Quick review of the WorldCard Mobile iPhone App

There were times when most business people used to fill their wallet with dozens of business cards to keep in touch with their clients. And few years back, people tried to save their clients’ contact info manually on their devices.

Now, it is the era of advanced mobile technology where millions of mobile apps are available on the App Store and some of them help access instant contacts. And when some people still wonder if there is an option to scan and save biz cards instantly on mobile phones, here is an answer.

The latest WorldCard Mobile, which is developed by Penpower Inc, helps users in efficient reading and scanning of business cards. This app is useful for business persons as it allows them to scan and save biz card information on their phones. It is simple to use, just pull the mobile camera from the app and take a picture of your business card while the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology will take care of transferring the information to your phone’s address book.

Some of the highlights of WorldCard Mobile app are: Uses OCR technology, No manual input required even for email signatures, Stores details in native contacts, Superior text recognition, High-speed scanning and updates, Anti-shake function, as well as Batch scan and recognition, Social network functions, Supports email signatures, QR code detection, cloud storage, camera flash, and so much more.

Apart from this, the app also contains some interesting features like a quick cropping tool, auto-zoom function with aligning, multiple languages support, auto brightness/contrast, virtual business card storage etc.

According to our review, the app does not miss any details from business cards, as the OCR technology recognizes the information and email signatures with 95% accuracy.

The WCM app is available for download in the iTunes store for a little snazzy price, but it is worth purchasing. It is recommended for business people who want to get in touch with their clients on time. Get your copy of the app here WorldCard Mobile – Please do watch the YouTube video of this app in action below.

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