Serious mobile gaming with iCADE Mobile iPhone controller

If you are a gamer on any mobile platform you’ll know just how trying on the fingers playing games on a mobile device can be, so the obvious solution would be to get a gaming accessory for your device that enables you to have better control and not tax the fingers so much, and if you are an iOS gamer with an iPhone there is now a solution finally available in the form of the iCADE Mobile Gaming System for iPhone.

The iCADE Mobile for the iPhone features a classic controller configuration that makes it easy to play retro and modern games on your iPhone, with 4 front facing cation buttons, 4 shoulder buttons and a 4-way directional pad along with a cradle to house your iOS smartphone.

Gripping the ergonomic iCADE Mobile controller delivers full view of the gaming screen and can be used in both landscape and portrait mode, connects via Bluetooth, is compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generation with an iPod Touch insert included.

Several iOS developers have built games that feature iCADE support, including such games as Midway Arcade, Super lemonade Factory, Retro Racing, Super Mega Worm, IronStar Arena, Warblade HD, Cyborg Livestock, AirAttack HD, Temple Run, Influx, and many more.

For those iOS gamers that want to take the strain out of gaming, and gain a more confortable extended gaming experience, and would like to take advantage of what the iCADE Mobile Gaming System for the iPhone has to offer, you can now finally purchase the iCADE Mobile iPhone controller from ThinkGeek at a cost of $69.99.

Will any of our iOS gaming readers out there be rushing top purchase the iCADE Mobile iPhone controller to get their gaming action on?

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