Droid RAZR ICS update, some receive rollout but others still wait :UPDATED

We’ve been writing about the Android 4.0 ICS update for the Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX on Verizon for some time, after the release to the public has taken a while coming. Recently we heard officially that the rollout was beginning but it seems that while others have now reported receiving the update there are still plenty of other people waiting.

This has been quite a saga but in a nutshell many people feel they’ve been kept far too long waiting for the ICS update for these two prominent handsets. After some amount of consternation and dates that came and went we finally told here that Motorola had now officially stated the update would begin rolling out to users on June 22. We also told how the arrival of the ICS update might occur over a few days but that it was worth checking your phone for updates every now and then. However that was now exactly a week ago and we know that some are still waiting.

Following this a few days ago we gave readers some video news of the ICS update shown on a Droid RAZR MAXX and noted that the update didn’t seem to have hit the public in a widespread way just yet. We also pointed out though that the video mentioned a date of June 27 and so hoped that those who hadn’t already received the update might have done so by then. We had plenty of comments to this article though, from Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX users all over the US saying they still had not received ICS and only a couple of users reporting that they had so far received it.

Now a new report on Droid-Life tells how with the soak test completed, some of their readers report that they have now received the Android 4.0 ICS update, either yesterday or on the previous evening. However it seems that plenty of others still haven’t got that ICS flavor as there are literally hundreds of comments on their article saying they are still waiting.

We’d like to hear from our readers about this situation. Are you one of the fortunate ones to already have received the update? Maybe you’re one of the many who are still waiting in frustration for the ICS update? Let us know by sending your comments and to get some idea of how widespread the issue is it would be helpful if you could also mention your location.

UPDATE: Droid-Life now reports that the ICS update for the Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX is now live and should be available for everybody. If you haven’t already got it then head to Settings>About>System Update. Hopefully all of you who were still waiting according to the comments below now have access to the update. Enjoy!


354 thoughts on “Droid RAZR ICS update, some receive rollout but others still wait :UPDATED”

      1. Renfro says:

        Got my update the night of 27th! I got a message from motorola a few hours before the update telling me it was coming soon and then my phone beeped after I went to bed telling me there was an update available. ICS is awesome!

  1. Dmpearce520 says:

    I have the Razr Maxx out here in southern California and nothing yet. Frustrated by the vague and misleading rollout of ICS… If they were going to soak test and slowly release it over a time period they should made it clear to avoid frustration and confusion

  2. Matt says:

    Im from NJ in the north east am checking my phone every hour and still have not received the update quite ridiculous guess im gonna keep waiting.

  3. Mgarberproductions says:

    I’ve had this phone for a few months now and one of the main reasons why I bought it over the Nexus was because it was getting ICS and I quote “Soon” o.o I think Verizon and I have very different definitions of soon 

    1. Bigboijb15 says:

      You are 100% right. I could have had ice for quite some time now with the Nexus. I have nothing on my Razr here in Fayetteville, NC.

  4. Rob says:

    New jersey- im still waiting for the update as well. I dont understand why verizon hasnt pushed it to everybody at the same time. Its starting to get really annoying

  5. RickInGR says:

    I have been waiting ever since the purchase 4 months ago.  They told be ICS was coming out real soon.  Verizon misleads people (or lies) a lot.  I have learned through this process to never believe them.  I am still waiting for the update here in West Michigan.   I am very dissapointed in Verizon.

  6. Daboyz1208 says:

    Bought this phone with the expectation of getting ICS soon. This is BS. I have SPB Shell running so I’m getting to the point where I may not even installl ICS. Should have bought an iPhone.

  7. Ryan_dmorris says:

    Knoxville TN…I don’t know anyone with an update here. I will.definitely be switching to the iPhone 5. At least apple are available to everyone at once!!

  8. bill says:

    I have a razr still no update in san Antonio
    TX, I have a upgrade available but I am not going to use it because I see routinely
    that Verizon can’t deliver I am looking to move to another carrier

  9. Bogusaccount99 says:

    Still nothing. The lack of communication is just horrible. There has to be a plan in place. No fortune 500 Company just does things randomly. Why not share exactly the plan? They don’t want to share it because if something does go wrong they figure they will upset customers. Well, how many of us are already upset? I’m going on vacation and don’t want the update to hit while i’m traveling. I need reliable info.

  10. Pantelakis Mike says:

    From Atlanta. No update for me. However my mother has a Razr Maxx and got the notification Wednesday night that her phone will be updating soon, and it did so yesterday morning. I still have seen nothing! I will be switching to iPhone 5 in October. If one person in an area gets an update, everyone should!!!

  11. Nope, Motorola Droid Razr in SC with no update as of June 29, 2012. Disappointed. That is a lot of disappointment in Verizon after almost 20 years as a customer with Verizon/Alltell .  This new change they are putting into effect for new and old customers gets one to thinking about their carrier.

  12. Vicphi says:

    In Georgia. 3 Razrs in our house. One got update last Saturday morning early. Nothing yet on the other 2. Funny, the last one purchased got the update.

  13. bri says:

    Still waiting, Delaware.

    Thinking of giving up my relationship with Moto and going to another Android device…. hearing that some people are experiencing Jellybean…..

    Moto is too slow on the OS updates as well as, every time they make a phone, less than 2 months later, there is a better release…. Bionic, to Razr, to Maxx, and now HD is to come?

    Gnex? Galaxy SIII ? 


  14. California says:

    Tired of android coming out with new OS while the older smartphone gets stuck with the older versions. It’s like verizon forces your hand to get newest handsets to get the new android OS which even that will be outdated such as the new jelly bean. F verizon and going to sprint. Btw..fios is a complete joke. They have dumb lazy as ppl wo doesn’t know wtf there doing then over charge you on your bill.

  15. Mojoman39 says:

    Funny thing is First people said ” talk to a Verizon rep and he confermed the 27th”.  Then heard ” I talked to a Senior Verizon Rep and he said the 29th”  well as of 805am EST here in DC still getting my phone is up to date msg.  Hmm how can it be up to date yet i dont have the up to date Ice Cream Sandwich. 

    1. Slap_shift says:

      No update in Florence, Oregon yet, oh wait…. yeah we probably not even on the map, verizon,” where the f*** is Florence?” On the coast man! On the coast!!!

  16. Dbellezza says:

    Nothing yet in Dublin, Pa. My phone works great as it is so when it gets here it gets here. Certainly not worth losing sleep over.
    All good things to those who wait……

  17. Tbarner says:

    I got ICS pushed down to my Razr.  The big question is when will they be pushing Jelly Bean?  I pissed to the MAXX to not have Jelly Bean!!!

  18. Jrheyman06 says:

    Still waiting in Youngstown, OH.  Motorola and Verizon are a joke.  Whoever made the decision to provide false hopes to and leave all of their customers in the dark constantly checking for updates like a bunch of idiots needs to be fired.  Or maybe we should just start paying our bills with this reliability?

  19. Michael says:

    No update in Cookeville, TN. I look at it differently from others. The Maxx is a great phone with GB. I am pleased…ICS will get here when it does….patience people…

  20. GESevolved says:

    No update, Buffalo, NY.  If my cell phone was not through work, I’d gladly move back to Sprint and onto another handset.  But free is free I guess.  Still, this is a joke. 

  21. ldeaton says:

    Nothing. I was told by Verizon “advanced technical department” it went out on the 22nd and it would go out in batches, I guess I shouldn’t of given Verizon so much credit and remembered how much they lie. I’ve been checking my phone at least five times a day and still nothing. I’m about to give up.

  22. Jeff says:

    Nothing in cincinnati. Crazy aggravated. Hey verizon. BOOOOO! I would have got a different phone had i known it would b like this. When i got this phone i was told id have ics within 1 month. That was 4 months ago!

    1. Joaqfoo says:

      Same here I was torn between razr maxx battery life and galaxy nexus fast updates…they said being a flagship phone I would see the update in no time..that was in February

  23. Rgattshall says:

    Michigan still waiting.  I call Verizon this morning to ask what was going on and how was this update rolling out.  I was told by a customer service supervisor that he had gotten the update late last night on his phone and that he had been told that the updgrade is suppose to be completed by the end of Q2 which is exaclty one day from now 6/30.  He also said that they rolled this update out to groups in certian areas of the country.  I am eagerly waiting!!

  24. Sramirez78 says:

    Brooklyn NY and still have not received ICS.. have one friend in Youngstown Ohio and she has not received ICS along with another friend in Virginia…..

  25. Joaqfoo says:

    From Arizona but currently in Mississippi and still nothing…I swear I read that “no update” message too many times…I love my razr maxx but sometimes I wish I got the galaxy nexus because I would have had this months ago and would be looking at getting jelly bean already..google needs more dedicated phones so users can have quick updates but with better hardware choices…kind of the way apple does, as much as I hate iPhone i’m definitely jealous that they get timely updates

  26. Hendojake says:

    Still waiting in frustration I think it’s kinda bullshit how they went about releasing it, being all secretive then a week later saying something about jellybean, am I gonna have to just say screw it and download my own ROM?

  27. Herb Rabe says:

    Nothing in Chicago.  You may want to change the articles title based on comments across many sites to: “some receive roll-out, but MOST still wait”.  All Moto/Verizon need to do is make a unified statement to clear the confusion, but sit back and watch their customer base get frustrated.  That’s a recipe for disaster when contracts come up for renewal. 

  28. Prashants17 says:

    Nothing in NC, but not suprised at all had Nexus with ICS for 6 months and was dropping calls like crazy, it was a ICS related problem, switched to Maxx with stable service, I am sure they are being cautious with ICS as they know about the possible call drop issue and are trying to make sure all the bugs are out before the release, so I will wait for sometime, rather than have a ICS ready large screen calculator, which Nexus is proving to be….

  29. Theonewright says:

    a date of the real actual release is all we would need … tell me and im good … but this mabye it will be tomorow ISH.. is sTeWpId ………From now on google and verizon and moto need to get the dates released and then deliver on that deadline ..or have a respectful reasonable explanation why that deadline was not met…This is a business people .. time for you to act like customers really matter.

  30. Crazyman_73110 says:

    I received my new droid-razr todays ago in the mail and it did come with the new updates .  wad told the same thing when I bought the phone it been updated, “NOT”

  31. Xkaliber3088 says:


    Im also without the update as of this hours. After reading many of the recent comments, I’ve come to realize that i’m quite happy with my Droid maxx. If the update never came, I feel that this is still the best phone I’ve ever owned. It can only get better when the update comes. So with that being said…using all of my brain power (I Release You!)

      1. Steve541 says:

         oh yeah same carrier. It’s funny because im the one who has been anticipating and excited fir the ICS update and my wife had no idea about the update for the most part.

  32. 4chuns4less says:

    Based on what Ive read on numerous wesites. I’d give a guess that 95% of Razr/RazrMAXX owners DO NOT have the update. and of the 5% who do id day 3.5% of the were soak testers

      1. 4chuns4less says:

         I said its a guess based off the amount of comments Ive read,and ive read ALOT of comments. Just simply scroll throught this feed alone and you might find a small handful who got it

        1. Rgattshall says:

          Hmmm just checking I would guess that about 95% of your guesses are usually about 5% correct with 3.5% of those being complete B.S.

          Just messing with you I think the wait is driving everyone crazy.

          1. 4chuns4less says:

             Agreed…. I thionk everyone is upset cause Verizon just wont give any kind of update with a legit release date

  33. Rgattshall says:

    This wait is killing me I just hit the software update about 50 times in a minute.  I haven’t even received the text saying my phone will update!!! 

    1. Rgattshall says:

      That seems to be what many people are saying.  They get a message a few hours before the update starts.  I have no idea if everyone gets this message but I know I haven’t and I also don’t have ICS.

  34. RazrMAXX MD says:

    Do I want ICS ASAP? Yes.  Am I going to throw a temper tantrum like a 3 year old? God no. For all those people saying they would have gotten the Nexus instead of the Razr, just be happy you’ve had a phone that actually works for the past couple months.  I switched from the Nexus to the Razr because the reception was HORRIBLE.  Voice and data were practically unusable here in MD.  So although I miss ICS and have been patiently waiting for it to arrive for the Razr the last 5 months, I have had absolutely no regrets about switching to the MAXX.  It’s not like GB is DOS and ICS is Win 7.  Honestly, ICS is nice but there really isn’t THAT much to get hyped up over except “it’s new and better”.  Let me guess, the week after you have ICS you’ll be back on here b!tching about how we won’t be getting Jelly Bean any time soon?  /rage /cry /pout 

    Ditching Moto (and even Verizon) because ICS has taken longer than expected? Bye. Don’t let the door hit you in the @ss on the way out.  I shudder to think how you lead real/meaningful lives in the real world.  You’re probably the same entitled-for-no-reason trash I saw at a restaurant last week… berating their innocent server and demanding a full refund on their meal  last week because the appetizers were 5 minutes late.

  35. Loseyourself74 says:

    Newport Beach, Ca – No Update yet. My room mates both work for Verizon and have some sort of employee special edition Razr Maxx that has red accents. They both got the update on the first day. Verizon seems to be favoring it’s employees with the updates first. 

  36. Dcaptdan says:

    I would expect most the comments here are people who didn’t get the update yet since that’s probably the only reason your here to begin with. The people who got the update already are too busy playing with it to be here posting. Just my 2 cents.

  37. as per Motorola rep: “As I have checked, the full deployment of ICS update has officially started. The update will be sent via OTA randomly. You should be receiving an update notification on your phone. any moment from now or in the next couple of days. Let’s just wait for it. I hope you get it today or in the next coming days as the update is being rolled out to hundreds of thousands per batch. You can manually check for update from time to time: Go to Settings -> Tap About phone -> Tap System updates”

  38. Engine424 says:

    I have razr yet i still have not recieved the update for ics . at this rate we will get it just in time to have a new update come out.

  39. Chris says:

    I received my ICS update last Friday, exactly one week ago. Been working great and all that, but my wife’s Razr still doesn’t have the update. What gives?

  40. Captainbc52 says:

    Brandon in TN…still no update. Bought the phone in Feb. thinking it would have ICS soon after and here I am almost July…and still getting only rumors.

  41. Nadodude111 says:

    I received the update at 9:30 pm last night here in San Diego. This software is amazing and a much needed improvement. Makes the phone much easier to use and is so much quicker.

  42. Tmtaylor1669 says:

    I am a DROID RAZR owner in San Diego and have not received it as of 3 pm Friday June 29th and am getting no answers from Motorola or Verizon I spent 35 minutes between the half dozen. Calls

  43. Blbip says:

    Help! ! Nothing here in Williamsport PA. There a few hundred thousand of these phones and at 350mb Verizon doesn’t wasn’t to crash the servers with all of yous going crazy. So its going to take a little while. The sad part is that some people don’t give two s#&$ts and they get the ushould update! Should probably take a couple of days/Weeks until is all said and done. The Web site reporters probably get it first.

  44. Lorf45g says:

    I know everyones mad but it has nothing to do with location or least this particular update. 2nd for all of you that say why don’t they roll out ota at the sametime. Really? Just think of the congestion this would create on the network. <~~~4G LOL COME ON. Now the manual link suggestions i agree completely set up manual wifi connect only downloads to mirror links yes would work fairly easy and not congest the vrw network. VRW can do better and should, everyone should write to vrw CEO and inform him of this with your accounts. The tier crap being forced will be the game changer for vrw<~~~loyals won't forget that when next contract extension come.

  45. 4chuns4less says:

    Well there is a tweet going around from a Verizon PR employee that says will be available for downlaod through About Phone>System updates staring tomorrow June 30th but at this point ill believe it when i see it

  46. Kjlundgren375 says:

    talked to a VCPS (Verizon Customer Pacification Specialist) the other day, June 24th to be exact and she told me just to wait until July 5th or 6th and then manually update the phone.  She also said ICS had to be tweaked so it work on Verizon’s network. LOL!  I can’t believe the things they teach these people to say.  Windows doesn’t have to make sure it can work with Charter internet service before it sends out Windows 8.  Either way June 29 and still no update here in GA. 

    I believe updates are sent out per serial number which is equivalent to how long ago you bought the device.

  47. John says:

    Houston Tx,I got the update this morning but Verizon took it back from me and sent me a text that I hav’nt been waiting long enough! LOL…

  48. Tcraft69 says:

    Live here in NW Alabama and as of 6/29/2012 have not received it yet as nobody in this area has not received it, Wow!!! already has an update to it Jelly Bean 4.1

  49. Ark4peace says:

    Detroit, MI. 12:25am. No update yet. I night my razr maybe a week after it came out, so it should be high on the list if it’s by purchase date. I wouldn’t have bought it if I’d known it would take this long to for them to bloat the vanilla ics with their Verizon crap apps before they’d push it phones…

  50. David Spikes says:

    Portland, OR….As of 9:53 on my Razr Maxx, still have not gotten ICS. Very anxious to receive this update! Not holding my breath though….

  51. Redshoeguy says:

    II bought my razr maxx the day it came out so It does not filter by date purchased. When I bought this phone there was a huge billboard sign saying ics ready and six months later and I don’t have it. When my upgrade comes around again Motorola better have something real good against there competition. FALSE ADVERTISING MOTOROLA.

    But I keep getting Google play updates for ics support and it’s logical for a 2 hour update to go on a Saturday. Fack this!!!!

  52. John says:

    Hey Guy’s, Houston Tx, Had my Razr bout 2 months. Checked about phone/system update  0745 and there it was ready to download. Took 30 mins to finish. Then took about 5 mins to install. After phone restarted, here came all the BS apps along with it.
    Anyways, I wanted to let you guys know and hope you get your’s soon!

  53. Jaegerre says:

    Droid razr Santa Cruz ca received don’t know when as I checked my settings it was there in the updates. So check your updates in your settings.

  54. Psawed says:

    I have been trying to update my RAZR since Friday evening (about 9:00 PM PDT). My screen message is “Checking for available updates. Please wait…”

    That is all it has been doing.

  55. runningfoxx says:

    UK…still waiting.  Very frustrating. I am that disappointed I will be Samsung bound by the end of the year.
    There is no reason for Motorola taking so long.

  56. Helibabe327 says:

    I work for Verizon and have a Razr and have sold many of them.  My daughter who just got hers a couple weeks ago is the only person I know that has not received it.  We have tried everything and we haven’t been able to get it to come into her phone.  I thought it might be a problem with her phone…

    1. bsonnega says:

      btw I have tried going into System Settings to manually update, and receive the message “Check for update is not available at this time. Try again later.”

  57. Ms Buller says:

    i got it, but it is missing features…namely all the camera upgrades. of course, that is what i am excited about. boyfriend and i share plan and he hasn’t been able to upgrade yet.

    1. Jonesin12 says:

       be glad you dont have it, its the worst update of all time.  it makes everything look nice, but breaks half of the features of the phone

  58. Gfisher says:

    No update as of 7/2/12. I’ve tried to check for system updates several times. Sometimes I get a response that the site is not available. Sometimes I get a message “checking for updates …” that goes on and on with no results. This morning I let the check run for 5 minutes by my watch, still with no results.

  59. robbie says:

    This is stuid. Google makes motorola phones and promise us the ics rollout in q2 then all suddently they change the date to q3 in europe. Motorola sucks. I though google really cared but yheir customers but guess not. I still havent recievrd the update 2 months after i was promised. I’m this close to sending in a complaint to motorola’s stabburnes of rolling out to norway!

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