New, New iPad could refresh for September shipping

If you’re interested in news concerning the Apple iPad then we have some rather intriguing information to pass on today about the new iPad (iPad 3). As unlikely as it may sound, it appears that a refreshed version of the latest iPad, a new, new iPad, may release and ship in September.

The new iPad was only released by Apple in the usual hubbub of publicity three months ago and as usual has been a big hit already, selling by the bucketload. We wonder though, how many of the people who have already purchased the latest iPad would have done so if they had known that a revamped version might appear within a few months. The differences between the new iPad refresh and the current version are said to be an improved battery life, an even thinner design and Sharp-made Retina displays.

This info comes to us from TechnoBuffalo, sourced from Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes. We should point out that DigiTimes is a well-known source of forthcoming Apple product leaks but has a somewhat mixed record of accuracy. Nevertheless we feel that the idea of a new, new iPad already is worth bringing to your attention. DigiTimes claims the source of this news as ‘market watchers’ who say the 9.7-inch tablet upgrade will mean increased shipping numbers in September.

We’re also informed that the improved new iPad will feature the Sharp IGZO panels that were previously rumored for the current model but never materialized because of weak production quality, so there could be some truth in this news. These panels would enable the revamped iPad to be thinner and have increased battery capacity. As iDownload Blog points out, although the third-generation iPad has been hugely popular, one of the only criticisms about it has been that it is thicker and heavier than the iPad 2 so the idea of a revamped new iPad is not beyond the realms of possibility, even though it seems highly unlikely.

It all begs the question though of whether Apple would attempt to quietly introduce the revamped new iPad for the same price, although of course people would be sure to notice if it was thinner and lighter than its earlier version? Maybe there would be two price structures for two different levels of the new iPad?

We’d be interested to hear your views on a new-look new iPad for a summer release. Do you think this is plausible and if so how do you feel about it, especially if you already purchased the current iPad third-generation? Why not let us have your comments on this.


2 thoughts on “New, New iPad could refresh for September shipping”

  1. Ewisnewski says:

    I would resally be ‘plucked’ if they do that as I just purchased the IPad3 a month ago-I know electronics have short shelf life but 3-4 months?  I think Apple should replace the old IPad3 with new version free to those who purchased them.

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