iPhone 5 & Galaxy S3 lead iOS and Android sales patterns

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) was recently released and this Android flagship phone is already the big success that everybody expected. The Galaxy S range has such a large user-base already in existence, that for new iterations success is virtually guaranteed. The same can be said for the Apple iPhone 5, due in the fall and it seems that the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 will lead iOS and Android sales patterns.

We’ve already spoken about how the iPhone 5 is in theory already ‘sold’ to many customers, such is the popularity of this series of smartphones. From news we’ve now heard, it seems that just two smartphones each year, the latest Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone, are responsible for sales patterns that differ at certain times of year, sometimes with Android on top and at other times iOS. Sales of iPhones are already dipping ahead of the anticipated iPhone 5 release and following the release of the Galaxy S3 and it does seem as though long-term sales patterns are becoming established.

Phone Arena tells of a Financial Times report in the UK that illustrates this point as although iPhone sales are still healthy, the market share has fallen to 20% from 25% in Q1. Sales of the Galaxy S3 were responsible for some of this drop as its market share over the first week on sale was 18%, almost as high as that of the iPhone. Of course another reason for the current dip in iPhone sales is that people are beginning to hold off buying the current iPhone in anticipation of the next version. The same pattern occurred last year when potential customers for the iPhone 4S were the reason for Apple not meeting its Q3 sales expectations.

Current sales of the Galaxy S3 and iPhone in the UK are close to 50,000 units for the S3 and almost 55,000 units weekly for the iPhone and so Samsung will regret that not being able to keep up with demand may have robbed the company of gaining top spot at the moment. Interestingly Phones Arena points out that rather than looking at whether Android or iOS is currently gaining ground at any particular time, it might be more important to note that long-term sales patterns are developing instead. If we look at more long-term market share factors and what happened in the previous year then it’s clear to see that customarily Apple and iOS gain share in Q4 and Q1 after a new iPhone release and then Android gains more market share in Q2 and Q3 following a Galaxy S release.

In a nutshell, instead of looking at whether the Android or iOS platform is pushing ahead at any one time, it may be more relevant to just acknowledge that one or the other could be at the most potent stage of its sales cycle. We’re interested to hear your thoughts on this. Does it seem amazing to you that just two smartphones are so significant in Android and iOS sales patterns? Have you recently purchased the Galaxy S3 or maybe you’re holding off buying an iPhone as you’re waiting for the iPhone 5? Let us know with your comments.


40 thoughts on “iPhone 5 & Galaxy S3 lead iOS and Android sales patterns”

  1. gash says:

    I was going to get the iphone 5 but when I had a play the the sgs3 I fell in love with it.
    The homescreen is much better and I love the features and the larger screen.
    I had Iphones for 4 years now…. since I got this I feel robbed as they r so over priced. I got this sgs3 on a £26pm contract. The iphone was £45. My partner wants to do the same. She loves my new phone.

    1. Tania Rao says:

      There is no iPhone why, what are you talking about when you say “I was going to get iPhone 5..”
      There can’t be any fair comparison between iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S was released in 2011 and came head to head with Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 has released in 2012 and Apple’s rival is yet to be launched later this fall, probably be called “iPhone 5”

    2. Sach says:

      I have used SG Note & iPhone 4 together….even after larger screen of SG Note, I had decided to use only iPhone 4 (I simply love it) people say lot of restrictions in iPhone’s but if you have a jailbreak iPhone you might avoid it, for example you can transfer/ receive files via Bluetooth from any device. ( so many great tweaks in Cydia) you can customise your iPhone like a champ 🙂 I am looking forward for iPhone 5

      1. Rubysushi says:

        Jailbreak iphone is illegal. If it breaks, warranty won’t cover. As long as Apple can humble and work with Cydia, there’re so many ways to make Iphone more attractive.

  2. Philipotts says:

    i upgraded from an iphone 4 to a Samsung s2 and, other than the usual smartphone complaints on the whole have been very happy.

    i am due to upgrade again sometime after the iphone 5 is out and i think it will have to really impress for me to choose it over the s3

  3. Luke says:

    I have the galaxy S3 and it’s truly amazing. But it isn’t perfect. In terms of hardware and functionality, Samsung always pulls out the stops, however in terms of comparability I have to hand it over to the iPhone. When I ordered my iPhone 4s a few months ago I took it out and it felt very premium in the hand as does the S3. However its functionality is purely boring with a mere array of apps to tap, period. Being so used to the android experience, it fell short of my great expectations and so I sent it back to my provider.
    I have had the S3 for about 12 days now and it is arguably the best smartphone out there, but I am very picky when it comes to devices, they have to look brilliant and be perfect. I hate how the GS3 is bloated with insignificant pre-installed junk that can’t be rid of. I find myself switching back and forth between Android and iOS. Android is not uniform as there are such a wide variety of phones however iOS is very limited in terms of functionality and the features are over hyped.So I’m sending back my S3 to see if the next generation iPhone can win me over, and so far I am very sceptical about whether I will be satisfied, because from what I have seen in iOS 6, there are only a few incremental updates as always, which is hyped up as if it’s ‘revolutionary,’ and I’m wondering if yet again the next iPhone will just be an incremental update.

    From what I’ve heard according to rumours, the next iPhone will sport a bigger display. Well most will be pleased about this since the existing screen is so small, however this creates an imbalanced ecosystem for the iOS platform, which is what I don’t like about android, so unless they find a way to make the two compatible (Not having to scale up iPhone apps like on iPad), or creating an entirely different OS exclusive to the phone, I don’t see much reason in choosing iPhone over other handsets other than it being called an ‘iPhone.’

    If you have anything to add to this debate then by all means do. I want to hear your take on advantages and disadvantages you think each platform holds against one another. Are you a just person or are you loyal to either Android or Apple products; how do you think the S3 and next iPhone will fare against eachother?

    1. ManEfresH says:

      I have used both Android and iPhone and they both have advantages and disadvantages. The Galaxy S3 looks like its got a lot going for it but one thing the iPhone has over Android is force close issue. In a review i saw of the S3 the guy had to pull the battery because the brand new phone crashed and nothing could be done until removed the battery. Yes iPhone would be cooler with more personalization but that is also what keeps it stable. I will give Android the leg up for personalization and options but iPhone for the stability and user friendliness

  4. Doubledutchrecords says:

    The Iphone 5 having 4G connectivity will be pointless in the UK for at least 2 years- so 2014 would be best release date for iphone 5 in the UK and most of Europe. No point in having an iphone 5 in the UK until the government sorts out the complexities surrounding granting new 4G licences which could seriously interfere with UK digital TV signals. If 4G services disrupt any public service broadcasting such as the BBC then mobile service providers will have to spend millions upon millions compensating licence fee payers. It is a legal minefield and potentially disatrous! I cannot see the UK launch being at the same time as the USA or Asian versions of Iphone 5 – Apple just wouldn’t be able to market it in the same way because UK consumers won’t be able to benefit from 4G. (Look at what happened with The New Ipad regarding 4G).Even when 4G is introduced in the UK the limited 4G and high-speed coverage means the Iphone 5 will have limited capacity and I would expect many handsets to be returned due to disappointment with poor signal during the 1st few weeks. If the UK don’t sort out 4G capability sooner rather than later economically we will fall even further behind the USA and Asia than we already are.

  5. I sold my iphone 4 and thought what the hell and bought the Samsung galaxy s3..
    Yes good phone! but although it has fantastic storage memory the 1GB RAM is truely useless!
    Constantly get crashing apps as the ram is used up very quickly just by the system services and having to “Force Stop” other applications that are running all the time is getting annoying! So fabulous array of apps but unless you navigate settings – application manager – find the apps and force stop the last one you used to be able to run a game or something then the phone is pretty useless..

  6. Laila says:

    I really think iphone is a great phone. It has amazing memory, battery life, apps, siri, and is completely user friendly. I sincerely thank all of the members of the apple team, iphone is the best phone I ever had and ever will have. I believe that iphone is the greatest invention in technology and there is no competition. I am sorry if I have offended any Samsung galaxy s3 users. Thanks for reading.

    1. mark beckford says:

       Wouldn’t go that far!! It’s simple my 4 year old could use an iphone..  Things that are simple to use doesn’t make it the greatest!!!!

      1. Your are limiting your 4 year old’s capability and growth, he will be just another layman because of you, for you thought he can just use a iphone and no other because you think it’s simpler…

    2. forwardisstilltheonlyway says:

      The greatest invention in technology? Let’s see how great your iPhone is without a little invention people call THE INTERNET

  7. BeReal says:

    The galaxy S3 and most androids do not even
    feel like you got your money’s worth.
    They’re mostly have a flimsy plastic feeling alone.
    Seriously? When you get an iPhone it does feel
    like the money you put into it. It’s a great product.
    When I carry my iPhone then carry an anxious it’s like
    I always say, ” why does it feel so hollow and cheap?”
    “you paid all that for this?” iPhone has the best mobile phone user experience in the world
    Compared to any other phone. iPhone only needs to put out 1 phone per year year
    to be the dominant force. Where as androids are produced multiple times a year just to compete
    with the one iPhone of that year. So yes I’m holding out for the iPhone 5.

    1. ClayRogers says:

      Paid all that? Phones are cheap. I’d take plastic any day over glass, every iPhone I see is cracked on the front and back. Yeah it looks nice when it’s new, but how about on day 2?

      1. Mike110mount says:

        What do the people u know do with their iPhone? I’ve had every iPhone and they are extremely solid. Check out the drop test comparisons etc on YouTube

        1. forwardisstilltheonlyway says:

          The drop tests show that the iPhone 4/4s shatters on the smallest drop while other phones not made out of glass are more resilient. You must have been watching a cult of mac video. 

        2. Guest says:

          forget that silly argument. Think of the features in an s3…u have so many features in an s3, its basically countless and not to mention u get lots more once you root your device. On an iphone the features are just a handful and once you jailbreak its just equivalent to an unrooted android phone. Actually it’ll have less features than android even it was was jailbroken. Another plus on the galaxy models are that u dont have to convert ur videos to mp4, you can just play it in its native format. oh and not to mention flash support.

           android beats ios any day.

  8. shanghai malta says:

    I had an iPhone 4, and when I bought it was the best phone ever, however iTunes and the lack of support from flash turned me off… now I am using a BB9800 due to work policy and samsubg tab 10.1
    Unless the apple comes up with a resolutionary I phone 5, I will not border to purchase it. And will stick to may tab for apps.

  9. mark beckford says:

    I’ve had iphones from the start..Then woke up got a real smartphone Galaxy Nexus running 4.1 jellybean, I laugh at these guy’s thinking there iphone is tops!!! But then I pull out my Galaxy Nexus And it’s like WOW… And what’s the first thing these Isheeps say? How’s the camera? That’s the selling point of an iphone.. My answer it’s not bad.. But Then I turn around and ask what’s your phone running at?? clueless!!
    So I have to explain what I mean, Your processing speed don’t know.. typical Iphone user… Can you overclock your device??? No Steve Jobs doesn’t allow us to do that!!!! We have to use as it comes pity……  Can you customize your homescreen? Again Steve Jobs says wont allow us to do that… Now take away the iphone apps and do you have? Areally expensive ipod with phone capabilities… And It’s funny how iphone user’s jailbreak there devices just to have what android comes stock!!! And yet still try to piss on on android!!! Sent from My Galaxy Nexus Running jellybean 4.1 :)  BTW FLASH PLAYS AWESOME ON MY DEVICE……

    1. Kenrickmenzies says:

      i live in belize so its really ard to find iphones and galaxy cheap in belize they both sell for about 2000 bz dollars witch is 1000 us  which many cant affird

  10. Lexy says:

    I bought the Samsung Galaxy S3 just 2 days after it was released and even before I bought it I was skeptical. Many of my friends work at Telus which is my provider and all of them told me that the Samsung was the hottest on the market. I was told about the 14 day exchange.. so I caved in and bought it. In all honesty, I fell in love immediately. However the downfalls? HUGE phone. Small hands with a big phone like that makes it really hard to text. Also.. didn’t like all the extra apps that I would never ever use. Also.. data usage is insane. If you don’t have unlimited data, steer clear. I ended up trading for the iPhone4s.. but I’m already having withdrawal and debating switching back to the Samsung. Yes it’s huge but you get used to it. Android in my opinion is the next big thing. The Samsung was fast, never lagged for me, and I didn’t have any major issues other than what I stated above. Ive had my iPhone for 1 day and it’s already lagged several times.

    As so which is better…….. I’m gonna go with android. 

  11. Mike says:

    I’m at the stage where I still have the bberry, and looking to switch over. With the iphone 5 just likely a couple of months away, it’s worth waiting to see what it comes stocked with. The Galaxy S3 does look awesome, but I really feel it’s better for a woman who has a purse/bag to carry it in… I really need my phone to still be a PHONE, therefore small enough to shove in my front jeans pocket. I’m hoping the 4″ potential screen will satisfy a slight increase in size, thus making it a bit easier to type…

    1. Lexy says:

       It fits into a mans pocket pretty well. I had my guy friends test it out. Thus how I discovered that it’s a man phone. But easier to type? No way. I switched from BB to Samsung to iPhone and I can definitely say switching from BB to iPhone is way easier when it comes to type. The screeen size of Samsung is way better for surfing the web, pictures and stuff like that. I’m still 50/50.

  12. Forhisglory2013 says:

    Definitely waiting for the new iphone still have my 3gs, Apples new phone will change the game they always do, s3 will not be competition in the long run

  13. Adrianne says:

    I have the S3 – love it!  Less $$ than the I-phone but with so many similar apps and capabilities.  One plus is the removable battery!  I bought the charger (charges the extra battery plus has a slot to hold the S3 – sweet!!!

  14. 0774620203five says:

    I’m a real die hard iPhone fan, had all the iPhones so far BUT NO I AM FXXXING SICK OF APPLE!
    Seems like a stupid little feature is added on new versions of the phone and I’m expected to buy it because they have me hooked right?
    Wrong, poor battery life , not to mention in 3 iPhones time the iPhone I have now will be an orphan stuck in the dark ages with no more software updates, I guess thats why I jailbreak my phones so as to have some cool and usefull features right, BUT IM SICKMOF IT NOW, just give me a phone that lasts all day, AND DOES A PHONES JOB BECAUSE I HAVE AN XBOX TO PLAY GAMES ON!!!
    F-sake, I’m pretty sure there loads of iPhone addicts that feel the same.
    Time for change for me.
    Fxxx apple, and long live the king.

  15. Higherfly says:

    I always had iPhone since the beginning and run all my work in a beautiful Apple world; has may be you can get something more technically speaking from an Android, but the armory of the apple works – in my opinion – is still the unbeatable. All those the live with Macs, iPad and other Apple jewelry should wait for the iPhone 5, then decide what to do.   

  16. Higherfly says:

    Sorry this is the correct comment:I always had iPhone since the beginning and run all my work in a beautiful Apple world; may be you can get something more, technically speaking, from an Android device, but the armory of the apple world – in my opinion – is still unbeatable. All those who live and work with Macs, iPad and other Apple jewelry should wait for the iPhone 5, then decide what to do. 

  17. Asd 12 says:

    I guarantee the iphone 5 will be the same as the 4s but .01 mm thinner and theyll say its the greatest thing since sliced bread.  If im going to spend 200 freakin dollars on a phone I want innovation, 4g lte, and a phone I can actually custimize ! Not a phone that hasnt changed a single bit in the last 3 years!  The iphone is gay and people buy it because they think they look rich with it.  

  18. Higherfly says:

    Ok Asd 12, I’m not gay (but this does not matter), I do not need to look rich (only stupid people think this way), but I’ll wait for the iPhone 5. Let’s say I’m just curious, sure I can live without Android, but if you know already everything in advance, so make your own choice and please leave the others make their: they do not need your advices or your “guarantee” 🙂

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