QR code stickers on headstones to access websites

Well I guess it had to come eventually, it appears you can now take mobile technology with you to the grave in the form of a QR code sticker anyway. Apparently even a grave’s headstone is no longer a place that can’t be touched by technology, as apparently you can now purchase a QR code sticker that will shoot people off to a website devoted to the recently departed.

According to the guys over at The Atlantic by way of Business Week, Seattle headstone shop owner, David Quiring offers the headstone QR code stickers for 75-bucks a pop, and allows families of the departed to set up a dedicated website that can be accessed by scanning the tombstone QR code.

Although apparently Quiring does have to explain to most customers just what QR codes are and apparently lower that 30 percent go on to purchase the QR service, and stated that he’s been trying to bring monuments into the 21st Century, but no one knows the tech is out there.

Gravestones has changed considerable over the years, with lettering now being done by laser rather than by hand chisel, and tombstone design has also changed over the years, but using a QR code on a tombstone differs from anything else, as with a QR code sticker one has to use a 3rd-party device such as a smartphone in order to actually read the QR code.

Have to say, I’m not convinced that slapping a QR code sticker onto your dearly departed’ headstone is a good idea, although no doubt some would find it appropriate, but somehow personally I don’t see using a gravestone as an appropriate place for advertising of any kind, I feel it’s kind of disrespectful, although other’s will feel it is fine, and has nothing to do with respect.

So what do our readers think of these QR code stickers for tombstones, do you think it is a good idea, and more people should take up the tech, or a bad one and tombstones shouldn’t carry QR codes?


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  1. I’m undecided on this, as I can see both sides of the argument. If your standing at the graveside full of sorrow and you can scan the code to see images of your loved one, that could be a great comfort for people. But on the other hand, should you just leave things the way they are and let them RIP. It’s a very personal thing and we are all very different.

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