Move to iCloud option as MobileMe is closed

If you were a user of Apple’s paid MobileMe service you will probably be well aware of the closure of the service with a final notice from Apple a month ago telling how it would cease on July 1. If you never got around to transferring your account to iCloud then you might be pleased to hear that moving to iCloud is still an option, for a while at least.

The advice from Apple had been for MobileMe users to download all their files and image galleries and transfer to iCloud, which offers a replacement service free of charge. However rather than the July 1 deadline that we expected, Apple has now given an extension to MobileMe users. Now if you try to sign in to MobileMe a message states, “MobileMe is closed. For a limited time, you can still move your account to iCloud, download your photos from Gallery, and download your files from iDisk.”

News of this extension came to us from iDownload Blog and the important point to remember here are the words “limited time” so if you want to transfer to iCloud we’d advise doing so as soon as possible. A less important note but one we felt was neat enough to point out, is that the ‘MobileMe is closed’ sign on the webpage is animated and swings from side to side when you first see it before slowing down and stopping.

An Apple support document has also been provided here, which details how to move MobileMe albums and photos but this is also stated to be for a “limited time.” MobileMe never became the service that Apple and its users wanted it to be but nevertheless stood as a grounding for iCloud, now used for around 400 million iOS devices, so some use did come out of it.

If you have a MobileMe account have you already transferred to iCloud? Is anyone actually sad to see the demise of MobileMe? Let us know with your comments.


3 thoughts on “Move to iCloud option as MobileMe is closed”

  1. Peter Smith says:

    I’m a Mac user since about 1992 and I’m really dissapointed by the closure of MobileMe.

    I’ve had an account since about 2000 when it was called DotMac and it’s always been a fantastic service for a reasonable fee. It allowed me to sync my iphone and my Mac with the online web service easily – and gave me online storage, great photo galleries that sync with iPhoto – and the ability to publish my iCal calendars to share with my wife and colleagues. All of that has now gone and there’s no easy way to get those services in such an easy to use package.

    So, I really am very, very cross with Apple. Probably the first time since I bought that ancient Quadra 800 and Powerbook 180 in the last century.

  2. MadMan says:

    This is ridiculous!  They (Apple) updated their technology, but make to end user do all the work.  Re-doing all their web pages or losing them.  The same thing happened with Homepage were I had about 25 web pages that just went a way (of course your can re-download/upload the 100’s of photos and try to figure out where they go yourself – NOT!).  I was sure this wouldn’t happen again.  I was wrong. 

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