Fed up Samsung and Google to battle Apple

No doubt most in the mobile space is fed up with all the legal fighting between smartphone and tablet makers over patent infringements, and the main contenders in the legal battles are of course Samsung, HTC, and basically any Android device that Apple feels is a threat. I’m sure everyone knows that Apple recently won a ban on two Samsung Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and it appears that Sammy is now getting some support in the battle against Apple from Google.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, by way of The Korea Times, both Samsung and Google are fed up with Apple’s continuing legal moves, and as such appear to have had enough and are joining forces, and have a game plan to get Apple into a cross licensing deal.

Apparently an unnamed source at Samsung told The Korea Times that although it is somewhat early to comment on their game plan in the legal battle against Apple, they intend to do their very best in getting royalties from Apple who has benefited from our tech, and that a truce in the form of a cross licensing deal seems likely.

This is the first time Samsung has confirmed that Google is helping in the legal fight against Apple, although Google did help out HTC in their fight against Apple. Apparently old Sammy is asking Apple hand over 2.4% of the retail price of their iPhone and Apple iPad units, and obviously Apple says that is excessive.

Thus it would appear that at last both Samsung and Google have had just about enough of all the legal fighting with Apple, and could possibly strike a deal will Apple at some point so that everyone can ditch the legal fighting and get on with the business of delivering great mobile devices.

Of course that all depends on Apple as they might not wish to have a deal with Samsung and Google and want to continue fighting Android in the future.

But I am sure everyone in the mobile space, both Android and iOS users are fed up to the teeth with the fighting between Apple and Samsung, but then when did it ever matter what the user thinks? Do our readers feel it is about time Apple and Samsung settled their differences and put a halt to all this legal stuff?

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