if possible try to turn off auto update for e.g. Facebook, Twitter, G+, News weather, remove the weather widget from home screen, Evernote, turn of instant upload from G+ and drop box (if you have installed), this will help you for bat trey life…

  7. Lotuseater says:

    This phone is by far the most useless and unserviceable piece of junk ever.Ive reverted back to my old samsung E2120 which is archaic but has  better line and online connections and actually responds when i touch it.

    1. Apper26 says:

      I’m sure you don’t own this phone!  The screen should be verry respossive if not than you have to send it for repair! stupid 

  8. GaiusLucius says:

    Somehow I am very skeptical about the original news. Although I think the Xperia S is an excellent phone. The announcement I believe was due to Sony being under pressure, so they gave an incoherent list as a start to give a sigh to its customers. The list of serial numbers has a vast range and from production of these handsets one would think a serial number in the range of 3000 would have been purchased sometime before a number in the 6000 range.  Yet Both number ranges appear as a first update. I believe the pressure was on, especially with announcements from competitors. Like Microsoft they push out the hardware/software for sales, and let us wear the pain until remedies, fixes or updates materialize at their own pace. The number question here is why is this simply not a downloadable upgrade for all to access NOW! ALL manufacturers of programmed hardware have pushed us for years to download, we were told it was much easier that way! The answer is self evident!

  9. Stephenwithaph2010 says:

    I tried to upgrade my Xperia S and it crashed halfway through upgrade then it turns on to Sony screen then flashes up a triangle with a yellow exlimation mark with a phone next to it then I rang Sony they told me to download another programme to upgrade a different way that didn’t work so NOW I have to SEND it back to Sony so they can repair it which can take upto 10 days

    How crap is that service

    Upgrade the phone they tell me to and it goes horribly wrong and I’m without a phone for 10 days this sucks

    Not a happy customer at all

  10. Bob Appels says:

    Still no update available for me. 
    Waiting for 2 weeks now and still waiting…..
    My SI number still not appears in the list and I’m not sure it will ever appear in the list. 
    My number is 1257-0954. 

    Does anyone have any idea when the ICS update should arrive for my phone? 

    I’m living in The Netherlands btw. 

    1. Mike says:

      Hi I don’t know what network you are on in Holland, I can tell you this. I spoke to O2 in UK about the ICS update, after hearing many BS stories and some which have some truth, thought I would get it from a network operator directly. Managed to speak to one of their guru’s who tells me they have the software and are presently testing it, and apparently it will be available in about 2 weeks. Now IF you have an unlocked phone/sim free you can download from them directly. I also hear that 3 Network has already released it, I see talk on google, but when I go to three website I dont see any method to download??? Though someone on another android site said, you could download from their site straight onto your pc with phone connected. Still looking right now so lets see.

  11. Cocorinha says:

    For anyone frustrated by the Xperia S updating process with the update available but the process stuck at “preparing for update”, try the following: 
    – if it is the first time you are running the damn pc companion, restart the computer after installing it.
    – turn your firewall off
    -turn your antivirus off
    -run the update process. 
    Et voils, you should have the almost outdated Ice Cream Sandwich five months after it was out.

  12. Senthilrmohan says:

    Wow..My Sony Xperia S is upgraded to ICS before hours…I caunt believe it.Features are awesome.
    Thanks and looking for more features to come.

  13. nick says:

    My Sony Xperia S got updated with ICS but there are lots of bugs in it. I dont believe Sony released the update without even checking for the bugs.

    1. The auto screen rotation is not as efficient as it was in GB.
    2. The facebook app shows the arrow in a different direction whether u select the messages or Notification.
    3. The Email is not updating itself, need to always refresh for checking new mails.
    4. The call log page takes time to open up but in GB it was very very fast.
    5. And the worst:  The wifi hotspot application is not at all working. My other phone connects & disconnects the wifi connection.
    6. The desktop icons are also making the homescreen scrolling slow. Loading three widgets or four was never the issue of slowness in GB but now am getting irritated with this update.

  14. guest says:

    My Phone is stuck for 2 hours after restart it says “Android is upgrading… starting applications” is this normal? how long this process takes?

  15. Raitkn says:

    My Phone is the same, downloaded by Wi Fi and now stuck at “starting applications” for the last 2 hours…anyone got any suggestion????

  16. Jet_jon says:

    Just updated and walkman has stoped working. plus cant figure out how to take screen shots anymore 🙁

  17. Steven_brown11 says:

    Hi just updated my xperia s and im also having similar problems as other users with call log etc also there seems to be a yellowish patch now at th bottom of my screen can anyone help to when these will br fixed

  18. Waddy101 says:

    Now July 25th. Am still waiting for SI number to come up.Winning the lotto is probably easier. While I wait for ICS, the Galaxy Nexus I sold my son has gone (about 1 month ago) from ICS to Jelly bean.Do I need to say more

  19. Abbyframpton says:

    In the last week I have been having trouble using facebook on my Sony Xperia s. It flickers, can’t see anything other than a few seconds and screen goes either white or black. All other apps are still working as normal but I need advice in what could be the problem?? Please help!?

    1. Guest says:


      I was having the exact same problem with mine. It’s only been fixed by the automatic update to the phone’s operating system (called ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ weirdly) and now works fine. I just received a message telling me the latest system update was available and that automatically installed it for me. After that was done, I realised facebook app no longer has those weird problems (screen flicker, black screen for ages etc).

      I hope that’s useful. 😉

  20. Nying_71 says:

    Hi I was trying to update my Sony xperia s n the phone is not coming on now don know what to do to start it again

  21. Bartkom says:

    Don’t update yours device!
    After it I have lot of problems… including lot of non working games and applications 🙁
    I want back to my old Ginger Bread version!!!!

  22. gemma says:

    I have the same problem as the others, it say’s “android updating…starting applications” and it’s been like this for almost 4 hours already and I can’t turn it on or off. Now what to do about this?

  23. if u screen is freezing all time u look your e-mail like is happen to me is because the Xperia s need be updating but the big problem is this Xperia s don t let me updating . When i plug the lid into my lap top nothing happen, also the battery don t last one day and i need always charge my phone which annoying me. When i start to use this phone i thinking was a very good phone but now with all this problem i am tried to waiting for updating because if u don t update the phone don t work properly and with a not working- phone nobody is happy to pay for it especially when u are in contract.

  24. My xperia s is now just freezing up or going yellow then a black screen, I have to force close the phone as nothing works when it does this, do I goto sony or o2..? Thank you

  25. dragneel says:

    Hey..my fone xperia..problem..after i charge my fone..then..i unplag it my charge..then my fone..screen blank..why?that time was rain..i dont know..what happen..pls guys..help me..i weird..why my fone..still running..but..my screen still blank..pls help me tq